Biopsy expected to confirm Marcus Cannon doesn’t have cancer

Silva caught wind of a rumor last night that TCU lineman Marcus Cannon, widely regarded as a potential second-round pick in the draft, was determined at the Scouting Combine to have testicular cancer — and that his agent had withheld the information from the player.

Given the serious nature of the situation and the sinister nature of the notion that the agent didn’t tell the kid that he has a life-threatening disease, we decided to leave it alone until we could explore it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a biopsy performed today (which was set up more than a week ago at the request of one team) confirmed that the mass, which has been present for years and is in his stomach/pelvic area, is benign.  A letter will be sent by the doctor to all teams within the next 24-to-48 hours explaining the situation.

The biopsy was done because a small handful of teams wanted to be sure that there was no problem.  Apparently, those concerns were twisted, unintentionally or otherwise, from concerns that Cannon may have cancer into whispers that he does.

We learned the hard way more than four years ago (see Bradshaw, Terry) that certain types of rumors and reports require further homework before publication, even if the erroneous information is being actually reported by another news organization.  In this case, the false report will result in plenty of people incorrectly believing that Cannon has cancer, when in fact he doesn’t.

The good news is that the teams will know the truth well before the time comes to make their picks.

The best news is that Cannon doesn’t have cancer.

UPDATE:  Another source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the official biopsy results are expected soon, and that the doctor strongly believed based on preliminary inspection of the biopsy sample that the mass does not appear to be cancerous.

12 responses to “Biopsy expected to confirm Marcus Cannon doesn’t have cancer

  1. thats good news. just shows what an object that guys become during the draft process especially. Hopefully his agent didnt say anything intially to not freak him out but i am not confident in that. If its true he withheld that info for money reasons than he is just another slime bag.

  2. In addition to informing the teams that his client did not have cancer, Gannon’s agent was also able to advise them that several other defensive line prospects did.

  3. Doctors determined that the benign mass in his testicles was no different from the benign mass on his waist, hips, thighs, torso, neck, and chin. All of which have been there for years.

  4. In the letter to the teams advising them of his client’s negative biopsy, Cannon’s agent added that while he was in the waiting room he noticed the Carimi, Constanzo, Sherrod, Smith, and Pouncey families all sobbing uncontrollably.

  5. Good for him, if Lance Amstrong can win the tour de whatever, you can make it the NFL. I can’t wait to see how many Frogies go early this year. You, Dalton, Kerley, who else? There was a reason TCU won the Rose Bowl.

  6. Scary situation. Hope all is well with him. I just went through a similar situation and I can tell you that waiting for results of that biopsy is an emotional time. If thats true about his agent, I’d be looking for a new one. (After i kicked his ass!) GOOD LUCK MARCUS!

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