DeMarcus Ware decides not to take his lockout payout


As of Friday, eligible players can receive up to $60,000 in lockout fund payments.  The money was accumulated over two NFL seasons, via union dues and withheld licensing fees.

Of course, the money does little to help the players who’ll need it the most, like the incoming rookies who have no lockout fund — and no other income until the lockout ends.  For guys who have cashed in via big-money deals, the lockout payout is negligible.

As a result, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware is the first player to publicly acknowledge that he’ll accept none of the money.

“We have $60,000 that is supposed to be paid to us,” Ware told Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I gave my money back to help out other guys that don’t have as much money. That is going to help out and bring us closer together.”

Ware signed in 2009 seven-year, $79 million contract, which included a $20 million signing bonus and $40 million guaranteed.

Other players who have cashed in — including the three big-name quarterbacks whose names have been attached to the antritrust lawsuit that goes to mediation today — should donate that money to help younger players who truly need the money.

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  1. Good deal and I’m sure there are more guys who have refused the money, they just haven’t made such a public announcement. Hopefully today starts the process of ending this lockout.

  2. I dunno, but I don’t want to hear about “other guys that don’t have as much money.” Even if they’re earning the league minimum, they are making a lot more money than most other people in this country. I get that they’re not getting paid right now, but if they haven’t saved anything, despite several years (!!) warnings from every side, including their own, that this work stoppage could happen, that’s on them. Take the lockout money if you need it-they’re entitled to it after all-but keep quiet about not having much.

  3. When you get a 20 million dollar signing bonus…$60,000 hardly matters…wonder if Cromartie will give his back.

  4. Are you out of your mind? There are NO nfl players who TRULY need the money. Even the smallest contracts pay more than most people make in 10 years.

    Welfare for NFL players… this is about two weeks late….should have been on April Fools Day.

  5. Hey, hey, hey people. Do not ask the likes of Manning, Brady and Brees not to accept that $60,000.00. They have earned it by blessing us mere mortals with their presence in our lives. Why should they care if a lesser known player who does not receive as much money as they do, should suffer. Those players should have been born with better genes. LOL! Seriously though, why are players needing money now? They typically wouldn’t be getting paid at this point in the year anyway. My understanding of “Emergency Money” is exactly that. For Emergencies! Maybe Brees is right. If people can’t manage their money, why should everybody else kick in a little more to make up for their mistakes (new players and backups not included) of over indulgence.

  6. Sometimes it’s tough being a Cowboy fan, but I think this is a small demonstration of Ware’s character. That’s why I wear his jersey on game day.

  7. Yes, because these poor downtrodden souls are lost. Give me a break!!! These “younger players” are prima donnas that have been coddled all their lives. How about this? They use the FREE EDUCATION they received to earn money? I know that is a novel idea and makes waaaaaay to much sense. If Ware really wanted to help the less fortunate he would donate it all to a worthy cause like world hunger or something of that nature.

  8. Where can I sign up to risk my physical health & not get paid a normal salary ? If you get paid on the back end of something without a guarantee, it better be worth it.

  9. aawwwww , now what a good little socialist he he is.. if you really want us to sing kumbaya my lord take 90% of your 79 million dollar contract and contribute to unemployed people in our wonderful new socialist country , Or contribute 90% to the 6 trillion in new debt your “messiah” has racked up in the whitehouse. . then live off the crumbs like the rest of us do .

  10. Thanks Demarcus! I was really starting to worry about whether or not I could make my $3800 house payment, $900 car payment, while being able to afford that trip to the Bahamas.

    Good lookin out!

  11. It’s a nice gesture – it really is – but at his salary it’s on par with the dollar I dropped into the Salvation Army bucket last week.

    Anybody want to interview me?

  12. @rhopperstad

    Yeah, you’re right. Democrats are the only ones who have ever had debt. So how did that 40 billion that the Shrub said we were going to spend in Iraq work out? A trillion! On the plus side, his VP’s Haliburton stock went through the roof. His daddy, George the First? Record debt. What about Saint Ronnie? Remember Ronnie was going to balance the budget by cutting taxes and increasing defense spending. Taxes cut? Check. Defense spending increased? Check. Budget balanced? Uh, not so much. More debt than all the preceding administrations combined.

    Let Ware’s generous move stand on it’s own and leave the partison politics out of it!

  13. I’m a Giants fan, and I can’t stand the Cowboys. But I have always respected Ware and Witten as class acts. This is just another example of Ware “getting it”.

  14. Not to be outdone, Jerry Jones said he won’t accept any lockout money either……………NOT.

    Jerry is first in line trying to get Ware’s $60,000. He’s never seen a dollar he didn’t covet.

  15. This money should go to Practice Squad guys who make 50k a year with a signing bonus smaller than many in the tech and finance industries.

    Those guys don’t get the league minimums everyone likes to point to when they talk about how “easy” football players have it.

  16. hearing this about ware and a few weeks back about brandon graham, and i really respect the hell out of them….at least the warnings over a year ago from nflpa about saving paychecks resinated in some minds….. its said to say this but what a feeel good story it is for people to save their money….. Cowboy hater here but may now infact become a fan of Ware….

  17. “littletex”. . I’m against reckless spending regardless. Not married to a political party. Spending went up 80% in bush’s 8 years , to me it was insane. The last year in office his deficit was 160 billion , now it’s averaging 250 billion PER MONTH ! only to a liberal is that sound fiscal policy and ONLY if it’s done by a liberal . You go on now , keep kneeling to your messiah . . liberalism is GREAT concept until they run out of other people’s money .

  18. I must admit I am a Cowboys hater (ever since SB XXX when they crushed my first SB experience) but I have always liked Ware. I saw a story about him and his wife and their desire to conceive a child a few years ago, and he’s been one of my favorite non-Steelers ever since then.

  19. I applaud what Ware did, but these “less fortunate” players, were “given” the chance at a free college education, a safety net, something to fall back on, and most of them pissed it away, and came out early.
    I have no remorse for these elite athletes who will end up as security guards or bus drivers because, the one insurance policy they were “given”, a college education, they threw away.

  20. Class act! And for Manning, Brady, & Brees……. Wow, you guys made the decision to put every player in this situation currently, each of you have signed record deals, & you take that $60k? Donate it back or to a charity you ignorant bums. Contrary to some of the posts on here, there are such things as Practice Squad Players, low end special teamers, etc. who actually could use a little extra.

  21. None of you idiots should truly need another 60gs.. i mean really. league minimum is upward of 400,000

    my boy just made 88,ooo for a year on the giants practice squad. he’s got a place, a car no debt..

    these players dont have any college loans to pay for . . how in the world could they be struggling..

    OHHHhh,, cause they buy houses, cars, have kids and rock out like millionaires.. idiots,, isnt there a whole seminar for financial budgetting before they even get their first check..

  22. @rhopperstad

    Actually dude, I’m a libertarian, but it starts with “lib” so I guess that’s close enough for you. Point is, I’m a country boy and there’s a ditch on BOTH sides of the road. In case you’ve forgotten, Bush left office with the country on the verge of economic collapse. I’m not a big fan of the Obama administration, but let’s not act as if he took the baton from someone who was leading the race.

  23. @1bigtex
    “Uh, not so much. More debt than all the preceding administrations combined.”

    You seem to be very focused on Reagan’s spending, which is old news. You do realize that Obama is on pace to spend more in 4 years than G.W.B. spent in 8, don’t you?

  24. steelersmichele says:
    Apr 14, 2011 10:17 AM
    I must admit I am a Cowboys hater (ever since SB XXX when they crushed my first SB experience) but I have always liked Ware. I saw a story about him and his wife and their desire to conceive a child a few years ago, and he’s been one of my favorite non-Steelers ever since then.
    And it doesn’t hurt that he’s CUTE AS HELL 🙂
    I coveted him for my Pats when he came out in 05 because he is exactly what they love physical wise @ OLB (which doesn’t come around that often) but they had no shot at him.
    He’s definitely one good dude.
    As to the people saying “oh so what it’s like $1 to him”…come on now. Who cares? He’s still doing a good thing and showing he has been responsible with his OWN money,. a position the NFLPA* would be wise to show that most of its members are taking.

  25. I would like to make $60,000 a year much less just as lockout pay. Good for Ware for wanting to share. I’ll take some if he’s willing to give it away.

  26. I think PFT should give money to the players too.

    PFT only makes money off the backs of the players and pays zero for the privilege.

    Pay up.

  27. @1bigtex
    “Uh, not so much. More debt than all the preceding administrations combined.”

    You seem to be very focused on Reagan’s spending, which is old news. You do realize that Obama is on pace to spend more in 4 years than G.W.B. spent in 8, don’t you?


    You do realize that most of this debt was incurred from three places, right?

    1. Putting the full cost of Iraq and Afghanistan on the books, as W’s administration was cooking the books and keeping war costs off budget projections to make the war seem less costly.

    2. The Bush tax cuts, which promptly threw Bill Clintons budget surplus and turned it into the worst deficit in history, and

    3. TARP and other spending measures designed to bring the economy out of the mess created by the Wall Street deregulation that destroyed our economy (both parties to blame on this one, being fair).

  28. “alexhww says:
    Apr 14, 2011 7:39 AM
    Quality player, great person too…wish he was involved in mediation talks!!”

    Not like anybody would listen to him unfortunately. D-Ware is one of the classiest, sweetest, and most selfless guys in the league. The people in charge of the lockout are a bunch of vultures. Ware would probably just get laughed out of the room unfortunately. Hopefully his actions in life can serve to lead by example the same way he does on the field.

  29. @johnnyshore

    The bottom line is that we (as a country) have been living beyond our means for an extended period of time. Just because some may portray themselves as being fiscally responsible, their actions could well show a different reality. That’s what I illustrated with the earlier examples of some “so-called” fiscal conservatives. The bill is coming due for our excesses. To pass this bill off as all being the responsibility of one man is wrong. Obama has his place in this mess, but he also has the misfortune of sitting at the head of the table when the waiter brings the check.

    Congratulations to Demarcus Ware for being responsible. That’s where the focus should be regarding this story.

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