Derrick Mason apologizes for T-shirt slam of Goodell

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Last week, Ravens receiver Derrick Mason called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a “joke” during a radio interview, based on Goodell’s comments about HGH testing at a time when the league has launched a lockout.  Then, Mason showed up on ESPN2 wearing a T-shirt that had printed on it:  “A JOKE.”

Mason has now apologized.  But only for the shirt.

“Someone I love and respect so much said I should apologize to the commissioner not for what I said but for the shirt,” Mason said on Twitter.  “So commissioner goodell I apologize for the shirt bit I still feel that there’s a bigger issue to tackle right now and that’s the cba!!”

Concluded Mason:  “That’s my public apology for my disrespect of the shirt……. And it’s sincere ppl.”

To summarize, Mason isn’t sorry for saying that the Commissioner is “a joke,” but only for writing the same message on a shirt.

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  1. I’ve always thought Mason was one of the classier players in the NFL. Turns out he’s either not so classy after all, or not so smart after all. I’m not really sure which is worse. Either way, I view his childish antics as well, a joke.

  2. I agree with Mason. Goddell is a joke, but that’s because his salary is paid by the owners. Personally, I don’t think his tital should be commissioner. How about Owner’s tool or Owner’s towel boy!

  3. Does anyone really care what Derrick Mason says?

    I sure don’t. Just another Head Case WR trying get his name on the top page.

  4. Opinion of Derrick Mason – unchanged……still an idiot and now a double confirmed idiot

    Derrick Mason’s is what Jamie Dukes might say is a ‘wrong way on a one-way street guy’

  5. I thought Derrick Mason was a nice old guy? Now he is going around calling the Commish a joke and tweeting about his shirt. I would expect something like this out of like Dez Bryant or Cromartie, but not Mason. He needs to grow up. Pretty sad when you have to tell that to a guy who is almost 40.

  6. Agree that the CBA should be worked out before discussing HGH, but has it occurred to anyone that maybe the use of performance enhancers when drug testing was more lax could have led to the crippling injuries had by so many former players?

  7. surprise surprise. Another low class, ungrateful, greedy, unaccountable, self entitled, jacka$$.

    Remember folks, these are the people that consider themselves “partners” in a multi billion dollar industry. Pretty pathetic huh?
    Where were these peoples parents?
    Didn’t ANYBODY teach them SOMETHING while they were growing up?
    I would be ashamed to be in any way linked as a “partner” of any of these uncivilized clowns.

    Sad, sad pathetic people. How classless

  8. This is just stupid. If he sincerely thought calling the commissioner “a joke” was offensive and this only occurred to him after wearing the shirt, he should apologize for both. If he doesn’t think it was offensive, he should have apologized for neither.

    Instead, his half-assed (and I’m being generous here) apology managed to be the worst of both worlds, showing that Mason doesn’t regret his decision but lacks the conviction to defend his actions. From what we’ve heard here, it is pretty obvious who is the bigger joke in Mason-vs.-Goodell bracket.

  9. All those people on the street giving Derrick the thumbs up when he wore the shirt will be disappointed to learn that it was directed at Roger Goodell, and not Mason himself. Or the team he plays for.

  10. Exnflfan: Your name says it all. In case you don’t know it, and clearly you don’t, the commisioners of the 4 major sports ALL work for their respective owners, and as such, have their salaries paid by them.

    As for Derrick Mason, he should get a clue–Goodell was laying the groundwork for HGH testing in the net CBA–if the players have nothing to hide, why complain about it by calling the commissioner a joke? Blood testing is the only way to determine if a person is taking HGH–maybe then we’ll find out if that’s the reason some of these football players, who’s careers supposedly last an average of 5 years, are squeezing out careers of 12-16 years. In the AFC East and Central alone, you have 48 players on the 8 teams that have been in the NFL anywhere from 10-15 years–not including kickers.

  11. You can think whatever you want, but you can’t always say anything you think if you are in a position like Mason. That includes having a t-shirt printed with everything you think. Too late to apologize when you’ve already put you foot in your mouth.

  12. “Personally, I don’t think his tital should be commissioner.”

    Personally, what’s your “tital”? Geenyus maybe?

  13. I think this was a good idea, while I agree on his opinion that the commish is a joke, wearing a shirt about it is pretty unprofessional and not helping the players advance their agenda.

  14. I love when the commissioner hammers people like pac-man and organizations that cheat like the patriots (anyone notice they haven’t won a superbowl since they were forced to quit filming). However I have to agree with Mason in that the commissioner is indeed a joke when dealing with the players league. He is a total sell out. He does the bidding of a bunch of white, rich dusty old farts.

  15. is this all hate on Mason? or is everyone here commenting In the bag for the owners?

    The NFLPA is damn near the only Union I support right now. The pay they receive is due to my choice of being a fan. If the NFL does not want to pay their players I will not watch the NFL. I was only 7yrs old with the last use of replacemnt players . Eventually the NFL Caliber players will find the UFL or CFL.
    As PFT has reported there have been several fringe(WR,K) players already signed contracts with the AFL.

  16. but isn’t drug testing gonna be a part of the new CBA? So you kinda have to talk about it, right?

  17. Yet another dumb jock who should be seen and never heard.
    Hey Derrick the only word that belongs on the front of your shirt is DINK

  18. I can only imagine what would happen if a blue collar worker like me would say that to my boss.

    Used to like Mason but now he is just another spoiled dousche.

  19. That is not an apology. It is another shot at the commissioner. Mason is the joke because he cannot separate business from his childlike emotions.
    What people have to realize is that these people have been catered to and given special treatment their entire lives. Many are entitled spoiled brats. Because they play ball they have to earn or even understand little else.
    What do the players say at contract time? This is a business. What do any of them know about business?

  20. Derrick Mason must know a secret that most working Americans in this country have never heard of . Any employee that calls the CEO of the company that he works for , a joke and honestly thinks it wont come back to haunt him , he must know something we dont . Bottom line , Mason is no kid by any means and to make that comment is utterly rediculous . Why did you get so upset over Roger Goodell wanting to implement HGH testing ? Are you worried ? Sure sounded like it .

  21. Goodell was wearing a tee shirt that said ” I have more money than you”

  22. Someone I love and respect so much said I should apologize to the commissioner

    …yeah his accountant!!!!

  23. Mason’s comments and apologies don’t help a delicate mediation situation.

    Unfortunately, Mason’s also correct.

    Goodell constantly changes his rules based on how it reflects on him.

    Videotaping games and playcalling is today, and always has been, legal (those who haven’t read the rules and dispute this might ask themselves why coordinators still routinely cover their mouths when calling in plays)

    Yet since most football fans are ignorant of the sport they follow and are usually appalled when they learn of the common practice, Roger heaps heavy fines on teams that get “caught”

    Other “joke” rules include tampering – a completely unenforceable rule that is broken 20 times a day. Yet should anyone make a misstep and get “caught” – they can say goodbye to a draft pick.

    The bottom line? The rules on the books don’t matter – the unwritten rule of “don’t embarrass Roger Goodell” is the only one that counts.

  24. Whats really a “joke” is paying this “pants on the ground” product of the welfare system, millions of dollars to catch a ball.
    Here’s the real punch line, he’ll be broke 4 years after the nfl is done with him. LMAO !

  25. Goodell is a joke. And not a good one. Its not childish of Mason. I wish I could wear a t-shirt telling my boss what I think about him. Goodell works works for the owners. the joke is that he cares about the players at all.

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