Goodell holding lockout conference calls with season-ticket holders


As the lockout chews into a second month and as season-ticket holders have to decide whether to buy tickets to a season that may not happen, Commissioner Roger Goodell is helping the cause by participating in conference calls with said season-ticket holders.

Aaron Kuriloff of reports that Goodell has to date committed to five such calls.  The first occurred on Wednesday, when Goodell talked to Dolphins customers.  Next up?  A 30-minute call on April 20 with Giants season-ticket holders, moderated by team play-by-play voice Bob Papa.

Also on deck?  The Browns, Chargers, and 49ers.

Goodell is willing to talk about the labor situation, but he won’t get into specifics regarding the court-ordered mediation that began today, given a specific court order that neither side get into the specifics regarding the court-ordered mediation.

It remains to be seen whether the other 27 franchises decide that having Goodell talk to the season-ticket holders will help persuade them to remain season-ticket holders.

24 responses to “Goodell holding lockout conference calls with season-ticket holders

  1. Nice, I look forward to that call.

    No one should give the NFL a penny until the lockout ends. Only the NFL could try to sell you something that they don’t have in stock.

    If the lockout goes deep, someone else can take my Niners season tickets. Not going to pay to watch David Carr drop back to p…and he’s sacked!

  2. Goodell: “And while I have you on the phone, how would you like to buy a one of a kind NFL commemorative plate for only $395 that’s sure to go up in value.”

  3. “Next up for Commissioner Goodell is Mr. Smith who just moved to New York from Miami and may be moving to Cleveland next, on his way to the west coast. Go ahead with your question Mr. Smith….”.

  4. Goodell will be taking questions from fans during a conference call? This should go well.

    Unless of course the “moderator” asks all the pre-scripted questions, and the fans are just allowed to listen in.

  5. My tickets are already declined and nothing is going to change. I’ll watch if they get a deal done and focus on my fantasy football. Seeing more games instead of going to the game is fine with me. Bring on the replacement players too. They’ll be just as good in 5 or 10 years and the rest of these schmos can go bag groceries.

  6. Everyone who has the NFL Sunday Ticket should call Direct TV and cancel it. Put as much external pressure on these fools as possible.

  7. Well, Goodell works for the owners I cant see what he is going to say that is impartial.

  8. Some of us were REQUIRED to make payment on our tickets already and without any call from his highness Goodell.

  9. You weren’t required, just don’t do it! These guys need to feel the heat. They want players to feel the heat by locking them out, fine, but we have a job to make sure they feel heat too. I could care less about who is whining about what, there really is no excuse…make the deal already!

    It’s 9 billion/year and growing like a CA wildfire, only idiots like Snyder and Jones could screw that up!

  10. Why doesn’t he have a conference call with all the fans that can’t afford season tickets. The TV contact gets the league more money than a stadium full of PSL holders

  11. its going to be awhile before this CBA is worked out,both sides are playing us fans as FOOLS!!!!

    RT @AlbertBreer: I’ve been told talks upstairs have been “tough” and there’s lots of “fence-mending” to be done. More on Total Access at 7.

  12. PFTiswhatitis says: Apr 14, 2011 5:29 PM

    “Some of us were REQUIRED to make payment on our tickets already and without any call from his highness Goodell.”


    Who’s holding a gun to your head?
    Don’t be a schmuck…

  13. Can’t the season ticket holder file suit to be allowed to withhold payment without penalty until the NFL can reasonably guarantee that there WILL be a season?

    That doesn’t seem right to have them take peoples money upfront that they’ll ultimately use to sustain themselves through a lockout

    Allowing that will only drag this out longer and reduce the likelihood of a quick resolution- thus the payments themselves increase the possibility of no season.

    Seems to me there’s a strong case to be made, and if we can ensure that no season ticket holders are at risk of losing their seats by withholding money, I expect the NFL itself will work to resolve this pretty quickly.

  14. I would love to see how these calls work because I know Goodell isnt able to answer any question without talking in circles and contradicting himself (go back and read about how he attempted to talk to each team during training camp, and any interview that fraud has ever given)…sadly I think a post earlier hit it on the nose the “moderator” is going to choose acouple softball questions and that will be all she wrote for that joke of a conference call

    Grow a pair and call Steeler fans goodell

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