Kenny Britt’s arrest could alter draft plans


PFT spent a lot time last offseason detailing Kenny Britt’s off-field issues, always being careful to point out that the kid has top-ten NFL receiver ability if he can harness his talents.

During the season, he displayed those talents with 775 yards and nine touchdowns in only 12 games despite getting only seven starts.  He also showed his immaturity, getting involved in a fight at a nightclub that led to a benching at the start of the game.

After Britt was arrested this week, the new Titans coaching staff got a big reminder that he may be difficult to count on as the team’s best receiver.  He could possibly be suspended by the league early in the year.

Because of that, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean believes the Titans could alter their draft plans.  It seems unlikely they would go after someone at No. 8 overall, but perhaps Britt’s arrest highlights a need to add numbers to the depth chart in the middle rounds.

“Because of Britt’s behavior, the Titans are going to cover themselves moving forward,” NFL Network Solomon Wilcots said. “The question is, to what length do they go to cover themselves? Do they draft a guy in the first or second round or do they take two wide receivers later? . . . Let’s face it, their job was a lot easier up until Kenny Britt was arrested on Tuesday.”

The Titans have decent depth at wide receiver, but not especially exciting talent behind Britt.

14 responses to “Kenny Britt’s arrest could alter draft plans

  1. You just said 2 days a go that it wouldnt alter draft plans. Its easy to be right when you get on both sides of the fence.

  2. Remind him that he will get a huge paybump if he can keep his emotions under control, and if continued success on the field is to happen. Not like 700 yards and 9 touchdowns is something to write home about. Most of those total stats were in one game. Against my beloved eagles of course, when we forgot we were playing the second half. Blame kevin kolb for our bad defensive play. I will, because i feel like it.

  3. Either Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards could be available, and they don’t have baggage that…

    Oh, right.

    Plaxico will be a free man. Why not add someone who can either be an example of what lies ahead if Britt continues to think without using actual brain cells, or be a mentor on running crisp routes in a prison courtyard?

  4. At least he didn’t try to run from the policy and pull a hamstring. I actually heard he was driving to the Dallas Mall to mentor Dez. Luckily Aqib Talib’s mom wasn’t in the cop car.

  5. I for one am all for these ignorant players getting suspended for doing stupid things but any kind of trouble these clown get into should be null and void considering they aren’t really employed by the NFL right now they aren’t getting paid they can’t use the facilities so punishment shouldn’t be handed down if punishment does accour well then it is evident the NFL is just a joke any more and it’s because of rodger I’ll punish who I want god del

  6. Why do so many young black males get arrested? I mean, is it a culture, bad luck or am I the only one who sees this? Just look at the NFL arrests for the last month and a half. It’s shocking really.

  7. That just means nate washington will be trying to not todrop balls while britt tries to not drop the soap!

  8. Oh, Kenny Britt you are a stupid man. You prove it time and time again. Cut him loose Munch and write him off as a mistake of the prior regime.

  9. The Titans passed on Randy Moss the first time, then selected Kevin Dyson. They choose Pacman instead of many players they could have used. (McNair was alive and well then) Then comes Britt and his baggage. The Titans aren’t going to let him go…yet. Maybe a QB with some brains unlike the previous “Longhorn” can help him out.

  10. “Why do so many young black males get arrested? I mean, is it a culture, bad luck or am I the only one who sees this? Just look at the NFL arrests for the last month and a half. It’s shocking really.”

    White players get arrested as well they just don’t get much ink.

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