“Life coach” fires JaMarcus Russell


If JaMarcus Russell hasn’t hit bottom yet, we are not looking forward to what’s coming next.

The latest embarrassment for the former No. 1 overall pick: Russell’s “life coach” John Lucas told Russell he would no longer work with him and asked Russell to leave Houston, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.

Just think about that for a second. A man who is getting paid to help Russell, a man who makes a career out of rehabilitating athletes, gave up on the kid.

Russell reportedly worked hard after starting to work with Lucas last September, but he quickly lost focus.  He showed up to NFL workouts last November and December out of shape, and his work habits “continued to deteriorate.”  Lucas grew tired of trying to get Russell to care.

“The title of your article should be, ‘It’s Over,’ ” one source told Cole.  “It’s just amazing that you could say that about somebody who is 25 years old and just got drafted four years ago. But it’s been almost a year since he got cut and there’s no interest. Even before the lockout, nobody wanted to get near the kid.”

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  1. You’re looking forward to seeing a 25 year old man fail at life more? …well THAT’S kinda cruel – I don’t care WHO it is…

  2. I played 4 years of division 1 college and would have loved to make it to a special teams for anyone, and this guy is just blowing his career and life away. Maybe I should have followed his foot steps to get into the league!?!?!?!?!?

  3. wow……

    I can’t even imagine the amount of regret Russell is feeling. Or is he even smart enough to realize what he lost?

    You were basically handed a lottery ticket, Russell…and you threw it away!

  4. Maybe all the people who suggested that Russell would’ve been fine if anyone else other than the Raiders had drafted Russell should all go eat their words now.

    What a waste of $40 mill.

  5. Russell is completely committed… to making sure there’s no doubt he was a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf.

  6. With his level of motivation, Russell will request to be placed on life support in six months so he won’t have to do anything for the rest of his days.

  7. “John Lucas told Russell he would no longer work with him and asked Russell to leave Houston”

    Ironic to see JaMarcus banned from the fattest city in America.

  8. Life Coach knew he was in trouble when JaMarcus had a sofa and cotton candy machine delivered to his gym.

  9. The Raiders and Al Davis should go after Russell and give him a fresh start. He really fits into the Radier mold perfectly.

  10. What the hell does Russell have to work for? He got $40 Million. He should be set for life if he’s not COMPLETELY retarded.

  11. JaMarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, Ki-Jana Carter, Akili Smith, Charles Rogers, Vernon Golston, and Lawrence Phillips are just a few reasons the NFL needs a rookie wage scale. Make these men prove they deserve the big bucks, before they get it handed to them.

  12. What was the pre-draft hype for Russel coming out of college? Anything similar to Cam Newton? Just wondering.

    Cam Newton 1.o

  13. The guy might need a doctor more than a life coach. He most likely learned absolutely nothing in 4 years of college. Pretty sad to have all the talent in the world and be washed up at 25. Maybe if he gets his act together before age 30 he can pull a Mike Williams and be productive somewhere in the NFL. He will have that natural ability for a while. Just needs to stay out of trouble while getting his life in order.

  14. It should not be a total schock, a kid gets a ton of money and he has that money no matter what he does on or off the field and he decided it is easier to sit back and enjoy his millions and never have to do a thing.

  15. Please. what a joke you all our. You are all acting like the kids life is over. He is 25 years old, He has his entire life in front of him to enjoy, so what if it does not meet “your” expectations. Who the hell are all of you?

  16. Exhibit A for the case of why there should be a rookie wage scale.

    This guy set the Raids back 4 years. That is, if they could get further back than they were when they drafted him.

    I don’t care if he ever plays another down in the NFL (apparently neither does he) but I hate to see anyone wasted like this. I hope he figures it out.

  17. This is just sad. Some players dream of the oppritunities he got, and he is pissing it all away. He honestly just seems like his attitude is “I got 25 million guaranteed when I signed who cares, im rich, your not, whats my motivation? to get my fat arse hurt playing? no thanks ill take my 25 mil and run with it. if any team is desperate enough to put up with my laziness, maybe ill go play some games for fun”
    Grow up russel, life isnt all fun and games.

  18. This at the least makes me admire the great players we have in the league, the ones that strive for more than the big paycheck, of course that always is part of it, and should be, but the motivation to not settle just for where they are, but the motivation and non-stop work ethic to try to get to the top. Russell wasn’t ruined by money, he settled for the money, nothing else mattered after 40 million hit his bank account, that is what it was ALL about for him.

  19. Its a sad thing when you are handed millions of dollars and you can’t keep anyone in your life.

    People who usually have life coaches are the ones who had major drug or gambling problems, not millionare football players.

  20. Russell didn’t throw away a lottery ticket, he cashed it. What’d he make…$30 million?…for the half-hearted, completely uninspired effort he gave the Raiders?
    Dude made more money than we ever will. Being selected #1 is hitting the lottery. He only would’ve “thrown it away” if he’d elected not to sign…

  21. I have long since reached the conclusion that Russell is in serious need of psychiatric help. I don’t think all this can just be chalked up to pure laziness. I’d be very surprised if the guy isn’t battling severe mental problems.

  22. JaMarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf, Ki-Jana Carter, Akili Smith, Charles Rogers, Vernon Golston, and Lawrence Phillips are just a few reasons the NFL needs a rookie wage scale. Make these men prove they deserve the big bucks, before they get it handed to them.


    Carter’s problem wasn’t in his head. He had the talent but just had bad luck with his knee getting blown out so early on in his career. Bust, yes. But I don’t think he’s in the Russell, Leaf, Smith, Rogers category. They were busts for different reasons.

  23. “..and asked Russell to leave Houston”

    Telling the kid you won’t help him out any longer is one thing.
    Presuming to tell somebody to leave town is a little arrogant…

  24. This is just so sad. Somewhere Ryan Leaf is laughing.

    Here’s the thing, if he kept his nose to the grindstone and kept outta drugs he would obviously been a lifelong backup. Even that pays the bills. Look at Kerry Collins.

    Its just sad he can’t even get a job as a QB coach for a highschool or even a analyst gig. He’s a complete bafoon.

    Here’s to you Russ… hope you like flipping burgers.

  25. ‘Who the hell are all of you?’

    Well, for starters, I’m not a lazy overweight football player that loves the drank and was just told to get out of Houston by John Lucas and will forever be known as one of the greatest busts in the NFL draft.

    So.. I got that going for me.

  26. 3octaveFart says:
    Apr 14, 2011 4:23 PM
    “..and asked Russell to leave Houston”

    Telling the kid you won’t help him out any longer is one thing.
    Presuming to tell somebody to leave town is a little arrogant…

    NOT if he’s staying with you. Not sure that’s the case, but makes sense.

  27. shieldsisland37 says:
    Apr 14, 2011 3:50 PM
    Please. what a joke you all our (are???). You are all acting like the kids life is over. He is 25 years old, He has his entire life in front of him to enjoy, so what if it does not meet “your” expectations. Who the hell are all of you?

    Everyone here pays one way or another to enjoy football, we’re the reason these guys get ten’s of millions. Russell signed up to play, took the money then didn’t try to live up to his end…..basically he’s a thief. He stole from all of us.
    Btw who the hell are you?

  28. I don’t feel sorry for this guy.

    He had the same opportunity than anyone with his talents had and more. You still have to actually work to be successful, that doesn’t stop when you get drafted.

    Hope you saved some money JaMarcus.

  29. He still got a mountain of money……for doing squat!

    Maybe he aint so dumb after all?

  30. God I hope he runs out of money at some point in his life. What a loser. Way to go Al, way to go.

  31. Now the only person left who MIGHT be willing to help him is that guy who lives in the VAAAAN down by the RIIIVER.

  32. “dgforreal says:
    Apr 14, 2011 3:35 PM
    It’s not even funny anymore, it’s just very sad.”

    Really? I don’t feel one bit sorry for him. He’s earned everything he’s gotten. Well, minus that fat contract the Cryptkeeper gave him. He’s where he is because of his own actions and has nobody to blame but himself. I honestly hope he goes broke because he doesn’t deserve 1/20th of what the Raiders paid him. It’s sickening to see somebody that lazy get to live that high on the hog. It’s like watching trailer trash win the lottery.

  33. Geez Rosenthal, why is it when I poke NBC, Dungy, Tarkenton, or anyone who blabs on your site I get the boot? You guys can make your remarks but if someone comes back at you, you can’t take it? Wake me when you grow up. Like I said earlier, St. Tony should be on call for this guy, why don’t we hear about that if he’s so Great?

  34. What do you expect? When you hand a kid $40 million a year out of college and then tell him…now go out and work for it…you just expect him to do that…right? Not everyone has the drive inside him to want to be great…especially after being handed large sums of cash. Some people are just content to collect the handout and not earn it. Take Pacman Jones for example…it took him being down to his last real chance for him to wise up and get his head out of his buttocks! Talent isn’t everything…Jamarcus has talent out of the ying yang…but without desire to be great…he’s just…meh.

  35. a lifelong backup. Even that pays the bills. Look at Kerry Collins.

    That “lifelong backup” led one team to a Championship Game, and another team to a Super Bowl.

    Most starters would take that in their resume.

  36. Russell and Vince Young are great examples to all future NFL Quarterbacks…of what NOT to do. Their pay should be held in escrow and paid out at the END of each season…not at the beginning. They should have to prove that they deserve it.

  37. He will be at the pawn shop in five years max. I don’t care how much he got paid. Mike Tyson made 200 million dollars and he filed bankruptcy a few years ago. Money doesn’t cure stupid.

  38. His life coach should have rewarded him with “purple drank” every time he made improvements. He would be the league MVP next year……….

  39. Kicked out of Houston, JaMarcus went back home. But his Mom wouldn’t answer the door.

  40. Honestly, I did think Russell’s attempt to rehab was a joke because as I saw him jogging during Josina Anderson’s cover story on ‘Inside the NFL’ he looked like he had the speed of a 500 pound contestant on ‘The Biggest Loser’!!!!!

    Except with John Lucas’ track record the worst thing that you could say is that Russell was at ‘square one’. When Lucas was coaching complex guys like Dennis Rodman and Allen Iverson in the NBA they were at their best from a personality standpoint (sorry for bringing up another sport).

    Lucas’ firing of Russell was a surprise to me because I thought that those two would have had a two-year deal with a successful ending.

  41. $30M… $40M… what does it matter. it will be gone in a couple of years.

  42. Fat, Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.
    Good thing he likes his syz-urp.

  43. if i were Jamarcus i would just stay away from the NFL and save my money start a business and lay low… but then again im not him

  44. His football life was over four years ago when the Raiders signed him to all those $$$$$. It’s amazing what lots of money does to these guys. A rookie wage scale might of saved this guys life.

  45. Bleedgreen is right. J-Marc is SMART – $30-40 million. He is set for life. People are just hating on this guy. He got his money UPFRONT. Smart.
    No bad knees, no bad back, no chronic traumatic encephalopathy…just $30-40 million–set for life. J-Marc just need to stay of the sizzurp and he’ll be straight.

  46. Rosenthal just mentioned the words “hit bottom”.

    You all know where he’ll hit it?

    Failing to pay taxes. It makes sense. He has an arrest record and a home foreclosure.

    Plus there’s a bright side; prison food is crappy and given in small amounts anyways and that’s how he’ll lose weight!!!

    Good riddance ‘Fat Boy’!!!

  47. The coach asked him to leave Houston. What? Not a Russell fan or apologist, but the life coach sounds like a jerk. Why’s he telling Russell to leave Houston … and why is he talking publicly about the private business of his clients?

    If the guy suffers from such severe lack of initiative, motivation, etc., at 25, maybe he needs a thorough mental health evaluation. Some conditions will cause those issues. At this point, he’s got nothing to lose by getting checked out.

  48. A good life coach can be a valuable ally.

    But they have a code like most professionals, and rule #1 is the client has to be willing to change.

    It’s not unheard of for a life coach to let a client go. In this case, a 25-year-old client with millions in the bank….. yeah, that’s outrageous. Shows what a mess Jabustus really is.

    And he isn’t “smart” for getting the money up front. That’s just how the NFL draft works for top picks. Only thing he had to do was put the purple drank down long enough to sign the contract.

  49. Doesn’t anyone know he is broke too? His house was in foreclosure some time back. The kid is lazy, stupid and washed up. Too bad he didn’t have a dad to teach him life’s lessons. Truly sad. Obama will appoint him ‘sports czar’ or some stupid thing like that now. Gotta keep the brutha strong!

  50. $30 million sheesh Antoine Walker, Vin Baker, and Iverson are laughing at that amount

  51. “If JaMarcus Russell hasn’t hit bottom yet, we are not looking forward to what’s coming next.”
    Please remind me how many chances Ryan Leaf was given and not one of you sport-writers every said his life has “hit bottom.” Even after he was arrested for stealing drugs, the vibe was always disappointment but never such mockery and quickness to dismiss him the way you seem to enjoy doing with Ja Marcus and Vince Young.

    I guess this is what Cam has to look forward to if he goes off the draft-board first..We really have changed, haven’t we…

    The truthfull words of Warren Moon is ringing louding everyday. No wonder it evoked such outrage.

  52. What are you surprised??? the question is, where is he gonna live? He was kicked outta Houston and his house in Oakland was foreclosed…..wait, hold on…..(knock…knock….knock)
    JaMarcus: Hi Mom im home!
    Mom: You ain’t livin’ here loser!

  53. A Hippo, A Failure, and Raider walk into the bar….

    The bartender says, Hey JaMarcus can i get an autograph?

  54. I was at the LSU spring game last weekend and had the chance to bump into Jamarcus. I am 6’3″ and weigh around 240 lbs. He absolutely dwarfed me. He is no way close to being under 300 lbs. There is no way he is trying to keep himself in shape to play quarterback in the NFL. Perhaps to play left tackle but that is absolutely it. I never was guaranteed $30 million in my life so I can’t be sure how I would handle it. I just pray that as a parent, I raise a child who learns to appreciate the gifts that we all have that make us unique and special. I wish him the best only because I know he is a young man and I only pray he doesn’t wait too long to get his act together before he has far more to regret.

  55. To anyone who thinks he is “set” because he got paid $30-$40 million are complete idiots. I would bet my house that all that money will be gone very soon, if it isn’t already. Unless you are someone like Carson Palmer who apparently saves every nickel, most people adjust their spending habits to fit their income level.

    So, yes Russell made a lot of money. All that means is that he spent a lot of money as well. And he probably has a ton of debt out there since he assumed he would be making millions and millions of dollars for the rest of his career. I’m sure he didn’t financially plan on being jobless at age 25.

  56. Woody says: Apr 14, 2011 3:17 PM

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2011 starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals!

    I don’t think so, woodhead. Not even bengals are that stupid.

  57. You know, my first two comments were in one big post and Rosenthal didn’t take it.

    Then I had to break the post up into two; the first one got 4 thumbs down and the second had 6 thumbs up. It was better in one big piece!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could have had a crapload more thumbs up!!!!

    The “life coach” needs to fire Rosenthal!!!!!!!!

  58. Is there any wonder the owners are demanding a rookie wage cap ?
    Imagine paying 30 million dollars to this lazy waste of life….unreal

  59. At a certain point stories like this cease to be funny and just become sad.

    Also, say what you will about Cam Newton, my impression is that Newton has more natural drive and actual interest in football than Russell has in his fat little finger.

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