Matthew Stafford’s recovery appears to be going well

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Only three months after shoulder surgery, Matthew Stafford has started to throw a football again.

The recovery is going so well apparently that he’s able to participate in a skills game competition for charity at his old alma matter.   A press release from the University of Georgia says Stafford will participate in three skills challenges with other ex-Georgia quarterbacks at halftime of Saturday’s spring football game.

Stafford will apparently throw some routes to receivers, including whoever bids the highest in an auction to join his team.  (Unless Jim Schwartz bid the highest.  Then the NFL wouldn’t allow it.)

We wonder if there’s a chance Stafford will participate in the event, but not throw passes like the release says.

Either way, any Lions fans that happen to be in Georgia could go see Stafford in action this weekend for the first time since November of last year.

11 responses to “Matthew Stafford’s recovery appears to be going well

  1. I think Matthew will surprise alot of people this year! He has had two freakish injuries. Bad luck is been his worst enemy. We need to get rid of this curse that Bobby Lane put on QBs in Detroit. I think the Lions will be a dark horse this year.

  2. 52sackmachine says: Apr 14, 2011 9:32 AM

    “Clay Matthews will be waiting!!…”

    That’s what you guys kept saying about Raji in the SB.
    Did he even play?

  3. Stafford has had some freak injuries but he has shown more heart/moxie than any young QB I have seen in a long while. If he can stay upright he will be one of the premiere QBs in the league.

  4. if stafford stays healthy, this team is in the playoffs in 2011

    oh yea and GO AARON RODGERS!! for the madden cover 🙂

  5. Stafford’s salary most likely would prevent anybody from considering this, but I think Shaun Hill should be able to at least compete for his job. Stafford has not been able to demonstrate that he is a franchise QB, and Shaun Hill has the potential to at least demonsrate he’s Stafford’s equal when it comes to throwing the football.

    If one of these two could set themselves apart in the durability department, the organization could begin to progress much faster around either of these QB’s, but I don’t feel like it should be a foregone conclusion that Matthew Stafford is that guy.

  6. Um, Hill has already demonstrated he’s not a franchise QB. If he had, he’d still be in SanFran. Good back up and fill-in starter? You bet. Better than a healthy Stafford? No way.

  7. jpayne –

    have you even watch stafford play???? don’t get me wrong Hill is a serviceable backup no doubt, but a “franchise QB”??? people don’t trade franchise QB’s for 7th round picks lol

    IF stafford can stay healthy watch out NFL…. wishin/hopin for the best with ya Matt!

  8. Can’t wait to see what his 2010 6/1, td/int ratio turns into this year…If he doesn’t miss a snap.. get ready Honolulu.

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