Rumor floated of Tommie Harris to the Colts

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Teams aren’t allowed to talk to prospective free agents during the lockout, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening through indirect or under-the-radar channels.

We hear occasional rumors of certain free agents being tied to certain teams, and we’re not the only ones.

Here’s a random missive from Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune Thursday:  “Don’t be surprised if Tommie Harris signs with the Colts once the lockout ends.”

This was McClure’s first tweet in a week, so it seemingly came from somewhere rather than idle speculation.  Harris reportedly received interest before the work stoppage began and is a logical fit because he fits the Colts’ system well.  Then again, Indianapolis almost never dips into the free agent pool to pick up talent.

Perhaps Harris will come at a bargain basement price after a down season, which would fit more into Indy’s usual way of doing things.

Whether the rumor is true or not, expect the Colts to shoot it down at some point.

11 responses to “Rumor floated of Tommie Harris to the Colts

  1. Harris would be a nice pickup for the colts. Maybe playing along side Mathis and Freeney will motivate him to play harder. Since he didn’t do much while playing for Da Bears!

  2. He’ll be good as a 3rd down inside force. Can you imagine a bull rush up the middle that matches the heat that comes from the outside? The problem with Tommie is that his effort only comes in spurts. My guess is that the Colts would rather have the old Tommie that occupied plenty of blockers to keep them off of the linebackers on 1st and 2nd down plays. That’s all part of history.

  3. The Colts dont typically load up in free agency, but Bill Polian has been trying to draft for the DT position for seemingly a decade now and just can’t get it right. They couldn’t win the superbowl without trading a second round pick to get a few games out of Booger McFarland. It’s either do this or spend their next five first round draft picks on busts at the position.

  4. That would work out perfectly. Tommie Harris can take Bob Sander’s place on the side lines in street clothes from being injured.

  5. Fantastic! Only if he can stay healthy and on the field. The Colt’s don’t need another oft injured players like Sanders as much as they need defensive help.

  6. As long he turns out better than Corey Simon did in Colts colors, then this could work.

    A. Johnson, Muir, Foster, Moala – ok, but nothing spectacular.

  7. @Eternal Optimist: You said, “My guess is that the Colts would rather have the old Tommie that occupied plenty of blockers to keep them off of the linebackers on 1st and 2nd down plays”.

    They would want the old Tommie? Who wouldn’t? If the old Tommie never went away then the Bears would be keeping him in the fold.

    However, since he is too injury prone, doesn’t care, doesn’t try and overall is an overrated piece of hot garbage, any team can have him, cause he will NEVER be the same again.

  8. @saberstud75 – kudos, that comment is spot on.

    tommie will have a game or two each year where he flashes his old form on a handful of plays, but he is nowhere near the player he once was. playing on turf half of the season is a bad plan, considering his knee/hamstring injuries are chronic.

  9. The Colts need to start dipping into the FA market, it might help them get closer to another SB title.

  10. The Colts desperately need to improve the interior of their defensive line, but Tommy Harris is not the way to go. The Colts need a couple of big, physical guys who can control the line of scrimmage, and here’s the reasons why:

    (1) Over the last 4 seasons, the Colts have been DEAD LAST in the NFL in the number of offensive possessions/opportunities. Mr Polian always talks about how important it is to surround your best player with quality weapons. But what does it matter if those weapons then get the fewest opportunities of any other team in the league?

    (2) By getting bigger, stronger, and stouter linemen up front (guys like Cullen Jenkins or Brandon Mebane), would improve the team’s overall run defense. Which in turn would create more 3rd and long situations for your opponents, which ultimately would lead to more defensive stops and turnovers!

    (3) If the Colts were to finally get some size and playmakers up front, it would finally allow them to get some “PUSH” up the middle! This would be of great benefit for a couple of reasons. For one, it would allow the team to generate a pass rush (via the shorter path) up the middle, instead of always depending on the edge guys to do it all. In addition, that interior “PUSH” would also prevent the opposing QB from being able to step up into the pocket which is his best tool for trying to neutralize the Freeneys’ and Mathis’ of the world.

    (4) And Most Importantly. In the last 4 playoff games (2007-2010), Peyton Manning and the Offense have had the team leading in the 4th quarter, only to watch the Defense then FAIL FAIL FAIL to maintain it! When you have the lead in the 4th qtr, and your defense repeatedly gives it away…that’s a big problem.

    When you continue to average fewer and fewer offensive possessions each season, then you are perpetuating a scenario in which your offense must become more and more efficient each year just to maintain the status quo. That my friends….is a losing proposition!

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