After two days, parties are “serious” about negotiations

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During the opening segment of Friday’s PFT Live, I expressed hope that court-ordered mediation of the labor dispute will continue on Saturday and Sunday and every day until a deal is reached or impasse is declared.

Unfortunately, two days of talks will be followed by three days of no talks.

But there’s still hope.  Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the parties are “serious” about the negotiations — and about the consequences that could follow.

And it’s not as if the parties will be playing frolf or watching the entire Rocky series on Blu-ray.  The lawyer representing the Eller class told Breer that Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan gave the parties “homework.”

It’s too early to tell whether any of this is good news.  But since they’re still talking, it’s not bad news.

That said, it would be better news if the talks were continuing through the weekend.

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  1. So? Ricky Williams says he’s confused as to why people are worried about the labor talks.

    Don’t worry folks!

  2. Honestly, all the pessimism is becoming unbearable. So, you know what? I’m pleased that they’re serious. Not hopeful, but not doubtful either. Just pleased.

    If they’re serious about negotiations, they’ll realize that they’re not far apart, and that any deal–regardless of which side “wins”–will result in larger profits than before.

  3. I don’t see a settlement. The owners want lower player costs and D. Smith WILL NOT agree to lower player cost. And, apparently, neither side has offered anything to offset lower player costs.

    Why don’t they consider raising the minimum pay or reducing the number of years a player is restricted (so he can reach unrestriced free agent quicker) in exchange for lower player total cost? Something like this would help most players, but might lower the pay of the richest players.

    Ops! I forgot. This mess is about giving D. Smith cover and protecting the rich players, it is not about helping normal players or protecting the game.

  4. It’ll get serious when both sides stay in mediation long enough to make a decision. 14 hours over two days does not satisfy the negotiation requested by Judge Nelson. Get off your butts and GET serious.

  5. Two days of intelligent conversation is hard on some players. They need 3 days so their brains can start formulating complete sentences again.

  6. Yeah it’s ALWAYS so much better to sit round a table flapping gums rather than doing your homework on preparing a proposal.


  7. @nflfan101

    Players have offered a 50/50 split of all revenue which is less than they’ve received over the past few years.

    So you are incorrect that Smith will offer up a lower share.

    Already happened.

  8. I honestly thing that both sides were playing chicken, thinking the other side would blink…and when neither did they ended up where they are. And now…they’re both blinking like mad.

    It’s like when you’re mad at your GF or wife and have a little tantrum…and instead of getting contrite she blows like Vesuvius and the next thing you know it’s a big ugly fight…and you think, “Man, I just should have said ‘No, that dress DOESN’T make you look fat…'”

    Right now 99% of everyone in both parties just wants it to be over.

  9. No Free Agency makes this a very unique draft, so I’d expect several tradebacks in the top 5 to be expected.

  10. Frolf, unlike Disc Golf, is a freeform amorphous game, played among friends in a social setting without the confines of a course laid out by professionals attempting to force conformity. The game is part of a positive social interaction, and does no harm to living creatures or property.

    Yes, I had to look that up.

    Sounds even more hippie than disc golf.

  11. I do not buy the serious statement, I think both sides have always been serious but when you have lawyers running the show I understand how people would think they are not serious.

  12. thefiesty1 says:
    Apr 15, 2011 7:25 PM
    It’ll get serious when both sides stay in mediation long enough to make a decision. 14 hours over two days does not satisfy the negotiation requested by Judge Nelson. Get off your butts and GET serious

    No where does it say who requested the 3 day break. It very well could have been the judge who decided on it and not the players or owners.

  13. Now that the talks are court ordered, what choice to they have but to show up for the mediation sessions? That doesn’t mean that they’re “serious” about coming to a resolution. All it means is that they’re following the judge’s orders to meet.

  14. They were saying on Sirius NFL Radio yesterday that the reason there are no talks today is that both sides were instructed by the judge to bring certaint hings to Tuesday’s session. That seems like a good sign to me – he is running things the way he should.

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