Andy Dalton discusses workout with Jets

A league source has informed PFT that TCU QB Andy Dalton held a workout with the J-E-T-S on Friday morning.

That league source was Andy Dalton, speaking to Florio on PFT Live.

Dalton said that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and a receiver coach made the visit.   The trip won’t make a lot of sense to some Jets fans, but it’s New York is very likely just doing their due diligence.

The team should be in the market for a young backup quarterback, and you never know if Dalton could experience an unexpected fall in the draft. They could also be trying to inspire someone to trade up to No.30 to take a quarterback.

To watch Dalton’s entire segment, head to the PFT Live homepage.  Or download the show on iTunes.

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11 responses to “Andy Dalton discusses workout with Jets

  1. He strikes me as a guy that wants to play. If he’s drafted by the Super Bowl champion Jets he’ll be stuck behind the best QB in the AFC East. Oh. Never mind.

  2. Mark Sanchez is nothing more than a mediocre QB and I think Jets are finally starting to realize this. Jets should of just stayed at their spot and taken Josh Freeman.

  3. Or maybe they worked him out because they’ve finally realized (like everyone else in the world but Peter King) that Sanchez sucks.

  4. @moneymike23/cardiovascular

    What are you guys talking about? Both of you have no clue. Sanchez has 3 years experience as a starting QB, including his USC experience. What has he accomplished in those 3 years?

    Rose Bowl MVP
    2 AFC title game appearances
    4-2 in the playoffs, with wins against perennial winning teams such as the Patriots and Colts.
    Average QBR in playoffs: 92.0
    (He’s beaten Tom Brady more than Tom Brady has beaten him. How many people can say that?)

    Guess what? It took him 2 years to build that resume.

    2009 Stats: 12 TD, 20 INT.
    2010 Stats: 17 TD, 13 INT.

    Obviously, he’s improving!

    The kid has incredible drive and heart, and he’s stepping into the leadership role nicely.

    I don’t care how stupid you may be, or how many years you spent building a paper-mache model of Bill Belichick, you have to recognize that the kid is pretty damn good for his age and degree of experience (or lack thereof)

  5. @ nyjalleffingday

    29 TDs and 33 INTs? you’re defending this?

    I’d suggest that he’s lucky to have a team around him that wins regardless of his poor performance. It won’t last forever, and Rex knows it.

  6. I hope this kid works out for someone. I watched him a bit talking to Steve Mariuchi and John Gruden and was impressed with his attitude in both cases. Sounds a lot like he will not make it past the mid second round, but if he slips to three a lot of teams could take him to develop and trade off for a higher round pick in a couple years.

  7. Also, there is no way the Jets are looking to draft him to get rid of Sanchez. Not happening, Sanchez is too young to give up on, in most situations he would be looking at starting his first game this season.

    He played exceptional when you compare him to other good QBs in their first year. Payton “Ivan Drago” Manning threw more INTs then TDs his first season. No one comes out of the gate playing well enough to carry their team to the AFC championship game even if they do end up making it that far. Give him another year or so before you call him a bust.

  8. @jpmelon

    …can you read? Most QB’s his age are just starting their first year with plenty of prior experience to build upon. This is not the case with Sanchez. This is his third year. Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t be a retatd.

  9. Find in somewhat comical in comments that Sanchez sucks. 4 road playoff wins in first two years. I agree he probably won’t be elite, but please give the guy his due.

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