Dez Bryant settles one of his jewelry lawsuits


The best evidence that a guy has a problem with jewelry lawsuits?  When he is defending himself against at least two of them.

Fortunately, Cowboys receiver Dez Byrant is no longer defending himself against two jewelry lawsuits.  According to Calvin Watkins of, Bryant has settled the claim filed last month based on allegations that Bryant failed to pay a pending bill of $246,000 for $267,000 in jewelry purchased from January through May 2010.

The amount to be paid isn’t known.  If the charges were legitimate, we can’t imagine the plaintiff accepting a penny less than $246,000.

Bryant also is dealing with a lawsuit based on jewelry and tickets to sporting events allegedly purchased while he was still attending Oklahoma State.

24 responses to “Dez Bryant settles one of his jewelry lawsuits

  1. Hopefully it was for the $246K, penalty interest and legal fees. Bring on the NCAA investgation at Oklahoma State! All of that T. Boone Pickens money has corrupted a once proudly impotent athletic program.

  2. There’s no way the dawgs down in the hood will know that you are rich without many shiny blings. That’s the best way to attract an entourage

  3. Dez Bryant spending his money on jewelry doesn’t affect my life. So I have no reason to hate him.

    Okay, let’s see if this gets posted…

  4. Dez probably got one of those high interest loan. His adviser David Wells brokered the whole deal and made a 10% over ride.

  5. #1 @italyprodigy that is in no way ironic. please learn the definition of irony

    #2 All these reports on the personal lives of players is really killing sports (for me at least). Now its not enough to be a terrific player, but every private decision or mistake you make is scrutinized by millions of people who can’t stop making their own mistakes. I don’t want to hear about ANY players financial problems because they have no bearing on the game. It seems like 50% of all sports articles now are covering a player law suit or run-in with the law.

  6. @stonedwhitetrash

    You are on a very fine line between racist and right / funny and right. Though most of what you said was true I thought it was a little bit over board.

    Thumbs up if you agree
    Thumbs down if you dont

  7. I think its a wise investment for players to buy bling (as long as they pay for it)

    Perception is more important than reality. The “show me”, “diva-type” players that make the biggest waves usually end up getting paid more than their silent and better counterparts.

    Perfect examples are Steve Smith (Giants), Greg Jennings and Calvin Johnson. Each of these guys are far more productive and far less flamboyant than players like Ocho Cinco, Brandon Marshall and Braylon Edwards but are less recognized and less marketed because their not on ESPN as much.

  8. how is it a “settlement” if he pays his bill ? isn’t that what you should do? hopefully he tagged with interest and penalties and legal fees.

  9. Memo to philgrek re @italyprodigy comment:

    Please learn to capitalize the first word of a new sentance and the ending with a period.

    There’s your punctuation lesson for the day.

  10. @philgrek-in a way i agree with you about players money problems & other off the field issues but the sad truth is that to many-way to many players are getting into to much crap and those are the stories we keep hearing about and we probly wont hear many good stories untill these trouble makers understand that they cant just do whatever they want and expect to get away with it

  11. What’s up with all these dudes wearing jewelry? Earings, necklaces and rings are for women….

  12. The timing of this settlement would seem to indicate that DEZ received his TAX refund in the mail this week and decided not to buy more BLING with all of it.

  13. Memo to woodsidegil:

    Please learn to spell “sentence” properly. Also, that sentence you wrote is terrible.

    There’s your grammar lesson for the day.

  14. Wouldn’t it just be so right to retrofit the brain of a young, earnest, intelligent kid with a sense of humility, personal integrity and grounded values into the body of Dez Bryant? Why is it that we always seem to get the awesome physical mated with the infantile, despicable and deplorable mental? Just imagine what you could do if you retrofit Wes Welkers brain, work habits, intelligence, values, humility, earnestness and determination into Dez Bryants body.

    Dez Bryant has the athletic ability and natural talent to absolutely incredible. But he has the brain and values of pea.

    If only.

  15. Perception is more important than reality.


    Dumbest statement ever. Perception can be a PR problem, at worst. Reality can be anything up to and including a death problem.

  16. The timing of this settlement would seem to indicate that DEZ received his TAX refund in the mail this week and decided not to buy more BLING with all of it.


    Kinda doubt he gets a tax refund.

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