Latest draft rumor: Redskins “trying like crazy” to move up


We’re not sure if there are more draft rumors this year or we’re just paying attention to them more because we have nothing else to focus on.   All we know is that things are only starting to pick up.

The latest rumor we can pass along for you comes from the dean of Houston football writing, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

“I don’t know what they have to offer, but I hear the Redskins are trying like crazy to trade up to get one of the quarterbacks, Blaine Gabbert, I imagine,” McClain writes.

Well, they don’t have a third- or fourth-round pick to offer.  There was also a rumor the Redskins were trying to trade down earlier in the week, which means Washington is achieving some level of misdirection success.

The rumor that the Redskins want to trade up passes the smell test.  Mike Shanahan needs a young franchise quarterback to mold, and Jake Locker would be a reach at No. 10.  (Although we think it’s a reach the Redskins would strongly consider.)

Washington isn’t afraid to be aggressive when they are a little desperate, and it’s safe to say their quarterback situation is desperate right now.

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  1. Unless they can deal Haynesworth and/or McNabb, they don’t have the ammo to move up.

    Isn’t this the same guy who claimed that Peppers was a lock to sign with the Redskins? Great sources if it is.

  2. I wonder what The Redskins know that the rest of us don’t? Everyone of these guys is a reach. Their is a good chance none of them can be a…..take me to the Super Bowl QB

  3. this is unsurprising…Shanahan may be an awful coach, but nobody is stupid enough to not realize how short Daniel Snyder’s fuse is, and Shanahan knows he needs to start showing results immediately or he is going to be unemployed again soon…Shanahan may as well sacrifice the future since it may be the only way he is around to see it…

  4. The Redskins remind me of the guy that hocks all his mom’s jewelry to go and lose all the money at the Casino.. They barely have draft picks from making stupid moves how in the world do they think this is smart?

  5. Respect McClain’s work. But what is a Houston writer doing writing about the Redskins draft strategy? Hmm oh yeah Kyle Shanahan was in Houston and leaked this story. Especially since Shanahan doesn’t want or like McNabb. Bet there is a lot of merit to this rumor.

  6. I can’t happen because of the lockout, but I am sure Carolina would trade the #1 pick for Washington’s 1st rounder, 2nd rounder and McNabb. Would help in Charlotte and Shanahan can take whoever he wants.

  7. Snyder + Shanahan = DOOMED franchise…. These guys have just started their downward slide and it looks like the low could be epic. I feel sorry any player going to Washington right now. I am not trolling here as I am a Packer fan and a football fan and I have nothing against Washington “except the two named above” they are in a tailspin and are passing Oakland and Cincy right now. Congrats to the Browns and Lions on your battle out of the celler!!

  8. They must not be trying too hard if your stories about Carolina or Denver looking to move back are true

  9. To get buffalos 3 (and without a 3rd or 4th or the ability to deal players) they would have to give up their whole draft and maybe a pick next year.

  10. since you can only trade picks right now, I’ll end my 28 year relationship with the team if this happens. maybe a rain check for mcnabb and haynesworth?

  11. I am sure carolina will trade the #1 pick if the lockout goes away and they can deal Mcnabb to them with their number 10 and a few other picks.
    God knows that Newton is not needed in carolina and they would be better off with a vet QB.

  12. There is no way I would make a huge deal for anyone of these QBs.

    Cam Newton is a one year wonder, and would be lucky to have a career as good as Vince Young has had in the NFL.

    Blaine Gabbert could develop into a good player, but he played in a spread offense so I expect it’ll take some time to get him acquainted to NFL playbooks, especially considering he will be locked out from working with the coaching staff for the unforseeable future.

    Jake Locker couldn’t compete 60 % of his passes and be a stand out passer in the Pac 10, so how can he do it in the NFL? He needs at least a year or 2 of seasoning, and that is optimistic.

    To me Mallett is the best raw prospect, but he has his “character issues” plus I hear he forces balls and doesn’t handle the blitz well. Not great attributes to have going into the NFL.

    I would rather hang around and take a chance on Kaepernick or Dalton in the second round or even Christian Ponder if he slips.

    Realistically, the Redskins will make the worst possible move, as they usually do.

  13. frankvzappa says: Apr 15, 2011 6:09 PM

    this is unsurprising…Shanahan may be an awful coach, but nobody is stupid enough to not realize how short Daniel Snyder’s fuse is, and Shanahan knows he needs to start showing results immediately or he is going to be unemployed again soon…Shanahan may as well sacrifice the future since it may be the only way he is around to see it…

    Ugh, yeah…..a 2 time Superbowl winner “may be an awful coach”. Fascinating stuff.

  14. I remember it like yesterday. Aaron Rodgers was plummeting down the draft board. Then the Redskins move up to grab him! They make a shrewd move of moving to 25 and not overpaying to move to 24. Why would the Packers take Rodgers at 24? They have Brett Favre. Dont worry redskins fans, 23 other teams screwed up that day as well. Oh how sweet it is, how the draft can change the destiny of a team forever. ROFL.

  15. …..and I thought the ‘skins always traded all their draft picks and relied on free agency. Moving up would be a pretty harsh move for them. If they had the first five picks, it wouldn’t help them. Somehow, they’d screw that up.

  16. Okay, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is going to trade for McNabb’s contract. He’s owed, what, something like $12.5 million next year. Anybody see anything out of Donny Mac that looked like $12.5 million worth of QB. I thought so. Any team interested in acquiring McNabb is just going to wait until he’s cut. The only way he could get traded was if he was swapped for an equally horrendous contract. The only other contract that bad is Haynesworth’s.

  17. Cue the repetitive irrelevent comment by BOYSROLL in 3…..2……..1………

    Here, let me save you some time:

    1. Yes – The Skins have finshed last in the division
    2. Yes – The Skins have a terrible, short, napoleon, (Insert short joke here) owner
    3. Yes – The Skins have had a terrible draft (recent) history with the exception of Orakpo
    4. Yes – The Skins overpay for washed-up, over the hill, free agents who come to DC just for a paycheck
    5. Yes – Shanahan will most likely be gone after this year
    6. Yes – Kyle Shanahan will probably be the next HC and will be terrible
    7. Yes – The Cowboys are the be-all, end-all of the NFC East
    8. Yes – The Skins fans always over-estimate the team year end and year out
    9. Yes – FedEx field does not compare to Jerrah World
    10. Yes – The skins made a huge mistake trading for McNabb, and will probably mortgage the future in order to try and draft a QB this year.

    There – I saved you the time and effort. Tell us something we dont know.

  18. Lord help us (skins fans). Trade DOWN if you need to, get some line help and try and get Ponder in the second. If it looks like he’ll go late in first then take him and re-evaluate. Good lord please don’t trade up. We need to pull the full Costanza and do the OPPOSITE of what the Skins have done the past 10+ years.

    P.S. Please Danny Boy sell the team back to the old owners!!!

  19. Fact: Skins know they don’t have ammo to grab a top 2 QB, so # 10 is up for grabs and they want the Pats to play ball in the trade back scenario….but Belichick won’t pay Snyderberger prices. The league knows this team is ripe to be had…as usual

  20. McClain’s connection to the Redskins isn’t through Lil’ Shanny, it’s through Skins PR head Tony Wyllie who was close to McClain while at Houston.

  21. if i am buddy nix of the buffalo bills i am licking my chops.the bills could save a ton of money by picking tenth instead of third.with that said nix should fleece the skins for their third,fourth and maybe next years first or second to swap spots…………go bills in”2011

  22. Gabbert is going #1 no doubt in my mind, and I see them trying to make a deal with Arizona go grab laptops Newton. Oh wait, I mean Cam Newton. Arizona has two young qb’s that showed potential last season, and they only need a stop gap until one of them is ready for the big show. My bet is on Skelton so bottomline I see the Redskins giving Arizona their 1st, Mcnabb, and a conditional pick next year.

  23. “I would rather hang around and take a chance on Kaepernick or Dalton in the second round”

    Too many teams are desperate for a QB this year. If you wait until the 2nd round, you’ll miss out on Dalton and maybe even whats-his-name. A lot of mocks have Dalton going in the 1st.

    “Ugh, yeah…..a 2 time Superbowl winner ‘may be an awful coach’. Fascinating stuff.”

    That didn’t stop him from getting fired once he didn’t have Elway and Davis to win those rings for him. He was never a good coach. He was just around for the ride. Own it.

  24. LOL! What a joke. Just a few days ago on this very site. “Add Redskins, Titans to list of teams looking to trade down.” Now, it’s Redskins “trying like crazy” to move up. Well clearly they can’t do both.

  25. The Redskins should stay right where they are in the draft….

    I have a pretty good feeling that a few of these QB’s will be slipping further than expected this year.

    Its going to be a Defensive year.

  26. @dudeareno81

    It’s Dan Snyder, they could easily be both trying to trade down and trying like crazy to trade up.

    If you remove all of Al Davis football smarts and add a huge wallet you get Dan Snyder.

  27. I love the way people read a rumour, one that contradicts another from just days before, and just accept that it is is true and start commenting about it as though it is a certainty to happen.

    Let’s recap recent rumours about the Redskins.

    Two years ago, in the weeks running up to free agency, Redskins not interested in signing Haynesworth in free agency, not enough cap room. Result, Haynesworth signed within hours of the start of free agency.

    Redskins to trade for Jay Cutler. Cutler joins Bears after the Redskins decide to the stakes are too high.

    Redskins to trade up for Mark Sanchez. Jets trade up using a relatively small trade package. Considering how desperate the rumours claimed Snyder was to get Sanchez, it is hard to believe that Jet’s package was too good to beat. It’s almost as if journalists may just have been making stuff up.

    Redskins to go after Peppers in free agency. Peppers signs for the Bears on a big but not Snyderesque big contract.

    McNabb to be traded. Lots of teams were mentioned but there was no advanced warning from any rumour site before the Redskins announced the trade.

    Last years draft. Haynesworth to be traded just before start of draft. Result: not so much, no.

    Haynesworth to be traded at start of second day. Again, no so much.

    Haynesworth to be traded before mid-season deadline. Redskins stuck with lardy malcontent until the end of the season.

    There is no doubt that Redskins have been poorly run for a decade, but let’s actually wait until people actually screw up again before ripping the new front office for something that some bloke in Houston claims they might do.

    Trading for McNabb turned out to be a mistake, but other than that the new front office is proving to be a much more competent unit than the one it replaced. I am not saying it is a great front office, nor even a good one, but it isn’t the comically awful one “led” by Vinny Cerrato.

  28. All of you Redskins haters…Why do you hate them??? They havent been a threat to anybody since the 2007 team went to the playoffs!!!!! As for you Cowboy fans,You know you just need to shut up because your team was just as bad 6 and 10.I realize the Green Bay won the Superbowl So why are you bashing the Redskins??? Let me point out something to you Green Bay fans…..If the Redskins are so bad can you please explain to me how they managed to beat your Packers last season????

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