Mike Brown still hopes Carson Palmer will play for Bengals


Quarterback Carson Palmer is willing to forgo the four years and $50 million left on his contract so long as he never plays another snap for the Bengals.

But Bengals owner Mike Brown isn’t buying it.

Citing people close to the Bengals’ organization, CBS Sports’ Clark Judge reports that Brown is “not convinced Palmer is leaving,” and “remains hopeful Palmer will change his mind.”

If Brown truly thinks Palmer might still be the Bengals’ 2011 starter, he’s probably alone in that belief.

On a recent ESPN segment, Chris Mortensen and Trent Dilfer strongly expressed their expectation that Palmer is done as a Bengal:

“I don’t think (Palmer) will play for any team other than on the West Coast,” said Mort. Added Dilfer, “You got it. … I’ve talked to (Carson). He won’t wear a Cincinnati Bengal uniform again.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis knows Palmer’s Cincinnati’s days are over, and isn’t trying to change his mind.

PFT’s Mike Florio says the Bengals must draft a first-round quarterback because Palmer isn’t reconsidering.

Palmer’s house in Cincinnati is up for sale.

And Palmer’s friends and family tell the Cincinnati Enquirer that Palmer will “retire after eight seasons” if he isn’t traded out of Cincinnati.

39 responses to “Mike Brown still hopes Carson Palmer will play for Bengals

  1. Carson Palmer-“im going to retire from pro football because mike brown is a stubborn assh0le”
    Mike Brown-“im not buying it hes coming back, god damn i have a lot of chins”

  2. What planet is this guy living on? Palmer’s gone. Why would you want someone that says he’d rather retire than play for you?

  3. Bad enough Carson is in no place to demand a trade after his horrible season but on top of that he’s demanding where he wants to go? I think his wife is behind this crap. Carson is not only a coward for quitting on his teammates he also apparently has balls as his wife has ripped them off…

  4. I hope they keep him just to spite him…screw him…i hate athletes that think they are above the team and entiteled to whatever they want…go pound salt Palmer…you suck anyways…

  5. As a Raiders fan, I say trading for Carson Palmer makes sense. He wont be available til after the draft (more than likely), and the Raiders will have a 1st rounder in next years draft they can throw on the table (same as everybody else). Im not hoping this happens, but I wouldnt doubt it, seeing as how if Carson retires (forces trade) Al Davis makes a splash for a big name QB (cant blame Palmer for bengals troubles, their D was bad too) Truth is, Ill be happy with Jason Campbell or Carson Palmer, McFadden & Raiders D will dominate the AFC West again

  6. Funny thing is everyone says he will retire EXCEPT him either everyone is full of it or carson nees to man up and go public not just sport analyst who “know him so well” blowin their own horns. I like carson and want him back in cincy but not buying in to no carson=panic and disorder at qb

  7. Is everyone forgetting that Carson Palmer hasn’t been a great quarterback since he was injured against Pittsburgh in the playoffs? Is Palmer the best option they have? Yes but he isn’t worth this big fuss.

  8. I thought Bud Adams was the dumbest owner. I was wrong. It’s Mike Brown. What an a-hole!

  9. See you on the tv doing sideline reporting, Carson, because you’re retiring. Brown won’t let you out of his contract.

  10. Hes turning down 50,000,000 and is willing to retire, what else does he have to say to prove he is serious?

    I wonder what thick headed Mike Brown would do if Carson actually does tell him he will play for the bengals this upcoming year and Jamarcus Russell’s the season on purpose just to get cut. That would be a good sh*t.

  11. Is Mike Brown a bit mentally challenged?Thats not a joke,serious question is there something wrong with his mind?or is he so used to getting what he wants being so rich he can’t take no for an answer?

  12. Mike Brown would be better served figuring out how to improve the Bengals, and maybe consulting with Palmer, rather than insisting that Palmer will be returning regardless. Mike may be stubborn like his father, Paul, but definitely is not as smart nor as good as a football guy.

  13. Screw Carson Palmer. What a classless move.

    The Bengals believed in him. Took him #1. Paid him TONS of money. Stuck with him after he shattered his knee in the playoffs versus the Steelers. Signed diva WR after diva WR to give the guy some targets to throw to.

    And how does he repay them? He leaves the organization and his teammates flat on their back with nobody but his bum brother to carry the torch. What a guy.

    Stay strong Mike Brown. Don’t cave into this moron. Let him retire and just go away. And shame on all of you for ripping on Mike Brown when Carson is obviously the one in the wrong here.

  14. Palmer is as underacheiving a QB, as Lewis is as a coach, and Brown is as an owner, they were made for each other….

  15. @bearsblow – What are you on?… Mike Brown is not in the same breath as Al Davis.

    Hall Of Fame Owner, Mavrick, SuperBowl Rings etc.. Mike Brown is just Mike Brown.

    Get it right~

  16. I don’t think Palmer will show up just to screw Brown so he will get cut. If Brown doesn’t cut him, it will be weeks he will be away from his family. I don’t think his wife will tolerate that. He’s done, and he should be done.

  17. I think the reason Palmer is leaving is precisely because they only brought in cheap diva receivers…

    Mike Brown is more lucky than good, which in America is about all it takes to succeed at business now. Brown got the city to give him a stadium and revenue sharing means the Bengals will always show a profit.

    Add to that their pick ups are all top 10 first round picks (because they perennially suck so bad) and FA pick up like Benson and PacMan Jones and the salary cap stays relatively low, but just enough excitement to keep fans hoping.

    So those savings (and profits) can be passed to family members who couldn’t be trusted to flip burgers at Mickey D’s, but when put on the dole take 50 million out of the franchise annually…

    Ahhhhh! Gotta love welfare for the rich!

  18. I won’t really believe that Carson is willing to retire until he starts missing out on the $11 million or so he’s due this year. But I do know that Mike Brown won’t cave. And I don’t think Cincy should draft a QB at No. 4. My reasoning is too long so here’s the link: http://www.whodeylive.com/

  19. @bearsblow at this point i’d trade mike brown for al davis any day. Atleast davis tries new stuff until he stumbles upon gold. Browns stuck in his losing ways and seriously, might be mentally handicapped.

  20. One of the few times I’ll side with Mikey. Palmer could have handled this differently. It’s a major “screw you” to the organization and Bengals fans across the country. Fans of this team deserve better.

  21. Hey Mike,

    I still wish Katrina never happened and that I will wake up in my old house and everything will be as it was but it won’t. Accept you fate and move on if the guy don’t want to work for you let him go.

    Seriously what kind of leadership can he exert if he wanted to bail on his team and you just pigeon-hole him into staying. Seriously think about that.

    I am not a Bengals fan, nor am I a fan of guys under contract forcing their way out but the ship has kind of left the dock on that one. He has been public about not wanting to play for the Bengals and I doubt he has a shred of respect from anyone who still is a Bengal.

    Do you go on living life with a cancerous tumor and ignore it or do you cut it out and go on with life? You make the choice.

  22. Mike Brown is a classic example of of a guy that cant see the forest , because of all the trees . Palmer has made it crystal clear that he wants no part of the Bengal organization . If Mike Brown values this guy as much as he claims he does , then why after all these years did he not put some decent talent on this team . Palmer has never had a decent supporting cast the entire time hes been a Bengal . Mike Browns idea of competing with the Steelers an Ravens is to bring in bums like Tank Johnson , Cedric Benson and the biggest crybaby in the history of the league , Terrel Owens . In addition to that , the Bengals have had one of the worst offensive lines in the league for years . The defensive side is even worse . At the end of the day , Carson Palmer is no Peyton Manning or Drew Brees but the guy deserves some decent talent to work with and bottom line , Mike Brown never lifted a finger to make that happen .

  23. Hey brownsfn, how exactly does keeping Carson spite him? Hmmm? Carson will retire as he says he will. Carson will go on his way and the Bungles will be left with nothing to show for it.

    It is a gambit that can only work if Palmer still wants to play. And maybe that is what Brown is relying on. But even if so, Brownis still a moron for presuming this is the case as opposed to knowing it is.

    And this is why we riff on him. Yes, Palmer is quitting on his team and is showing the lack of leadership he never had in the first place. But Brown is showing a lack of stewardship. After all, on the whole, Palmer’s record with the Bungles is a heck of a lot more than Mike Brown’s.

    Of course, no good can come of any talk of trying to trade him. Right now they have no leverage, what with the lockout. I bet as soon as the lockout is done and training camp is near, something will be done. Regardless, the Bengals will be lucky to escape the basement in the AFC North (outside of being able to play the Browns twice, that is)

  24. I’m not a fan of the bengals. But I can see that mike brown is the problem. Not Carson, not Lewis, it all starts at the top. But it’s slot easier to replace a qb than an owner.
    Maybe they should start owner free agency, so that teams could curt some of the old, stubborn, know it alls.

  25. Lots of emotion on here. As a nonpartisan onlooker why wouldn’t Palmer want out of that sorry franchise? He’s a great talent and he gave them 8 years and they gave him one sorry team and stupid personnel move after another, see T.O. I don’t recall alot of complaining out of him over the years but when a guy has had enough then he’s had enough.

  26. Mike Brown is on record that players should live up to their contracts. If Carson returns AFTER the Bengals invest in a 1st Round QB and another vet in FA, then watch him try to pull a stunt and not pay Carson what is contractually due him. He has done it before with the “I was fired, No he quit’, departure of Sam Wyche. Brown never paid Wyche a dime for the remainder of his contract.

  27. Brown has enjoyed a life of being able to have anything he wants, has had complete control over the Bengals without having to answer to anyone and is stubborn. Add the fact that winning is not at the top of his priorities and we can see he isn’t going to budge.
    He also forced other guys to stay who publicly said they wanted out, even rewarded a couple with new fat contracts.
    The only way this pattern is going to change is if Katy Blackburn and the rest of the family stand up to Daddy and insist it changes or they walk.

  28. I am amazed there are a few guys on here who are ripping Palmer. It just proves there are some guys who will moan and complain about athletes no matter what they do.

    All I ever hear is some version of “greedy athletes care more about money than winning”. And here is a guy willing to walk away from tens of millions of dollars because he plays for a team that has no chance to win due to an incompetent ownership and they still rip him???

    Personally I respect the hell out of a guy who doesn’t just stick around the NFL to keep collecting paychecks.

    Oh, and Mike Brown is a world class idiot if he thinks Palmer is coming back.

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