Pats didn’t disclose their draft board to the media

We’ve gotten several e-mails today regarding a video from our buddy/corporate brother Tom Curran of  The segment, based on Patriots V.P. of player personnel Nick Caserio’s Thursday draft chat with the media, pans beginning at roughly 29 seconds what appears to be the team’s draft board, complete with rankings and scores for multiple positions.

Curran told PFT via phone on Friday night that the draft board shown wasn’t the Patriots’ actual draft board.  Instead, it’s a dummy board put together by the guys from Patriots Football Weekly for demonstration purposes.

We’re amazed, frankly, that anyone would think that uber-secretive Patriots would allow anyone to see their draft board, let alone take a slow, rolling video image of it.

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  1. This is just set up for they have their own camera jokes,quite frankly i am sick to death of them,they cheated,whatever get over it,they are keeping their rings so quit whining about it.wish my vikings thought of it first.3 tainted ones are better than none,believe me.

  2. HAHAHAHA, I’ll bet Belichick hit the roof. If that was really a dummy board, they could have used Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Looks like their 1st round pick will be Bowers or Rudolph, LOL

  3. The Patriots are one of the league’s best run franchises. If the Patriots let their draft board leak, imagine what has leaked from other teams.

  4. Like any NFL team would allow it to be filmed….It kind of looks like the juke boxes they have at a cheap diner…With the 17th pick in the NFL draft, the New England Patriots select….Elvis Presley….

  5. Right before they show the pseudo draft board, there’s a shot of BB in front of a blurred out white board. I’m guessing that’s the real deal.

  6. If it was the real Patriots draft board, it would’ve had written….. “Trade Down at all costs until we have a dozen picks and randomly draft someone that will make the NFLN and ESPN think I, Bill Belichick, is a genius”.

  7. Stop kissing Curran’s youknowwhat…….he is a typical Beantown screama with nothing to say. He was good and i looked forward to his stuff before the other Beantown jokers got to him

  8. Dummy board story sounds like they’re trying to cover the über-gaffe of flashing the real board on screen.

    An actual dummy board you’d think they’d let slide to possibly fool other teams.

  9. Hmmmm….

    If it is a fake (dummy) board, then why didn’t Belichick just allow the general public (and everyone else) think it was legit?

    Why would he care?


  10. Smokescreen. Belicek is hoping to see a video of other teams’ draft boards. Bait and switch.

  11. I don’t know. Seems like a lot of work to assign a NUMBER grade to each player as part of a hoax. And the grades on the players make sense too.

    Who on that list is in the wrong place in the conspiracy to HELP the Patriots get the guy they want? JJ Watt? But his grade is still an 8.2 something, which is damn good and probably right where it’s supposed to be.

    I would love to see if the Patriots actually stay true to this board in 2 weeks.

  12. The funny thing is, Rick Spielman is now using it… Heck, it’s better than anything him or his scouts can come up with.! Now if they just remember to turn that pesky card in on time…

  13. I’ll tell you right now it’s not the Patriots draft board because there are too many players on it at three positions already.

    Their “draft board” might have 75 players on it. Also, they differentiate between outside linebackers and five-techs unless they’re different than any other 3-4 team I’ve ever talked to, so those defensive ends wouldn’t be mixed.

  14. what i find very interesting is that the consensus top guard (pouncey) isnt on the list. has belicheck gone off him because he seems to like to run his mouth or is he being counted as a centre? also bowers at the top of the list of DEs do NE not run the 3-4? i find it hard to believe they’d have him at the top with the intention of making him a rush OLB….no way does belicheck let a draft board out against his wishes.

  15. The actual Patriots draft board is not a comprehensive set of 1,000 draft eleigible players. More than any other team they narrow their focus to 50 players or so. I bet their actual board is the smallest in the league.

    They might start out with something like this, but come draft day they will have targeted the players they want and if they don’t see value where their pick is, they’ll trade the pick.

  16. Also, if there is anyone out there who really thinks BB has Bowers ranked ahead of Dareus and Quinn, by all means, continue to believe this is real… and that Santa Claus will be by with presents in a eight months. Duh.

  17. Hate to say it men, but I think that’s their board.
    Huge Pats fan, not a jealous hater. Someone FUpped(ie there was supposed to be no video)

  18. Those who think the Patriots are godly at the NFL Draft, just check out the statistics on Football Outsiders “Five Year Study of NFL Drafts”.

    The analysts stroke Belichick’s ego, but his draft record isn’t good.

  19. It’s not the ranking, look at the stats…only 7 starters from a whopping 51 picks. Yeah real genius there!

    Look at the Cowboys, only 3 starters. As you can see, they should’ve been ranked last, but it’s just the guy’s opinion to rank them 28th.

    Same with the Patriots. Seriously, take off the rose-colored glasses and consider Belichick’s track-record with draftees. Belichick is better at acquiring veteran FAs.

  20. Dumb argument. This is a 14-2 team that had 9 Pro Bowlers. They draft at the end of every round because they’re always good. They’re not gonna add 5 starters every yr like Detroit,KC, Rams etc. 20 of their picks are solid contributers. They traded 2 picks in 2007 for Moss and Welker making them part of their draft. They had the best record in football, yet have 6 of 1rst 91 picks. The rest of the league consistantly wonders how he does it. Rightly so.

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