PFT Live: Rick Spielman and Andy Dalton join the show

We have a big finale to the week on PFT Live.

Vikings VP of Personnel Rick Spielman joins the show to talk about re-tooling the Vikings roster after Brett Favre, and what he’s thinking about with the No. 12 overall pick in the draft.

Also on the program: TCU quarterback Andy Dalton, fresh off his appearance in the Rose Bowl, Jon Gruden’s QB Camp show, and all sorts of pre-draft visits.

Watch the show live right here at noon.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Rick Spielman and Andy Dalton join the show

  1. Being such an obvious shill for the players, I’m amazed that ANY executive would agree to be on your show….. Loudmouth guys like Schein, and to a lesser degree, guys like yourself, should be thrilled to get anyone from management to appear on your shows. Look, we all realize that you make your living off of the “rank and file” players, but by taking sides in this clusterfudge, you’re setting yourself up for backlash when it’s all said and done. They’ll forgive….., but they’ll never forget!!! And I don’t blame them.

  2. I’m surprised Dalton agreed to be associated with this guy. He’ll do just fine without it.

  3. Rick,
    Can you take a good long look at Terrelle Pryor? Pryor completed more TD passes[57] in his three seasons at Ohio State than John Elway [53], Peyton Manning [53] did in their first three seasons in college. Pryor completed more td passes than Matt Ryan did in four seasons [56], while throwing fewer interceptions [26] than “Matty Ice” [37]. Pryor also completed more td passes than Matthew Stafford [51], Josh Freeman [44], while attempting far fewer passes. His 31-4 record as a staring QB, and his Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl MVP’s further cement his elite status as a QB in the NFL draft. His prototypical size [6-6, 235] arm strength and speed [sub-4.4 40] gives him the highest ceiling of potential than all of the QBs drafted by the NFL in 2011 and who will be drafted in 2012.

    Thanks, and GO BUCKS!!
    – Jeff (P.S. I am not his agent, just a huge Buckeye Fan/Vikings Fan)

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