Proof that the Browns have no playmakers

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On a conference call with season ticker holders Thursday, coach Pat Shurmur bristled at a suggestion that the Browns had no playmakers.

“I think Ben Watson is a playmaker. I do think we have guys who can make plays,” Shurmur said via the Canton Repository.

That says it all.  You are in deep trouble when Watson is the first and only name that gets brought up when your playmakers are questioned.

Don’t get us wrong:  Watson was a great free agent signing last year, producing careers highs in catches (68) and yards (763) at age 30. Ideally, he’s your third or fourth option though.  The next best receiving yardage number on the team was Mohammad Massaquoi with 483 yards.

Yes, the Browns needs playmakers.

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  1. As a Pats fan the sight of the words Ben Watson and playmaker in the same sentence made me do a spit take with my coffee. Shurmur was trying to sell tickets, but its not right to straight out lie to your customers.

  2. Cannot believe that Shurmur did not menti0on Cribbs as his first, and only, playmaker on the squad. Shurmur needs to be thinking of the silver dollar as opposed to nickels and dimes in terms of the big play ability capabilities on his squad. However, a lot of these west coast guys, including little Chuckie Gruden, get so wrapped up in the system, the formations, the movment and the personnel groupings that they fail to realize that it takes talent to make it all function. You can’t coach speed, and if the opponent does not fear you vertically they can play you in a comfort zone all game long because they know you cannot run by them.

  3. Peyton Hillis was not only a playmaker but a game maker for them last season. And Josh Cribbs is a record setter on special teams.

  4. On a conference call with season ticker holders Thursday

    Maybe they can hold a ticker tape parade

  5. I really dislike the Browns but I’m pretty sure they have one of the best “playmakers” in the league. Cribbs is insanely talented and every time he touches the ball he’s a threat to score. They just gotta figure out how to get him the ball a little more.

  6. I still think Massaqoui and Robiskie could be viable recievers, IF, Colt McCoy can become the QB that Cleveland has needed since they haven’t had a QB since Bernie Kosar…but as a Browns fan, it’s true, we have no playmakers….

  7. No doubt, but, as a Browns fan, I feel good about the direction of the franchise and that a strong foundation is being built for the first time in a long time. They had their best draft in years last season and they were pretty competitive without playmakers last year beating NE, NO, and with 4th Q leads against Baltimore, Tampa, KC, Atlanta, and an OT loss to the Jets. Still a ways to go, but not as far as some would think.

  8. Well, a team that only throws for about 3000 yards isn’t going to have many receivers putting up huge numbers. Especially one that had to start 3 different QBs throughout the course of the season.

    Colt McCoy, Brian Robiskie, Massaquoi and Peyton Hillis are all 24 or younger. Yes, they need to add a few more pieces (somebody to take Chansi Stuckey’s starting job), but they have an operable QB in McCoy (over 60%, over 7 yards per attempt make him a workable option), they have a bruising RB also capable of catching 60 passes, and there is not a thing wrong with their offensive line.

    Add or trade for a 2nd TE (Fred Davis of Washington could come cheap and makes a decent 2nd option) then add another body or two in the mix at WR. Maybe Mike Sims Walker makes sense for the Browns, if they can avoid over-paying.

  9. Gentlemen, I agree Cribbs is a good return man, but he had a very down year returning the ball in 2010.

    *8.4 yards/return on punts? 17 yard long?
    *20.4 yards/return on kicks? 37 yard long?

    Those are EXTREMELY underwhelming numbers. So far as 2010 was concerned, Cribbs was NOT a playmaker

  10. mykolm says:
    Apr 15, 2011 11:12 AM
    Hello? What about Phil Dawson?

    Lol…. That was a joke…..Right?

    And yea Leftcoast, i forgot all about Cribbs. Weird he wasn’t mentioined.

  11. Cribbs didn’t have a good year as he played most of it with a toe injury. He played through the pain, but wasn’t as effective. I liked what I saw from Ben Watson last year, and with a West Coast Offence, he may just become a ‘playmaker’, since it seems to be a debating point. I remember a guy named Ben Coates came from out of nowhere to snag over 100 balls in a season.

    Hillis has to improve his control of the ball. I am not sure rushing for over 1000 yds will let the Browns coaching staff forget the fumbling issue. I still think Hardesty will come in and have a great year, if they use him right.

    And on a side note, I wonder if Hillis wins the Madden Video Game Cover dealio, which curse will prevail? The Madden curse, or the forever ongoing curse of playing for the Browns, where they may need to bring a priest to exorcise the injury demons! lol

  12. This team still has a long way to go to be competitive. The coaching change probably set things back even more. Holmgrens a fraud the ownership is bad and this team is going nowhere again. It’s really a shame, they make the fans feel like something good is going to happen only to let them down in the end.

  13. I love the flat out target of hate coming from the author towards the Browns. Funny considering all the love this site has given to Cribbs and Hillis.

  14. Can’t believe as his one-time biggest critic that I’m saying … what about Colt McCoy? And Hillis, Cribbs, Massaquoi. But in fairness to Shurmur, he was caught unprepared, which is why the coaches don’t need to be making these ridiculous phone calls. The owners and players need to be negotiating an end to this nonsense, and the coaches need to be getting on with the season.

  15. The real play maker for the Browns is the offensive line. Thomas and Mack are beasts. Holmgren is the best play caller I have ever seen. His teams run to the line of scrimmage and hike the ball and ram it down opposing teams throats. Then when you play eight in the box he calls a five yard slant that goes for 35 yards. Brooks and Freeman in Green Bay, and in Jackson and Engram in Seattle will never mistaken for Jerry Rice. Holmgren is brilliant have faith Cleveland.

  16. Watson’s 68 catches is on par with about that same amount caught by Reche Caldwell one season for the Pats.

    The only reason he caught that many was because they had no other options – and Caldwell was gone from the league the following year.

  17. I am a Browns season ticket holder since 99. I love the Browns. Josh Cribbs was NOT a playmaker last year. He did NOTHING on special teams. He was not a good reciever either. I believe he has something like 23 catches and 200 some yards. He had zero punt return tds and averaged 8 yards a punt return last year. He had zero kick off return tds and averaged 20 yards per kick off return last year. I really hope it was because he was hurt and he will come back stronger this year but its not like he has proven year in and year out that he is a playmaker over the past 10 years. I agree the Browns need playmakers. I love the Browns but I also love the NFL and watched most of the other team’s games on TV and the Browns, in my opinion, have the worst recievers in the NFL. That being said, the Browns also really need defensive linemen.

  18. The real play makers is the offensive line. Thomas and Mack are beasts. Holmgren’s teams run up to the line and ram it down opposing teams throats. Then when they play eight in the box he calls a slant that goes for 35 yards. Holmgren is the best play caller I have ever seen.Brooks /Freeman and Jackson/Engram will never be mistaken with Jerry Rice, but all those teams made it to the Super Bowl. Have faith Cleveland! This will be a good team very soon.

  19. Hillis, TJ Ward, Joe Haden are playmakers…

    I think sleeper playmakers poised for big contributions in 2011 season are Marcus Benard on defense and Massaquoi and TE Evan Moore on offense…and hopefully whoever we pick at #6 – Robert Quinn or AJ Green or PAtrick Peterson or Nick Fairley, or Julio Jones…

  20. This team should trade it’s 1st and 4th round pick to Green Bay for Flynn and J. Jones…

  21. hahahahha . bahhahahahahah

    Conference call with season tickets holders. . . . all 7 of em
    browns… jeeez,,,

    Colt McCoy is gonnna surprise some folks. I think they just need some talent for the kid. one of these top receivers would be a nice addition or even moving back cause there is some nice talent there. Hell if they get another serious OG they could have the best OL in the game.

    ummm can we have Sheldon Brown back.

  22. 68 passes from a tight end shouldn’t mean that he is a scrub or a third or fourth option!!!

    Rosenthal is just talking crap because he (a New England Patriots fan) is having a grudge on his favorite team’s ex-tight end that underachieved for a few years.

    This guy is actually proving that he can play, but the number of balls thrown is a problem. There needs to be a featured receiver to bail out the quarterback when he’s taking his chances.

    In this draft the Browns should pick wide receiver(s) because Pat Shurmur will be seeing two of his ex-Philly quarterbacks able to be snatched off the market, Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb.

  23. That’s why the Browns need to tale AJ Green or Julio Jones ASAP to give McCoy some targets. Good grief, he didn’t say his starting QB isn’t a playmaker. It’s too bad that McCoy is in the same basic boat as VY was in Tennessee. No help to support their talent and a coach that doesn’t have a clue.

  24. The Browns have no playmakers on offense. Hillis doesn’t count even though he is a rock toting bad ass. Cribbs doesn’t have the skills to be a WR and probably never will. He is a great KR man, and maybe he could be effective as an Hybrid out of the backfield, but that’s it.

    The WR group is laughable. Robiskie couldn’t get open against my grandmother. Just because he went to Ohio State is no reason to overlook the fact that he sucks. Massaquoi is a possession receiver at best and Stuckey is a special teams quality player forced into the slot role with the Browns.

    Shurmur will discover what Mangini knew all too well: you can’t win without talent. The Browns are in for a rough year, and that’s assuming Colt McCoy is decent, which I am not yet sure of.

    Oh yeah, and the Browns also traded an ace Def. coordinator and a great head coach for a Holmgren lackey and Dick Jauron. Not a positive move.

    And I consider myself an optimistic Browns fan.

  25. Think they’d take Jermichael Finley for a swap of 1sts and a 3rd?

    I fear he will either have a monster year..get paid and then the injury bug will return or he will have a good but not amazing year and turn Javon Walker on us.

    If you can win a Super Bowl w/o him and by losing 50 other players and going on a 6-0 run with 5 in a row on the road then maybe you cash the chip and get some help in other places. At the 6 spot Pack could land Prince to groom behind Charles,Watt to replace Jenkins or one of the top WR’s to replace Jones and DD in a year or 2. Add another 3rd w/ a 2 and two 4ths and Ted could really upgrade the middle portion of the roster.

    Cleveland would have 2 TE’ who can play wide in some sets and then get a WR when FA finally opens. AND still have a late 1 to get a OL or CB.

  26. Hillis? LOL!!! Look at what he did last 2 games of season..NOTHING! He was worn out. Colt McCoy is not playing Wyoming anymore and Cribbs got paid and did nothing last season. The last playmakers for the Browns was Brian Sipe! The Browns might move again before winning a playoff game!

  27. The funny part of Shurmur naming Ben Watson as a playmaker is that Watson’s *back-up*, Evan Moore, is much more of a playmaker when he’s on the field. The key words being “when he’s on the field.”

  28. Hey “stairwayto7”! How’s that username of yours working out? How hilarious is it that Steelers fans are so freakin’ obnoxious and entitled that they name themselves after a SB victory that never happened? Talk about embarrassing- I would have changed my username the second they pathetically choked.

  29. In addition to our TE, we also have a kick returner and a kicker to list among our playmakers.

  30. Uh… 1177 yards and 11 TDs rushing, 61 catches 477 yards and 2 TDs receiving… Gregg Rosenthal meet Peyton Hillis.

  31. trickbunny says: Apr 15, 2011 6:12 PM

    Hey “stairwayto7″! How’s that username of yours working out? How hilarious is it that Steelers fans are so freakin’ obnoxious and entitled that they name themselves after a SB victory that never happened? Talk about embarrassing- I would have changed my username the second they pathetically choked.
    That guy is probably universally despised on here..he makes ridiculous comments about every team and even has the nerve to taunt Packers fans.

    For the Browns sake I hope Hardesty bounces back for them…would almost be like getting an extra draft choice this year.

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