Report: Larry Johnson settles drink-spitting suit for $100,000


The lockout is making us sufficiently frustrated to do something crazy like, say, spit a drink in a stranger’s face.

Speaking of spitting drinks in strangers’ faces, former NFL running back Larry Johnson will pay $100,000 for the privilege of doing just that in 2008, while he was playing for the Chiefs.

Deadspin has received via a “benevolent tipster” (not to be confused with, say, a malicious tipster) a copy of a letter confirming the settlement.

It appears that Johnson had made to Ashley Stewart a so-called “offer of judgment,” a device in civil litigation for conceding the case in exchange for payment of a set amount.  It’s an increasingly common tactic for placing pressure on a plaintiff with a nothing-to-lose mentality; if the plaintiff fails to accept the offer of judgment and fails to do better at trial, the plaintiff becomes responsible for certain post-offer litigation expenses incurred by the defendant.

Stewart still has a claim against the club at which the incident occurred.  The laws of each state have specific provisions for determining whether and to what extent codefendants receive “credit” for settlements made by one or more other defendants.

26 responses to “Report: Larry Johnson settles drink-spitting suit for $100,000

  1. I doubt LJ has much money left to his name. Guess all his partying and ganster friends was woth the fun.

  2. L.J., what a turd. I’m happy to see him out of the league. His drink spitting was the just a miniscule portion of his misogynistic behavior when he was in K.C. Remember his Polamalu hair pulling?

  3. There is something seriously wrong with our civil trial system when this equates to a $100,000 settlement.

    I mean, I am tired of criminal activity (and if it’s not criminal then who the heck cares??!!) that ends up being dropped by the police only to lead to a system where the “victim” can extort money out of the wealthy.

    If I spit on someone, I’m not paying $100k. I probably either go to jail, get probation or get a slap on the wrist depending on the officer.

    Either Johnson is guilty of something criminal or he’s not. And he should get punished by the criminal courts or not punished at all.

    This civil “damages” stuff is just silly.

  4. Ill follow with the first two comments and say that larry johnson can probably shove that same drink up my anus if i knew i was getting 100,000. Not quite that extreme, but somewhere along those lines.

    I’m just saying what all you people are thinking….Dont judge

  5. Contingent fee arrangement 100,000 minus 33-40%. Still not bad for a night out on the town gone wrong. In college I got a drink thrown in my face & all I got was the bouncers kicking me out……

  6. More righties incapable of critical thought.

    The damages amount is a form of deterrence. If LJ and other mega-millionaires got hit with the same civil verdicts as everyday joes, those verdicts wouldn’t stop them from throwing drinks in the face of anyone that looked at them funny.

    To Righties: Whenever you hear something, instead of accepting it as gospel, try asking yourselves “Why is that” and then coming up with an answer on your own.

  7. I can’t wait to hear how many women accuse athletes of spitting on them after this. $100k lol. Dirt move by Johnson, but $100k is ridiculous.

  8. A $100K drink in the face?? You’ve got to be kidding me. I guess ALL these guys that are bad actors don’t get off with a slap on the wrist.

  9. jakek2 says:
    Apr 15, 2011 5:18 PM
    More righties incapable of critical thought.

    To Righties: Whenever you hear something, instead of accepting it as gospel, try asking yourselves “Why is that” and then coming up with an answer on your own.
    Must you try to cram your warped sense of politics into everything? Why do you insist on overtly demonstrating your shallow and self-righteous ignorance?

  10. Uh oh a genius is in the building. Everybody, please try not to breath on jakek2, he’s sensitive.

    Look, I know how you think. There’s something you don’t like, call it X. Amazingly for someone of your easy-going & accepting nature, there’s something else you don’t like, call it Z.

    Soon X = Z. Everything you feel about X applies equally to Z, and vice versa.

    To illustrate, apparently you don’t like conservatives. Believe me, conservatives couldn’t possibly care less. But if acknowledgment of your superiority in every way keeps your attention, you may have it. Congratulations.

    Where this mental engine falters is when Z comes into the picture. You apparently disapprove of the opinions presented here, and automatically project your feelings about X onto the posters.

    Thus, they become “righties” (I’d work on another word. That is never going to catch on. May I suggest “correctotrons”?)

    Oh right…
    Larry Johnson is a punk for spitting on someone at a bar, and I’m glad he’s paying her a lot of money. Hopefully he’s learned something about consequences.

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