Ricky Williams doesn’t think the Dolphins will keep him

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The feeling in Miami is that both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams won’t be back with the team, and there’s a good chance they will both be gone.  Williams seems to think so.

“I think they might want to go in different direction,” Williams said on WQAM’s The Sid Rosenberg Show via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “If Dolphins really want me to stay and make a fair offer, it would be hard for me to turn down, but I don’t know if that is going to happen.”

Perhaps Williams’ chance to return ended when he spoke about coach Tony Sparano after the season.  Maybe the Dolphins are just ready for something new.

Williams believes he still has a lot to offer teams as a free agent and it’s hard to argue when you look at his numbers from last year.

“I have things to offer that a rookie can’t offer,” he said.  “I think I bring positivity. I think I bring leadership. I’ve proven I can play at a high level consistently.”

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  1. I’d like to see Ricky back next season. IMO he’s better than Ronnie, even at his age.

  2. He has proven himself 100%. Stud.

    If we lose MBush, which I doubt The Al will let happen (thankfully), I’d have Rickey come back up DMC.

  3. Ricky what we need for you to bring to the team is the ability to get around the corner and to make people miss at the second level. I saw none of this from either back in 2010.
    I still think he’s the best #2 RB in the league, but his time has passed.
    You call yourself a leader, but then you openly complain about the head coaching style. Thats not leadership.

  4. C’mon Ricky,
    you KNOW you want to play for the greatest coach in the league, a guy who has taken undrafted players like “the law firm” and Danny Woodhead and turned them into stars. Come to New England, play with Brady and be a star as you finish up your career. Ask Moss, Corey Dillon, Brian Cox, Ted Washington, and other veterans who have come to NE to take one more bite at the apple. They all swear by Belichick.

  5. New England, Ricky.
    The same team you marveled over how hard they played in a meaningless Week 17 rout of the Dolphins. A game that meant nothing to the playoff-bound Patriots and but they still put forth maximum effort while Miami made golf reservations.
    Great QB. Great Coach. And a team that’s going to be adding a slew of young talent thru the draft.
    And oh yeah, they’ve been playing at the highest level for about a decade now.
    Give ’em two seasons of your time and I’ll bet you come away with your long-coveted ring.

  6. ugh-honestly what the hell are the dolphins gonna get for ricky thatd make the trade worth it? a future 4th rounder? just have some class and let the dude retire a dolphin.

  7. rockymtn—my bad, that was a blatant slip up im better than that. even still tho hes worth whatever his asking price is. hes not a greedy dude. this isnt one of those things where he doesnt wanna be a fin,and will charge us more because he wants to go chase a superbowl with a more established team. If that actually is the case, screw it let him go. I could see him fit well as a titan to complement cj, or a charger.

    if he goes to the pats–fool us once shame on you, fool us twice….

    Pats are gonna have their hands full with the jets and fins D next yr (both will be top 5), no way they can face those beatings and run thru the playoffs- his mission would be futile.

  8. I like both Ricky and Ronnie, but I think Ricky has better production. If we could only bring back one of the two, I’d pick Ricky.

    I’d still like to keep Ricky, even if we go out and get another player like De’Angelo or a RB in the draft.

  9. Personally, go anywhere you want you cancer. Ditka ruined the Saints when he drafted you and Wannsteadt ruined the Dolphins trading for you. I don’t care how you slice it, wins means more than anything and what have we gotten with you 2-3 winning seasons ? Then when things looked good you failed your dope test and “retired” on the eve of the season which lead to the drafting of Ronnie Brown instead of Aaron Rodgers, DeMarcus Ware,Chris Spencer or Antrel Rolle.

  10. Please don’t go Ricky! We are going to drop Ronnie and hopefully snatch Mark Ingram in the draft to still have a less injury prone one, two punch this year. Maybe Marshall can be more involved if we have a real running game this year!

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