Ryan Mallett gets career advice from John Daly

My wife watched five minutes of Jon Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPNU and declared it the most boring thing she’s ever seen on television.

I’ve loved every minute of it, even when Gruden joked about how “All the bloggers tell you what a dumbass you are because they are just so negative.”

The most surreal moment of the week came when Gruden invited his buddy Arkansas alum John Daly to watch film with Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett.  Gruden asked Daly for any advice he’d give Mallett on managing his life.

“The first thing I wish I would have done was that instead of worrying about how to handle everyone else, how do I handle me? I did a horrible job.  I wasn’t ready for it,” Daly said.  “I think the most important thing for Ryan is how he handles himself.  Whether it’s an interview or whatever, listen to the question before you answer it.

“Some of the things you are going to do off the field, think about the responsibilities.  Because I’ve learned the hard way.”

Daly actually had some great advice.  (See, Jon: We’re not always negative.)  We could be reading too much into body language, but Mallett seemed to take the message in from a guy that may have grown up on a similar street.

“It’s not about your talent anymore,” Daly said.  “It’s about what you do with it.”

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  1. Read headline…

    So..many..one-liners, swirling around in my head…


  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ryan Mallet’s career pans out. With all his physical skills, I actually hope he ends up having a great career. Good luck to the guy!

  3. Just reading that title & I have to take a shower. Yeech.

    But actually pretty poignant. Kinda makes up for that million he blew in vega….. wait. No it doesn’t….

  4. Headline is misleading (as with everything to do with your “coverage” of Mallett..
    should have read “Daly gives Mallett career advice” or “Gruden gets Daly to give Mallett advice” …your headline gives impression Mallett sought Daly out for advice…

    having said all that–who cares—I think John Daly can give some pretty good advice on negative press coverage…

  5. No one ever accused Daly of being a bad guy. He’s a good guy that has repeatedly made bad decisions. He’s actually a pretty good example for Mallett of what wasted talent looks like.

  6. I agree with your wife, it is some of the most boring TV I’ve ever watched. Mallett also came across as someone trying too hard to be polite. Ending each sentence with a hard “Sir” as in “Yes, I understand.. Sir”. It felt like someone told him that he has a reputation of being disrespectful and this was the best he could do, fake it, poorly.

    Secondly he several times failed to take any blame for blown plays or blown blocking calls. If indeed they weren’t his calls to make (as some might suggest) he should have just casually said that a call wasn’t made and it happens so you roll with it. Instead he seemed evasive (perhaps to not throw someone under the bus and look like a bad teammate) but the issue is that he doesn’t get how to actually be a good teammate which is why it was so uncomfortable. Someone who gets it just shrugs off the other players mistake.

    If it was his mistake in not making those calls (again it’s not ever clear who was supposed to make the blown calls, the line, the RB, him) he never owned up to it and always dodged the question.

    I had zero opinion of him either way coming into the show and coming out I was like “Man, I’d have a hard time drafting that guy”.

    The only other one I saw was of Andrew Dalton and the personalities couldn’t be different. Dalton didn’t seem upset by videos of INTs like Mallett did. Dalton was upset by them but he explained why it happened and the mistake he made. Mallett never seemed to own up to simply making a mistake.

  7. One of the easiest ways to improve in whatever field you choose is to learn from the mistakes of others. It lessens the pain and improves your performance if you can leverage the mistakes and knowledge of those that have come before you. Why make the same mistake someone else already made before you? Knowing what you can’t do, or what you shouldn’t do is just as important, and sometimes more important than knowing what you can do.

  8. John Daley: Life Coach

    Daley’s more the kind of coach that scare’s you straight rather than tell’s you anything really important.

  9. itorrey – liar, liar pants on fire. no way you watched without preceived opinion and came away with what you stated.

    let’s see if the lovely powers that be allow this comment to remain or if they take it away if it doesn’t agree with their agenda which they claim not to have.

  10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Ryan Mallett is the best QB in this draft. But I’m a tad crazy, I want my QB to be able to throw the ball well.

    Mallett will be viewed as a steal of a pick 5 years from now.

    Here’s my take on who these guys compare to:

    Ryan Mallett – Phillip Rivers
    Blaine Gabbert – Alex Smith
    Jake Locker – Chris Simms
    Christian Ponder – Matt Moore
    Cam Newton – Vince Young
    Colin Kapernink – Aaron Brooks

  11. He reminds me a little of Kerry Collins who also had some substance abuse issues at PSU and Carolina. Eventually grew up when he went to New York and ended up having a very nice career. Sometimes it’s just a matter of maturity.

  12. @tryagainplease

    I don’t watch college football and I had no idea who Ryan Mallett even was. Watch the video, he was asked three different times “who was supposed to make that call” and he deflected and was really uncomfortable before either brushing it off or saying that the call was made but the tackle didn’t listen.

    Why is it so hard to believe that I came away with a negative view of Mallett after that show? Was there something he showed that would wow someone who doesn’t know who he is? Was it his winning personality? His friendly attitude? He had neither. Is he a great QB, have no idea, the show didn’t show jack about his abilities. Even at the end when he’s throwing the ball it lasts for 30 seconds and shows nothing.

    I came away from the show on Dalton with a positive view of him as a person because his personality and attitude. At this very moment I can’t tell you who Dalton played for or anything about his football ability (because again I don’t care about college football).

  13. Well, the wife has good taste in television entertainment at least. If nothing else.

  14. Gruden has that creepy neighborhood pedo mannerism about him. You keep waiting for him to ask the guys if they want to see his porn collection.

  15. Next, Mallett got investment advice from Bernie Madoff and medical advice from Dr. Kervorkian.

  16. itorrey – several times during the interview when asked ‘who’s fault’ was this or that, he replied that it was his own fault. one time gruden asked during a review of a play who he was angry at that it (the play) didn’t go right and ryan said he was mad at himself – i really do not see how that’s pointing out blame at others or avoiding the question.

    ryan hasn’t been able to breathe for the last few months without getting criticized for it, perhaps we can take a poll of everyone in the usa and ask exactly how they would like someone to dress, act, what exact words to use in every given situation so as to not offend someone who is looking for anything to bring someone down.

  17. and itorrey- you evidently come to this site, i’m sure you’ve seen the 10’s or so of articles (negative) they’ve posted over the last few months about ryan. i guess that doesn’t create any bias at all. lordy knows if a short dark headed white lawyer dude says it- it’s true.

  18. That’ll help! He’s had such a great career in golf. Don’t be like me is the only thing Mallet should hear.

  19. “and itorrey- you evidently come to this site, i’m sure you’ve seen the 10′s or so of articles (negative) they’ve posted over the last few months about ryan. i guess that doesn’t create any bias at all. lordy knows if a short dark headed white lawyer dude says it- it’s true.”


    Perhaps. If anything rubbed off on me I was certainly not conscious of it when watching it. I tend to not take very seriously what analyst have to say when it comes to college football players and I almost always ignore articles about the draft and college players because as I said, I don’t care about college football and the draft is such a crapshoot that it’s senseless to debate it hours on end.

    I honestly didn’t have any idea that he was viewed so negatively going into it. He honestly rubbed me the wrong way with his answers and the way he answered everything with an almost forced “Sir” at the end. I stand by what I said and my feelings about him and also know that it means absolutely nothing. It’s not like anyone here has any power to change anything about the NFL draft. He’ll go when he’s picked and play great or poorly regardless of what this tall white guy with dark hair thinks.

  20. Mallet should look at the career of Arkansan Matt Jones as a study on how to self destruct

  21. I met John D. at the Masters last week. He seems like a nice guy who is trying to get his life turned around. His advice to R.M. sounds right on to me and I hope he heeds it!

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