Vikings indicate they’ll try to keep Ray Edwards

The Vikings weren’t able to re-sign Sidney Rice before the work stoppage hit, but VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman has indicated previously that the team was interested in doing so.

The team will likely try to get him back after a new CBA is reached.  They may also try to keep defensive end Ray Edwards, who many league observers assumed was on his way out.

During his appearance Friday on PFT Live, Spielman was asked who his biggest priorities would be among his free agents.

The first name that came up: Ray Edwards.  Rice was next.

“We have a history of guys who are young who are coming into a second contract. . . . Those are the guys historically we’ve tried to definitely keep,” Spielman said.

To watch Spielman’s entire segment, head to the PFT Live homepage.  Or download the show on iTunes.

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28 responses to “Vikings indicate they’ll try to keep Ray Edwards

  1. Sidney Rice should be priority #1. If that means ignoring and potentially losing Ray before Sid is resigned, then too bad so sad Ray Edwards. Go make unrealistic predictions somewhere else. We can replace a base DE, guys like Sidney Rice don’t come around very often.

  2. How stupid is that? They already paid Brian Robison who in my opinion shows up a lot more when given the chance than Ray Edwards does. Not to mention Robison on third downs is capable of being a threat at the DT position even though he is small.

    Screw Sidney Rice, unless he can stay healthy for longer than one season, he has no value outside of the 4 games he can stay healthy in.

  3. Maybe he said Ray first because Rice indicated he wanted to be elsewhere…… Maybe he wants to take his talents to South Beach.

  4. Thats right Spielman,concentrate on a guy who had one great game for us as opposed to a beast of a wr that most teams would want.Well done.Love the franchise sometimes the office can infuriate me with their decisions.

  5. @canadianvikingfan

    the Vikings don’t need Sidney Rice back? Ya ok? It’s not like Rice’s injury this season made them so desperate at WR that they wasted a 3rd round pick on Randy Moss…… oh wait.

    Kid’s still young, give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s an elite talent, and I’d rather move forward with an elite talent who may or may not get injured, than no talent at all on the outside.

  6. The mistake they made was franchising greenway…i currently believe they will be lucky to retain either one…Cause I dont think the tag on rice will be valid in a new cba….never have.

  7. If anything, they SHOULD be considering Ray over Rice – they offered Rice a contract and he is obviously interested in just money, by wanting to “test the waters” of FA. Rice has had ONE good season, he didn’t disclose his hip injury from last season until the last minute and he has stayed healthy in only two of his four seasons. I think trying to keep Ray is smart, we’d have a solid DL with Guion most likely taking Williams place. Honestly, I see both staying, because I see the Vikings cutting ties with Berrian and drafting a OL in the 1st and QB in the 2nd. – depth in later rounds after… The best part about keeping Edwards is that it would finally shut the “experts” up who claim the Vikings will take a DE 1st round…

  8. @ Welzy

    Rice made Favre’s great season. Everytime the Vikings needed a huge play, he tossed it up, and Rice came down with it. All that Favre did for Rice was recognize his talent, and realize all he needed to do was throw the ball up for grabs, and Rice would come down with it. It wasn’t Favre’s amazing accuracy, or superior arm strength that resulted in Rice’s big year, it was Rice’s rare “Fitzgerald like” ability to go up at the highest point, locate the football and warp his body in position to make spectacular catches.

    Talent’s like Rice don’t come around every year. If the Vikings let Rice go, 5 years down the road all the Viking fans who don’t want him back will be singing a very different tune, and will sorely regret letting an elite player slip through their hands because of a few unlucky injuries.

    Could he have handled the shoulder surgery situation better? Absolutely, but doctors told him the surgery wasn’t necessary, however due to a complication that changed. It was a poor decision, but letting a talent like his go because he made one poor decision based on doctor’s advise is about as crazy as crazy gets

  9. Looking into my crystal ball….

    Thursday, April 28, 2011… I see Rick Spielman approaching the podium almost out of breath a few seconds before the vikings pick is due…

    Goodell: Ah, thank goodness, I thought you numbnutzes where going to screw this up again!

    Spielman (out of breath): Nah… I got it here!

    Goodell: And with the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL draft the vikings pick… Errr… Hold on…

    Goodell (whispers): Numbnutz, there’s no name on the card!

    Spielman: Duh…

    Spielman takes the card and quickly scribbles something and hands it back to the comish…

    Goodell: And with the 12th pick in the 2011 NFL draft the vikings pick… It says nose… What the heck?

  10. I would think BPR (Big Play Ray) would be a bigger priority for the team since he has actually been healthy his entire time with the Vikes. I love Sidney but I honestly think a WR is easier to replace than a DE that is actually pretty good (and young.) I know that Robinson just resigned with us but I think that was in part because he can move inside which means a little fill in for Fat Pat. I’m hoping the Vikes take either Cameron Jordan, Nate Solder, or Danny Watkins first this year. Kaepernick in the second.

  11. welzy says:
    Apr 15, 2011 9:14 PM
    Sidney Rice has proven nothing. Without Favre, he is a bust.


    Considering he played on a VERY limited basis in 2007, got injured in 2008 and the following 2 years had Favre, how can you possibly call him a bust with such little to work with? Your reasoning skills are a bust.

  12. employee: listen boss two years ago i was great, so great i am entitled to the world and want to be one of the highest paid people in the world.

    boss: well, listen syd, the other three years you were below average and sick almost every day of the year.

    employee: but, when we brought in that old consultant it really seemed to help. man, two years ago i was en fuego.

    boss: but last year your little cold, that kept you out almost all year, really hurt us

    me: but two years ago…

    boss: you are fired, you selfish prima donna.

  13. They won’t keep either. It’s no big surprise that the Vikings FA’s are fleeing likes rats on a sinking ship.

    Why would Rice want to waste his prime as the Vikings QB search drags on for the next decade? Put him on the Chargers, Pats, Packers, Steelers, Colts, Falcons, or hell even the Bears and he’ll be better off than returning to the Vikings.

    Why would Edwards want to come back to a d-line, with no Williams Wall, and a underachieving hillbilly showboat? If this guy cares about winning a championship, now is his time, and getting out of Minnesota is his best chance.

    This is what happens when you pay outside talent exorbinant amounts of money, for little return. (Favre, Allen, Hutchinson)

    The Vikings are totally inept when it comes to building a championship roster for the long term. Always trying to “win now” by going “all in” has proven once again the Vikings base strategy is failing.

  14. “We can replace a base DE, guys like Sidney Rice don’t come around very often.”

    Are you kidding me? Guys like Rice are available in every draft. He’s had one good year as a pro so far. A productive 4-3 DE is much tougher to come by.

  15. goombar2 – don’t quit your day job, if you even have one that is.

    saxmachine69 – You’re right that Rice is a huge talent, but at the same time, the Vikings shouldn’t get in a bidding war with another team just because he has shown flashes of being an all-pro receiver. They have already offered him a long-term deal and instead, he opted to test free agency. So if another team wants to pay a guy (who, I’m sorry, has only had two healthy seasons) so be it, but you can’t the the Vikings don’t consider him an asset to the team, when they offer him a deal before the CBA ended (@ foobarfoofoo). The proverbial ball is in his court.

  16. “Talent’s like Rice don’t come around every year. If the Vikings let Rice go, 5 years down the road all the Viking fans who don’t want him back will be singing a very different tune, and will sorely regret letting an elite player slip through their hands because of a few unlucky injuries.”

    Not too hard to see this after your team ran Moss out of town, then tucked tail, threw in a 3rd round draft choice…and brought him back in. ANd your fanbase loved the move….only to watch your inept coach cut him 3 weeks later.

    The only thing better would be for the Patriots to pick up Moss off the street for nothing….laughing all the way to the draft with their extra 3rd round pick.

  17. @gbanfanforever

    You’ve lost it. A great pass rushing RDE like Jared Allen is tough to come by. A run of the mill pass rusher, who’s stout against the run and plays the base LDE, those can be had much easier. That’s what Ray Edwards is, an overrated, base DE. Somebody’s going to pay him like he’s Julius Peppers this off season, and it’s going to end up being one of those very poor FA misses.

    And nobody here seems to understand the WR position, or watch football games. Everyone just goes and clicks on stats, and thinks they know who’s worth what.

    Rice is a rare talent, players like him don’t come along very often. It normally takes 2-3 years for WRs to groom before they reach their potential. Rice was VERY YOUNG when he entered the league, in fact he was the youngest player on the Vikings even after the 2008 draft. So it’s only natural to believe that it may take him a couple years to progress, especially when you consider what he had at QB for the first couple years.

    But given that time to progress and a QB who understood Sidney’s talents, all of a sudden Sidney broke out with an amazing year. His skill set is very rare, only a few players have his ability to jump and make freak catches no matter the placement of the ball, or the number of defenders covering him.

    You have to project what you’re going to get from each player in the future, not just look at their body of work to this point. And when you do that the decision is between an elite player or a “productive” player. Injuries are a part of the decision, but there is no lingering injury with Rice, and although he may get injured again down the road, the chances are that he’ll play more often than he won’t.

    But like I said, those that look at stats and make their decisions, well I guarantee 5 years down the road, if Sidney leaves, you’ll all be singing a different tune.

  18. “Ray Edwards accurately represents every Viking fan, all talk, no action and wait till next year.”

    And you accurately represent every ‘troll’ – all talk, no action, wait till next post…

  19. Wow, add to the long list of bad traits by vikings and their fans – no sense of humor.

    I mean, come on… Jets fans complain about the team making lousy draft picks, but this time of year, when thinking of biggest draft day blunders, is owned by the vikings.

    If you guys seriously don’t think folks aren’t going make a few jokes about the ineptness of the vikes on draft day (and leading up to) and you’re going to take such offense… Seriously, toughen up a bit.

    Come on, you guys seem to dominate the news here… For better, or in this case worse – that’s something, huh?

  20. Goombar, that had nothing to do with Spielman. I know it’s fun to crack jokes, especially since they repeated the same mistake, but I think the statute of limitations is up on that particular joke.

    Besides, both players selected with those picks went to the PB. There is definitely a joke in there, but it’s not on the Vikings.

  21. Seriously, I don’t know if a franchise out lives that when they do it in consecutive years. Like murder, I don’t seriously know if there’s a statue of limitations.

    I also find it funny you mention they got two PBers… And those great stalwarts? Kevin Williams who will serve a drug suspension this coming year and Bryant McKinnie, who actually got sent home from the pro bowl for being an all around arse.

    I don’t know if I’d be gloating over those choices, but feel free.

    You do have this thing where you love to bring up a side award without a name attached. Like Rookie of the year awards, which almost always go to skill position players and acting like it must be a great draft. Keep in mind, these are the last 10 rookie of the year award winners.

    Sam Bradford
    Percy Harvin
    Matt Ryan
    Adrian Peterson
    Vince Young
    “Cadillac” Williams
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Anquan Boldin
    Clinton Portis
    Anthony Thomas

    As you can see, the tale of the tape is ROY ain’t all it’s cracked up to. AP is easily the best of the lot and Big Ben comprise the only ROY that could be considered top 5, heck top 10 at their position.

  22. Yes goombar, Kevin Williams, the 6-time pro bowler. That Kevin Williams. Is your hatred for the Vikings so intense that you can’t give the man credit for being one of the best at his position?

    And I never said McKinnie wasn’t a jagoff…. I’ve grown tired of waiting for him to realize his potential. He has been average as a LT his whole career, IMO. The fact that he was named says that maybe his play is considered better than we all think it is, but whatever. The fact remains that both picks were long-term starters and were voted to the PB. It’s not like they missed out on a great player and got a bust for the deal.

    As to your list of ROY winners, you know as well as everyone else that Boldin and Portis were among the best in the league in their prime, and Ryan and Bradford are just at the beginning of their careers. The only ones on that list whose careers didn’t live up to their ROY awards were Williams, who was derailed by knee injuries, Thomas, and Young.

    It’s interesting that you make that argument, though, since one could argue that the same argument you use against players can also be used against teams. Just as a player might have put together a good enough season to win the highest award given to a rookie, even though he was not the best or most talented of the rookies that year, so may a team be given the award for being the best team in the league in a given year, even if they aren’t the best or the most talented.

    Keep in mind, as you do your bragging and mocking, that last year New Orleans was the best in the league, two years ago the Cards were second best, three years ago it was the Giants on top….. And that meant what exactly in the following year? It wasn’t that long ago that we saw a 6-year stretch of SB participants that included Carolina, Oakland, Tampa Bay, St Louis, Tennessee, and Atlanta. They were one of the two best in the league in a given season, but each one fell to the bottom of the league quickly.

    Let history be a lesson to you and temper your pride with a little humility, or you will deserve every insult leveled towards you and your Packer brethren who are predicting a dynasty for the Packers and years of misery for the Vikings, because you know deep down that neither prediction will become fact.

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