Bobby Petrino vouches for Ryan Mallett

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Ryan Mallett sure can pick ’em.

First, he gets advice from golfer John Daly, whose wisdom would be helpful only if it consisted of telling Mallett to study Daly’s life — and to do the opposite.

Second, Mallett gets some public praise from his former head coach, Bobby Petrino, who abruptly bolted from the Falcons near the tail end of one of the most difficult seasons that any NFL franchise ever has endured.

Petrino has gone on the record with Elizabeth Merrill of to claim that Mallett never tested positive for any banned substances while at Arkansas.

That very likely is a true statement.  But we’d never take Petrino at his word on this one, or on anything important.  For starters, college football coaches generally are full of something that’s brown, but not chocolate.  Then there’s Petrino’s in-season betrayal of the Falcons.

And then there’s the fact that Petrino never, ever could admit that Mallett tested positive, even if Mallett did, due to strict privacy laws that apply to college students.

Petrino also attributes the perception of Mallett — Jamie Dukes of NFL Network recently called Mallett a “Caucasian street guy” — as a product of today’s age of texting and technology, and that all kids now talk in slang.  But if that were true, then all kids would sound like, as Merrill describes it, a cross between Eminem and Billy Bob Thornton.

In the end, nothing Petrino or Dukes or anyone else publicly says matters.  What matters is what the teams interested in Mallett have learned by talking privately to people who know him.  Not just Petrino and his staff, but teammates and friends and classmates and training staff and janitors and secretaries and teachers and anyone else with whom Mallett came into contact.  With so much money and so many careers riding on the proper exercise of a high draft pick, prudent teams do their homework.

When it comes to Mallett and every other quarterback at the top of this year’s draft class, only the most imprudent teams would pick him without spending a lot of time finding out everything there is to know about a guy who will be relied upon to play the most important position in the sport of pro football.

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  1. Well, I am reassured to see that Ryan has surrounded himself with a staff of such notable and trusted advisors. He just might knock Cam Newton out of that top draft spot.

  2. yet again pft gives us a headline, retells something never even sourced from one or two other of their earlier stories, and adds a few lines of nothing.

    pft seems like a sounding board of unsubstantiated stories with added drivel now. how about yet another lockout story too? try giving us some positive stories like about some up and comers on teams? anything, just no more reporting what an idiot like dukes thinks about anything.

    i’m sure this won’t be posted like when i called mds on being a snyder/skins basher among other posts.

  3. Wow with that he shot right up Mel Kipers big board wooooo!!! Now all he needs is for Linsay Lohan to say “Ryan is alot like me, he doesn’t like the party scene he just loves to be at home reading”. Yeah that should take care of any teams worries.

  4. That does it for me, I’m sold. Petrino should know what it takes to be successful in The NFL. Draft him # 1 with the people he has vouching for him……….

  5. does urban myer get ripped for jumping from utah?
    In the end the only people who knew what happened in atlanta is petrino, and the atlanta falcons………sound familiar?

  6. Yeah, like anybody would ever believe anything that Petrino says. How can you tell he is lying through his teeth? Ah, you know the punch line. Mallett doesn’t need Petrino vouching for him, it only hurts his credibility.

  7. If this plan doesn’t work, and his NFL career doesn’t happen maybe Mallett can ask Charles Manson to write him a letter of recommendation for the police academy.

  8. can i ask what did mallet do that everyone questions his character? is just cuz of the way he talks? i have a feeling this kid is gonna be pretty good. i think he is the 3rd qb off the board. who cares that he is not athletic. its nice to have an athletic qb, but is is not a must.

  9. Petrino’s character issues aside, he has a point. The drug talk on Mallett surfaced just before the Combine … and not because of positive testing.

    Big kid, big arm, enough smarts to get into Michigan–and to leave before RichRod introduced the “take one read and run” offense. Lacks mobility in the pocket and needs to work on closing games and downfield accuracy. But at least this guy can get the ball downfield. They’re all a gamble. That long ball makes Mallett worth it.

  10. Yo dat sht iz wack. Mallet be talkin good fo da footballerz. I ain’t even gonna get inta it bc I be ritin u dis on ma cell rite now!

  11. @txchief …

    Mallett played for Arkansas and Petrino is the head coach there. So his coach shouldn’t comment on his abilities because you guys don’t like the way Petrino left the Falcons? And because the brain trust of commenters here doesn’t like the way Petrino left the Falcons that says something about Mallett’s NFL prospects?


  12. NBC sure can pick ’em.

    nfl25 – yes just cuz the way he talks, it evidently makes you a horrible person.

  13. Ryan Mallet has Tom Brady Arms… skinny as heck… I think Mallett will be very good, and hope the raiders get him in the second… but that wont happen because someone will get him in the first. and have a heck of a QB. By the way, im a Notre Dame fan. Mallet throws a crazy good ball. Anyone watch his bowl game?

  14. People are nitpicking with Mallett. Something tells me he is gonna be a good QB with all this bad press getting out on the kid. As far as Petrion, it has nothing to do with him and the NFL. This is about recruiting. He has to stick up for him in order to get recruits to wanna play for him. I don’t see what Petrino did in the NFL has anything to do with this. He has never left a job in mid season at College to go to the pros. I think he got sick of the way the players act in the NFL and realized he made the wrong decision. Look at the lockout. I don’t blame him.

  15. I honestly thought this was a joke….why would anyone WANT Petrino’s input on whether or not someone is NFL-ready….and even if he gave it without being asked, who would care? “his word is stronger than oak”….just ask Cush’s dad in Jerry Maguire, and Arthur Blank

  16. Did Eric Ainge ever test positive at Tenessee? He said he was hi(not pot, but heroin) every day and practice. How often was Mallet tested and how much notice did he have.

    As far as how Mallet speaks, I saw him interviewed in the Razorbacks spring game. He said “more better”. Any kid that goes to ANY college shouldn’t say more better. Please…..

  17. Deb wins the thread, IMO.

    And while she may take exception to the following comment, I’ll still say it: Petrino’s words may be lacking in credibility to some degree, but so is Saban, yet people will still listen to each of these guys. It’s because they’re respected coaches.

  18. whether you like it or not, The NFL eats up saban players…Cause he is a great coach, NOT GOOD, BUT GREAT COACH!
    Same goes for Petrino. As a coach, Petrino is held in HIGH REGARDS in coaching circles.
    Same for a Gruden, shannahan or a billicheck…
    LIKE all mortals, they make bad decisions, bad choices, the difference those decisions end up on pft and such.

  19. Since he has done drugs I wonder if that’s why he is considered to be the most “Pro-ready” QB

  20. well deb i commented about your most excellent posts too but guess what the boogie man musta come and snatched it in the middle of the night.

    being that petrino was ryan’s coach how would the goons here or elsewhere take it if he didn’t comment on ryan? would that mean there is character concerns? of course it would b/c it’s a lose lose when dealing with the gossip mongers (aka sports journalists).

    dj williams- ar tight end who’s going to be drafted and be a well loved and valued player himself- had some nice comments and observations about ryan as well. go ahead and try to find something to doubt his credibility, in other words chase you tail.

  21. nfl25,

    I’m with you. I don’t know if the work ethic concerns and leadership questions are perception or reality (as in Jamarcus Russell’s case), but if those questions are only rooted in perception because of how he talks, I think he’ll do better than people think. I’m definitely rooting for him because he seems like a laid back kid with a good attitude.

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