Schedule is coming soon, but no one seems to care

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There’s a growing perception that interest in the 2011 draft will be much lower than usual, barring a miraculous resolution of the labor dispute.  We suspect that the owners and the players thought the opposite would be the case, given that the draft may be the only thing that happens for the rest of the offseason — and possibly for the rest of the year.

If that’s what they thought, they quite possibly thought wrong.  We expect the television ratings for the draft to significantly drop, due in part to a conscious decision by some hardcore fans to turn their backs on a league that has turned its back on them and due in part to a sizable chunk of casual fans who have opted to pay no attention to anything NFL-related until the lockout ends.

Bolstering our belief in this regard is the fact that we’re hardly getting any questions about when the schedule will be released.  Last year at this time, as the second half of April unfolded, we were being bombarded with e-mails and tweets regarding the expected moment on which the dates, times, and a specific sense of order would be applied to what each team already knows — the 16 games to be played in the coming season.  In late March, there was a smattering of questions regarding whether the schedule will be released despite the lockout.  Since then, we’ve received hardly any inquiries about it.

Our semi-educated guess is that fans realize it’s meaningless to even think about the slate of games absent a firm guarantee that the slate of games will be played.  Indeed, the announcement of the preseason schedule brought shrugs and smirks, given that at this point it seems to be a foregone conclusion that August will conclude with no preseason games being played.

Even though mediation has resumed, the fact that the two sides lacked any urgency to talk after the lockout began and until Judge Susan Nelson ordered them to return to mediation has caused many to determine that the parties won’t get serious until the time comes to save the regular season, not the preseason.

Sure, it could all get worked out in time to save the preseason and the regular season.  But the default position for many during this upside-down time in NFL history is to brace for the worst, and to hope for anything marginally better than that.

And so when the schedule is released at some point between now and April 28, look for the reaction to be somewhere in the gap between “so what?” and “who cares?”

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  1. I’ve followed the draft vehemently for nearly a decade and literally might not watch it this year. Usually I’m counting down the days starting after the Super Bowl, but without free agency and with this mess I really couldn’t care less.

    I’m not just speaking in hyperbole, I just can’t get into it for some reason.

    Right now I care more about baseball, the NHL playoffs and my freaking Facebook games even.

    A collective great blunder by the NFL and their players.

  2. I am very interested in the Draft. Not as much as normal for me but only because the players this year don’t excite me very much. I am not excited to spend a high pick on what will at best be career back up QB but we will be asked to put our hope and trust in him and the men who choose him. Someone will come out of this draft with a solid QB but it’s a huge crap shoot.

    As for the NFL Schedule for this next year. Part of the reason I’m not excited is because I honestly don’t think my favorite team will be awesome. So, looking at the schedule will only make me focus on what there realistic record will probably be. Not too much fun.

    But, there is a whole lot of truth in not caring about the schedule release because what does it matter???? There isn’t going to be a full slate of games anyway or at least it continues to look that way right now. I have no interest in getting excited about a game or two in September when that game won’t end up being played anyway. I suspect others feel this way also.

    The Draft though is much different. The players selected in the draft are players that will be on my favorite team for potentially years to come. It is much different that the release of the schedule. If I was excited about any particular players I thought might join my favorite team I would still be very excited about this draft despite the labor unrest and the spoiled attitudes of both the owners and the players.

    Just because they are acting immature and treating us fans with like they are does not mean I have any intention of deciding to walk the dog on Sunday afternoons or watch NBA games etc. When the NFL comes back I’ll be watching again. Because I enjoy watching football on Sunday afternoons.

    The owners change, the players change but the game is still the game that I enjoy watching more than any other.

  3. I’d love participate in a draft viewing boycott, but really, what else am I gonna do on a Thursday night? I could technically participate by finding an illegal stream of the draft on the Internet but then it wouldn’t be in HD I would have to squint a little bit to read all the stats and tickers. I can’t make that sacrifice.

  4. You’re rarely dead-on anymore, but when you are, it’s good stuff. I think you’re right – this draft will suffer because fans are, generally, either mildly put out with the labor crisis or they are flat-out pissed off. Let’s hope the players and owners notice, huh?

  5. If anything I would think that hardcore NFL fans will be watching the 2011 draft even moreso than last year, knowing that this might be the last time to get their fix for a while. I could see the casual fans being less into it.

    A related question then: which category dominates the viewership? The hardcore fans or the casual fans? My guess is, the casual fans stick around for the first round on Thursday night for the players they’ve heard of (e.g., Cam Newton) and then find better things to do on Friday and Saturday, while the hardcore guys tune in all three days. In other words I wouldn’t be surprised if Thursday numbers look weak but Friday and Saturday look comparable to last year.

  6. Hit the nail on the head and you don’t always do that.
    I saw a couple of articles mentioning that the schedule is coming out in mid-April and I was like “don’t they need to resolve their labor dispute for the schedule to have any relevance?”

  7. I have graduation, student loans, and a job search to worry about…they can take their schedule and stick it up their ass…and this is coming from a season ticket holder

  8. I never understood why people cared about this in the first place. I mean, you know what teams you’re playing next year immediately after Week 17 ends (sometimes earlier), and the home/away split is revealed the next day.

    Do people really care that much about the order?

  9. good story i seriously hope fans boycott the draft , there could be no better message sent to the nfl then people tuning out. i havnt watched there channel in over a month and wont , i also refuse to pay for my season tickets. i cant understand how the owners and players can not find a way to split 9.2 billion dollars. its not like the economy is good . they should be happy but there not they wan t more. ignore the draft and they will run back to negotiate

  10. Dear owners and players,
    As a fan I am close to getting y’all out of my daily routine. Please come to an agreement soon. As soon as I’m gone I’m not coming back.
    Yours Truly,

  11. Hardcore fan turning their backs? By definition, they are not Hard core. You and your reporting are so silly.
    the people who are turning their backs are people who dont go to games.only watch the draft when their team is picking. Only pay attention from august to january, and turn off the football when their team is done playing.
    And people who’s politics is stronger than their love of the game of football….NOT HARDCORE FOOTBALL FANS
    Hardcore fans on the other hand, It does not matter where the football, the draft, FA, their favorite, the team they love to hate, or whatever, are going to get it where they can. They purchase draft guides, get all the preseason magazine blah blah blah…..And they certainly dont let their politics interfere with there love of the game of football….
    And the only people who watch the draft rounds 1-7 are insane…like myself.

  12. Sorry airraid.

    That is what your definition a hardcore fan is, but, it isn’t written as law that way. I’ll likely check out the first 10-20 picks then find some baseball to watch.

    Call me whatever kind of fan you want, I do love the game. I also want to watch and root for players who have more love for the game than they have love for lining their pockets.

    You don’t have to stick up for the people who will choose to watch it by calling the ones who don’t “not hardcore”. Who really cares at this point what you are?

    The fans make this sport possible. The fans make the players lifestyle possible. When you take it away from the fans who have already done their part by watching and spending their money.. then yes, we will be bitter.

  13. Week 1 will have Saints at Packers, Niners at Pitt, Indy at Carolina, Bills at Dallas. Very few “big” games. The NFL will schedule more interconferance games the first few weeks in case of lockout is not settled ( which it will not!). The last 8 weeks of the season each team will play at least 4 divison games…. Mark it down!

  14. Don’t be so pesemistic, perhapse the lack of reader questions about the schedule is because thos that submit questions are more concerned about the labor. That was the case durring the combine too, but the tv ratings on the nfl network still set records. Just because something is getting more attention then the schedule doesn’t mean it is not still on our mind.

  15. Just a thought. Anyone who is logging onto profootballtalk in the middle of April and who takes the time to type out their opinion……I sorta think will also be watching the NFL draft and be checking out their teams schedule when it is released.

    The NFL isn’t worried about us at all. They know very well that WE aren’t going anywhere. We are for whatever reason already “hooked” on their “drug”. We crave it. We need it. We want it year round. We only holler and scream and make threats because it’s all we can do.

    The people who are honestly willing and able to give up the NFL have already done so. They have moved on with their lives. Perhaps they will return when football comes back….perhaps not. But, there is not a doubt in my mind that every single last one of you who makes comments on profootballtalk in the middle of April WILL be back to watch whenever football starts this fall.

    The NFL knows this too.

    If you really want to show them how you feel. Simply stop logging on to football sites. The NFL would get the message loud and clear when ESPN, CBS Sportsline, SI, NBC and Profootballtalk started to tell the owners that it was a “ghost town” on their football sites. Advertisers would start to pull out and spend their money somewhere else. Things would change for the fans as the NFL would start to search us out to ask us what we thought.

    That simply isn’t every going to happen. We are addicted. We aren’t going anywhere. The owners already know this. The big web sites and television networks already know this. How often does the ‘dealer’ care about what the ‘addicts’ have to say.

  16. Thanks to the DVR, I never miss a minute of the draft. But the point of watching is to see how your team addresses needs that weren’t addressed in free agency–or compensates for players lost in free agency–and to get a sense of where all teams are heading next season. With no next season in sight, the only point is to see which teams are going to be locking out your favorite NCAA players. Oh joy 😦

  17. aholdson28 says: Apr 16, 2011 10:13 PM

    “I have graduation, student loans, and a job search to worry about…they can take their schedule and stick it up their ass…and this is coming from a season ticket holder”

    This comes from a liar.

  18. The draft coverage used to be better. At least they talked about the player that was just picked and the team needs for whatever team was on the clock. Last year there was so much garbage reporting that they completely ignored who was actually picked until the “recap” several minutes later. They also need to stop with the cameras in the kids’ houses and any shots of a player on the phone.

    As for the schedule, I also think there is apathy due to the lack of a deal and because most fans know who their teams will be playing.

  19. Lockout or not, the Draft is about as exciting as watching paint dry. I’ve alway thought those who religiously tune into that boring event to be particularly pathetic……like a crack addict peddling his ass on the street corner for one more fix (although the crack addict actually has more dignity).

  20. I’m still very interested in the draft, Fact of the matter is, this thing will get settled EVENTUALLY. Yes, my interest in the schedule isn’t there for the reasons you gave but I’ll be watching the draft…….and please people, enough with the silly, “boycott the draft to teach the NFL a lesson” talk….. I’m pretty sure they already know the fans are pissed. and besides that, you just can’t organize “The fans” there are too many of us. …..I’ve been hearing that for years for every sport when a labor problem comes up…….”Let’s teach em’ a lesson and not go to the games!!!”……for every 5 people who don’t go there are 10 more willing to snap up the tickets, so you can stick a fork in that idea.

  21. C’mon man! There will be a season as soon as the players and owners get their heads out of their asses. The draft will be held and watched by the fans. They’ll still play their meaningless preseason games and the lockout, lawsuit, negotiations will conclude (eventually). And then they’ll start an exciting new season. They’d all lose way too much money not to settle. Because they are all greedy jerks. Set the schedule now so the fans can start complaining about who will play who(m) and commiserating about how their team got screwed by the schedule. Besides that, the Jets have already won the next Super Bowl.

  22. Not going to lie, I’m probably going to watch the draft. Unless Jerrah does something stupid on draft day to piss me off (which is highly possible) then I’m going to be glued to my TV to see what everybody does. But after that? Pssshh…they better hurry up and hammer out the CBA because April 29th will be the last I tune in to anything NFL related until they do. And no, we don’t care about the schedule release because as long as the lockout is in place it doesn’t matter.

  23. These kind of labor disputes are inevitable. They are going to happen. That’s the way it is. The system isn’t pretty, but it’s how our system works. Fans would be smarter to simply tune out until it’s over. Yes, the off-season is less fun…but that’s the price we pay.

    I’ll watch the draft, although I’ve spent less time on it. I’ll tune in come September if they’re ready. Otherwise…I’ll watch baseball on Sunday, too.

    Whatever. I love football, but getting my panties in a bunch over something that’s happened before and will in another 10-12 years…why bother?

    It’ll work itself out eventually.

  24. @stixzidinia …

    Are you taking “watching” literally? Can’t speak for other draft-watchers, but I’m not sitting in a chair glued to the screen 😯 Put the recorded coverage on like the stereo, and it becomes the background music for working, working out, and all the other things I’m doing. Kind of wish it were on now if it would get Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” out of my head. Love the song, but have been hearing that beat nonstop for about eight hours.

  25. the reason no one cares is because it is not being preceded by a month of free agency…..its like a bad sitcom that gets good ratings cause a popular show comes on first….thats all it is….no one is boycotting or anything….no news….no one cares…

    everyone knows this isnt going to be settled until the first week of the season….no preseason games will be played and they will make up the games by eliminating the bye week and the super bowl bye week….there will be no free agency which also means no one is getting nmandi but al davis

    there is no reason to meet now other than public percetion

  26. weswelkerspornstash,
    only a wishy washy fan would try to get a boycott together, and for all the wrong reasons.
    and your telling me to get a life on a sat. night? ROLMAO!
    I never said anything about fans not making this possible…NEVER! Hardcore fans are not going to go elsewhere, which is what I said. Wishy washy fans like yourself might……
    You can be a fan of a player and not a fan of a sport….
    and vice versa….I am on the side of football…dont care about players themselves, They come and go. they have no impact on my daily life personally.

  27. Didn’t last years draft set a record for most people tuning in and watching?

    And you’re half right…The NFL is losing fans,but not the hardcore ones. The hardcore ones are still following their team, finding out who they like,who they’re interviewing,etc. and how their offseason is going.

    The problem the NFL doesn’t realize is that they basically are screwing themselves…All that marketing,all the improvements they made last year via draft and those kinds of related shows.They grabbed the attention of the less hardcore viewers..

    I consider myself a hardcore fan..I’ll always follow my Rams whether the season picks up in 6 months or 6 years.The problem for the NFL is that there are more casual fans then hardcore fans, and thats some big time revenue they’re losing out on…plus they’re turning people away from a competition that is supposed to be considered a sport.

  28. I used to look forward to the draft from almost the moment the Super Bowl ended. To me, the draft was the ‘official’ kickoff to a new NFL season, and a few buddies and I would get together that weekend to watch it, bust each other’s balls and generally get ready for the upcoming season.

    Then Goodell came along and spoiled all the fun.

    Because we all live in different towns, we can’t get together on Thursday to see the first couple rounds… Same usually goes for Friday. So for the first time, there was no draft party last year. I didn’t know who the Packers picked until the Monday when I checked their website on break at work.

    Now with the looming chance of no season this year, and the (former?) NFLPA calling on both draftees and agents to ‘boycott’ the draft, is there any reason at all to get excited about it?

    As for the schedule, I have to say as a Green Bay fan, the schedule release was a big deal. That was when I could ask a few friends if they wanted to make hotel arrangements, pick up some tickets and make the 12 hour drive from Toronto to Lambeau Field. As anyone who has been there knows, hotels in Green Bay are in short supply and disappear quickly. You ahve to be on the ball and reserve the weekend you want within a couple weeks of the schedule release if you have any hope of seeing a home game that season. Unfortunately, the lockout has stopped any of those plans dead in their tracks. Neither I or any of my friends are going to make plans to take vacation time and book a hotel for a game that might not happen. In fact, I’m not all that enthralled about a season which looks like it might not happen either. So, I figure I’ll take the money I would have spent in Green Bay and spend it instead on taking the GF to see a few CFL games here in Toronto. For the price of a hotel room and a pair of scalped tickets to Lambeau, we could get season tickets to see Toronto play at home this season – which may be the only football I get the opportunity to watch this year. Who knows? Maybe I may even like the home game more.

  29. good.

    it’s only way to get the attention of both sides while they’re too busy inspecting the inside of their own rectums.

  30. Don’t get me wrong, I’m curious to see who the World Champs will host for the first game of the year, and I’m anxious to see what dates I’ll be going down to San Diego and up to Oakland to see the World Champs rough up two AFC West “opponents”. But then again, when you are the World Champs, details like that aren’t quite as significant, because, after all, your favorite team won the last Superbowl, which is pretty nice.

    And on a totally seperate note, the Packers are the defending World Champions, and they’re the best team in the league.

  31. The Lombardi Trophy is back home, and it’s not going anywhere next year either.

    The draft will be kinda boring this year. It will be curious to see all the pathetic teams make “important” decisions to add rookies to their team in a fruitless effort to dethrone the World Champs, but its kinda pathetic when you think about it. I’ll probably fall asleep waiting for 31 teams to make their awful decisons, though watching the certified genious Ted “Call Him a God” Thompson should make me a tired but happy camper.

  32. Can you imagine a better body of work in a draft than the 2009 first round of one Ted Thompson?? I sure can’t. Grabbing two perennial World Champion star defenders in Busari Junior (The Freezer) Raji and William Clay Matthews III seems pretty good to me. Both of these star American football players were key to the World Champion Green Bay Packers winning Superbowl 45. And after all, winning the Superbowl is the ultimate achievement in professional sports, and the Green Bay Packers are the defending champions of said Superbowl.

    In hindsight, the 2009 draft of Ted Thompson of the World Champion Green Bay Packers was excellent and will go down in history as one man’s greatest achievements ever.

  33. i havent seen nfl network since the lockout and i could care less about the draft, the only sport that i give a sh!t about right now is the nba.
    p.s- whoever isnt watching the nba playoffs right now is really missing out

  34. FinFan68 says:

    “They also need to stop with the cameras in the kids’ houses and any shots of a player on the phone.”

    Amen! (Are you listening, ESPN?) All of the suspense of the Commissioner making an announcement from the podium is ruined when ESPN tries to scoop itself with the dreaded reaction shots that ruin the surprise for the viewers.

  35. I’ve received some negative feedback about my past two posts regarding the World Champion Green Bay Packers and their star General Manager Ted Thompson, so I’m going be fair and more thorough. While Ted Thompson made the first round of the 2009 draft an outstanding one, one single round of one draft doesn’t make a career, so I need to make things right…

    GM Ted Thompson of the Superbowl 45 Champion Green Bay Packers has a history of making brilliant draft selections. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote the man President of the Unites States of America, based on his proven record of excellence. ( I would also vote him Humanitarian of the Decade if I didn’t think accepting the award would take up too much of his valuable time. After all, you don’t become the General Manager of the most prestigious organization in history and make them World Champions by wasting time on petty matters).

    Ted Thompson has made many brilliant draft selections. There is only so much bandwith on PFT so I can’t go into enough detail to do Thompson justice, but when you hear names likes Rodgers, Jennings, Collins, Sitton, Bishop, Finley, and Nelson, you can’t help but exclaim “Ted Thompson is a draft genius”. And that barely scratches the surface of his drafting skills.

    Combine that with the the unknown free agents (Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,etc, etc) and a few great-value already-known free agents (Pickett and Woodson) and you have the makings of the first-rate General Manger of the Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers, whose legendary coach inspired the name of the prestigous NFL Championship trophy, which belongs to the World Champion Green Bay Packers.

  36. Roger Goodell is the most boring commissioner in history, and that’s evident in the draft too.

    He doesn’t understand what fun is, and is out of touch with the fan’s and their idea of fun and entertainment.

    Bring back Paul Tagliabue.

  37. I honestly think when Albert Breer said “both sides seem to be taking this mediation very serious”, that he wasn’t lying. And the expected ratings for the draft is one reason why they are serious….. Stupid asses don’t net 9.2 billion. They all are starting to understand that the 1 billion they are haggling over will be lost to lawyer fees & the loss of fans due to the current ignorance. I see a deal being done the week of the draft, likely Monday or Tuesday of next week.

    Moreso, the owners know how important it is to be able to make player & future pick trades during the draft. Losing that loses the potential to compete. Too much to lose at stake during the draft that they will all be a little more desperate this week to get things moving. Both sides will begin to make some concessions which will assist in striking a deal.

    Keeping people like Drew Brees & Jerry Jones out of the room will be good for striking a deal. Pompous pricks like them will ruin the chances of a deal being done.

  38. weswelkerspornstash says:Apr 16, 2011 10:42 PM

    To airraid77
    Dude it’s Saturday night. Get a life

    lol this guys is lost. its thurs and friday and sat. thur and friday are the major days. every1 i know is really interested in the draft. in fact a couple of us schedule long weekends to watch at night[golf in day]

  39. You want to know how much I care about the NFL draft right now? I dont even know what dates its supposed to be held on. (feel free to fill me in). All the bitching and moaning coming from both sides has really turned me off. Not to mention, the draft just doesnt seem like the draft if free agency isnt a pre- req.

    The schedule means diddly squat until we know for sure that there will be a season. The owners can keep posturing like they KNOW a deal will get done in time to save the season. Frankly, I think its a bad strategy. The only thing its doing is hurting DeSmith and the players little ego’s, which makes a deal harder to get done.

  40. I am one of the hard core fans that has turned his back on a league and players who have turned their back on the fans. I have always been excited for the draft, and the release of the schedule. This year I could give a rats behind. I have followed this mess since February and find myself disgusted with the way everything has happened. The golden goose is just about done in time for Easter!

  41. I am interested in the schedule release because I can start pricing and selling my Jets tickets online. Gotta sell the whole season for the first 3-5 years for these PSLs to be an investment. I paid for the whole season and want to reap the benefits of a tough Jets schedule. (Giants, Dallas, Pats, Miami, Chargers, Jaguars, Chiefs, Bills)

    My guess, First SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME is going to be Giants @ Jets. The date is September 11th.

  42. The final straw for me was when certain players stated that they knew they got a sweetheart deal last time, so they will not back down from getting everything they want this time. They do not care about the game, or the fans.

    It is in their best interest to make a fair deal. One that is good for them, the league, and the fans. if they persist in this attitude there will be no football, or there will be for the short term, but that it will become unsustainable for the future, killing the game by pricing it out of reach. In a time when both management AND players should be dialing back in their demands (for the good of the game and in the interest of the fans), at least the players have indicated they will do no such thing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think there is plenty of blame to go on both sides, but that statement by player representatives was the straw that broke the back. While I am somewhat interested in the draft, I am not very interested to the point where I will be watching. i will get the updates the next day. Who cares? Bunch of crybabies going through the motions when a season is so far out of reach it probably will not happen.

    Everyone keeps saying there will be football this year. I don’t think so. I do not see it happening. Everyone also said there would be a deal by the end of last year, and by the draft, and by any other arbitrary line they wanted.

    Bunch of spoiled millionaire crybabies.

  43. I am a rabid NFL fan, and every other year I am almost obsessed with the draft. I watch all the shows on tv, check several web sites for news and mock drafts and then watch every round of it on tv. This year I just don’t seem to care, and I really doubt I’ll watch the draft at all.

  44. to acdc84

    You sir are a man of great wisdom. It is truly refreshing to be able to read your great words about the Super bowl champion Green bay Packers. I agree it is just pointless for the other 31 teams to even make selections in the 2011 NFL draft as Ted Thompson will surely secure the rights to the best college players. And as for the NFL schedule being released all I need to now is when Super Bowl 46 will be played so the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers jet liner can prepare its travel plans.

  45. I am as pro-owner as pro-owner gets, but I am not delusional enough to think they care one ioda of what I think…and your nuts if you think ultimately about what you think.
    If this is not a viable buisness in the owners eyes, there will be no football. I can guarantee that.
    Fans opinions be dammed.

  46. ENOUGH,ENOUGH,ENOUGH… all these numbuts posting……”d’oh, I’m real mad at the NFL. I ain’t watchin’ no stupid draft. D’oh no, not ME!”… people are so full of crap it’s comin’ out your ears. You’ll be sitting there like you always are. With your eyeballs glued to Mel Kiper and his super fantastic hairdo.

  47. @moneymike23 …

    Bigger than Christmas and your birthday? If I didn’t know we follow different blogs, I’d think you were my brother. Before the kids came along, he’d start calling the beginning of April each year singing “It’s almost here …” 🙂 I’d always plan to watch just the first round … and wind up watching the whole thing. It’s addictive!

  48. The draft is a boring event that holds very little interest for me. I could hear who my team drafted the day or week after and it would have the same effect on me. For the life of me I don’t understand why people get so excited about watching a bunch of college kids being made instant millionaires when they’ve never worked a day in their lives.

  49. laeaglefan,
    Trust me, most people couldnt work as hard as those kids have really since 9th grade…..
    Thats they are going to make millions….and you stuck working 9-5. and you dont work nearly that hard at your 9-5 job.

  50. chubbsjr10 says:
    Apr 17, 2011 9:59 AM
    My guess, First SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAME is going to be Giants @ Jets. The date is September 11th.

    It will be scheduled for week 1, however it will nto be played! We knwo the lockout will not be lifted until Oct 15!

  51. I look at Pro Football as a two part entity. The first part is the shear enjoyment I obtain while watching the game I loved to play when I was a kid.
    The second part is tolerating all the spoiled players & owners whining about not reaping enough monetary benifits from the business they chose to pursue.
    As a Bears season ticket holder I anticipate the release of the schedule every year so I can plan which games I wish to attend & distribute the other tickets to friends & family.
    The draft is interesting for the first few rounds, but as a casual college football fan I loose interest after the big names are chosen.
    Congrats to the Pack….but GO BEARS!

  52. I follow football year round.

    I will watch the draft.

    But, I haven’t logged onto since the owner’s lockout… And I won’t be buying any licensed pro gear in 2011.

    Goodell makes me sick. He’s a patsy to the owners and the players don’t trust him. Good job doing your job Roger! What value do you actually bring to the game?

    Reality is; this will all get settled in time for the 2011 season but everyone is too stupid to seriously work on an agreement right now. And… I fault the commissioner for that.

  53. re:

    possiblecabbage says: Apr 16, 2011 10:15 PM

    I never understood why people cared about this in the first place. I mean, you know what teams you’re playing next year immediately after Week 17 ends (sometimes earlier), and the home/away split is revealed the next day.

    Do people really care that much about the order?


    It’s likely the opposite: only casual fans would be unconcerned with the schedule.

    Here are a few reasons why it is important to know which teams are playing which events:

    (1) planning the dates of other important activities in the Fall so as not to conflict with NFL games: weddings, cruises, Octoberfest, etc.

    (2) getting the jump on air fare deals for away games

    (3) scheduling the hosting of out-of-town guests for specific games

    The sooner we know the NFL schedule (lock-out or not) the better.

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