Schefter: McNabb would like to play for Vikings

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We passed along an article last week in Minnesota that tried to tie Donovan McNabb to the Vikings.

Many of you didn’t take it seriously because the information came from Charley Walters’ notes column, which tends to throw a few things against the wall to see what sticks.

Well, a more reliable source connected McNabb to Minnesota on Saturday.   ESPN’s Adam Schefter wrote on Twitter Saturday he believes Donovan McNabb “would like to” play for the Vikings next year.

It’s unclear if the interest is mutual.  McNabb would have made more sense while Brad Childress was around, but new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave is expected to transition away from the team’s West Coast offense.

McNabb has been a somewhat forgotten man this offseason with Kevin Kolb, Carson Palmer, and even Marc Bulger connected to more teams. But McNabb is almost certainly not going to be in Washington next year and should be available.

He could work as a “bridge” quarterback for a team like Minnesota that also selects a quarterback in the draft.

83 responses to “Schefter: McNabb would like to play for Vikings

  1. “McNabb would like to play for Vikings”

    Well that makes two of us Donovan!

  2. I too, would like to play for the Vikings, for the league minimum even. It’s unclear if the interest is mutual.

    My quote above is about as much a story as Schefter’s tweet.

  3. Pretty good fit. I would take McNabb before I would use the #12 pick on the likes of Locker, Mallet, etc.

  4. “Bridges” in Minnesota have a bad enough reputation without comparing them to McNabb.

  5. As a die hard Vikings fan I absolute DO NOT want McNabb playing for my team next year. Why in the world would we want another QB that is past his prime who last year showed his age? I would be very disappointed if they go forward with this.

  6. What QB wouldn’t want to play for a team that doesn’t require you to go to training camp?

  7. Many of you didn’t take it seriously because the information came from Charley Walters’ notes column, which tends to throw a few things against the wall to see what sticks.

    Pot calling kettle? At least it was an original idea and not just commenting on someone else’s.

  8. Musgrave coached in Mularkey’s system in Atlanta, but he comes from WCO background. He was Steve Young and John Elway’s backup.

    He coached Vick and Schaub in Atlanta under a pseudo WCO in Atlanta under Mora and Knapp.

    I wish Musgrave would’ve been promoted to OC in Atlanta and transitioned Matt to a true WCO where our receivers could actually get some YAC.

    I don’t think you’ll see much change in the Vikes’ Offense, but maybe more focus on the run.

  9. He could work as a “bridge” quarterback? Isn’t that what favre was supposed to be? Watching this team is like watching an NFL version of the movie slapshot. Only without the happy ending.

  10. i would say the vikings would rather risk it by picking a young qb with better accuracy, consistency, decision making, mobility, work ethic, and leadership.

    (did i miss one?)

    but then again, mcnabb has been to a superbowl. so….

  11. Another quarterback past his prime. Quit with the re-treads Minnesota. Take some advice, sacrifice a year, maybe two by drafting a franchise quarterback. These things take time. Face it, you aren’t competing for anything next year anyways. Now is a good time for this. The wait will pay off. Trust me.

  12. Considering he didnt play three games and with the complete lack of talent he has around him in washington, 3400 yards is pretty decent. He didnt do great but not alot of qbs in this league could with the players on that offense.

  13. As much as I would not like to see McNabb in purple, there’s not a whole lot of other options for next season. Webb isn’t ready, and none of the rookies will be ready either. If they don’t sign a vet, theyre pretty much the lead candidate for Andrew Luck.

  14. “RT @MattWilberg: Who do you see playing qb for vikings next year? … Tough one during lockout. Do sense this: Donovan McNabb would like to.”

    This is what he wrote, not sure how that is better than what walters wrote. he sensed it? really thats a more reliable source?

  15. I believe McNabb is due a huge bonus once the NFL year eventually starts. He will ceratinly be cut and the Vikes should be able to get him for free. Anither good reason to pursue him.

  16. Please not another washed up QB with a career rating in the 80’s whose best days are behind him, give me a break with all this unsolicited suggestions who the Vikings should aquire for their next QB

    Go with a fresh choice, Mallett, Dalton or Gabbert, if you really had to add a seasoned QB give up a 4th rounder for Carson Palmer or a 5 or 6th for Brady Quinn, hell don’t forget Bomar he was a starter at Ok with Peterson B4 he transfered to Sam Houston State, he’s supposed to be solid!

    no Young, no Webb, no McNabb, no Newton

  17. McNabb he can get 20 mill and skip training camp from the Vikings. What QB wouldn’t want to go there?

  18. Why would the Vikings want to go from one old quarterback past his prime to another old quarterback past his prime ?

  19. “McNabb would have made more sense while Brad Childress was around, but new offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave is expected to transition away from the team’s West Coast offense.”

    Where, exactly, are you getting this from Gregg? Musgrave is most certainly a West Coast guy, with roots tracing to his playing days as a backup for the 49ers.

    Get you’re facts straight, man.

  20. McNabb is DONE! I hope Minnesota takes him so Arizona does not make that mistake. He was never an elite QB and simply ‘very good’ even at his best. And like other ‘very good’ QBs in the past (Drew Bledsoe, Jake Delohmme, Brad Johnson to name a few) he has hit the wall! Elite guys like Favre, Marino, Kelly, Elway, Warner, etc., can give you a few “very good” years in their twilight (say past age 34)–maybe even show signs of their elite past for a few game stretch. But McNabb has regressed from “very good” to “pretty average” and I doubt he can string more than 1 or 2 games together of his former ability. For what he’ll require for a salary, I wouldn’t touch him. If his ego would allow himself to be a high-priced backup, maybe he can have a Randall Cunningham resurgence after a year or so to allow his body to recover so he can recover some of his athletic ability that has seemed to leave him. But he looks like a broken man/QB to me now. And though I’m sure someone will roll the dice on him, I’ll bet he ends the year on the bench and retires soon thereafter. Just my $0.02. Take a Marc Bulger or a Matt Hasselback–someone less known for their immense physical talent (such as McNabb) and more known for their craftiness and guile. I think you’ll get more miles out of them than a physically broken McNabb. Plus Bulger’s had a year to heal backing up Flacco. He’s like 34 and can still throw. Unlike McNabb his legs aren’t what separated him when he was a top 10 QB. If I’m AZ, I’m going all out to get Bulger.

  21. vikesfan4life says:
    Apr 16, 2011 6:16 PM

    “As a die hard Vikings fan…”


    is that as difficult to write as it is to read?

  22. It makes absolutely no sense for kolb, bulged or Carson to be mentioned before Mcnabb they aren’t even 25%as accomished as Mcnabb

  23. I don’t think it’s a good fit….

    Puke is a bitch to clean out of AstroTurf.

    Although, they would have to play a meaningful game for it to be an issue so…..maybe….

  24. What ever happened to reports with substance? “McNabb would like to play for the Vikings”…really? “Moss would like to play for the Pats” & “Haynesworth would like to play for the Titans.” See, I could use my common sense to make a headline, too….c’mon son.

  25. As an Eagles fan who has seen every game McNabb has played except for 2 last year, I think the guy can still play IF he is in a system that fits his skills.

    I don’t think he is a true west coast guy, and his diminished skills may make it harder for him to play well in that system.

    If McNabb had shut his mouth last year and went to the raiders, where they play a throw the ball down the field type of system, IMO he would be very good. He still throws the ball well on the deep balls. His problem is his Acc. on short timing routes.

    If Minn. were to go to a run first throw the ball deep to Rice and Harvin kind of Offense, and i think thats what they will be under the new OC then i think McNabb will do well.

    For the same reason I want Fat AL to play for the Eagles next year, I wouldn’t hold a season playing for the redskins against anyone at all. That team is a joke, with a head coach who is a joke, an owner who is a joke, and 50 % of the roster sucks. The guy i feel worst for is Orakpo because that guy could be the best 3-4 OLB ever if he didn’t play for that joke of a team.

  26. Let’s see, Palmer is retiring because Mike Brown is an idiot. Kolb is unproven, maybe, might be, I don’t know. Pretty risky trading for him. Bulged never was that good, take a pass.

    McNabb, sure go ahead give it a shot. But, he’d rather be in Chicago.

  27. mmmmm McNabb, that is the ClayMaker,(aka.) Bloodline, (aka) Thor,(aka) Clay Matthew’s favorite dinner.

  28. Mcnabb’s best days are behind him. He was a good qb, but never great. He can be one of many good qb’s that end there career in Minnesota. All of them faled at taking the vikings to the superbowl. From the likes of Moon, Cunningham,Ferrotte, McMahon, shoot even father time Favre. So it’s only soothing that Mcnabb ends his career in Minnesota. Mcnabb will be good for Minnesota, but not great. If Minnesota brings in Mcnabb, then they need to go out and move up and take A.J. Green, because Sidney isn’t gonna be around forever, and Percy won’t stay if he has No Help!..

  29. knucklehead93 says:
    Apr 16, 2011 8:03 PM
    JimmySmith needs to get himself a girlfriend.

    He has one, but he can’t find the air pump….

  30. So, instead of “Ted Revenge Part III”, are we calling this “Shanahan Revenge Part I”?

  31. I’m sure McNabb would like a lot of things.
    For the sake of Vikings fans, I hope they don’t do something as foolish as tying their fate with his.

  32. I hope McNabb plays for the Vikings next year. He’s a perfect Viking, he has lost almost as many NFC Championship games as the Vikings and he tends to choke when the playoffs start, a Viking tradition if there ever was one.

    McNabb is either at the end or very near it so if the Vikings sign him, its a sign that they haven’t learned anything from the Favre fiasco. Maybe they think he’s just like Favre except he isn’t sending pixs of his junk so that somehow represents an upgrade of sorts. Sad to say, but McNabb is better than anything the Vikings have on their roster now but that could be said for about 40 other active NFL QB’s.

  33. If by “brridge quarterback” you mean someone who’s just good enough to make you think he can get you to the playoffs, then horribly poops the bed making you want to jump off of one, then yeah, he’s a “bridge” quarterback.

    Yeah, a little wordy, not really worth the effort to type. lol

  34. Why cant old players just go away when they suck?McNabb had his day,but Im sure he’ll get another shop somewhere.

  35. McNabb has never been an elite WCO QB, he cannot accurately throw an underneath crossing route. Unless you plan to run a Syracuse style run and shoot offence, McNabb is useless.

    The Redskins tried to help McNabb, by having their receivers stopping and sitting down in their routes so he could throw at them. After about the third game Defenses shut that deown and the Ints mounted! And the losses piled up. He is only accurate down the field. Without a lot of deep threats he is done!

  36. McNabb should retire already while he still has some dignity left. Maybe he’s hoping for a Randall Cunningham like resurrection with the Vikings.

  37. brewdogg says: Apr 16, 2011 8:39 PM

    knucklehead93 says:
    Apr 16, 2011 8:03 PM
    JimmySmith needs to get himself a girlfriend.

    He has one, but he can’t find the air pump….

    I didn’t know your mom needed an air pump, brewdogg.

  38. dan39564
    you ever heard of triple option? that was the offense at syracuse under pasqualoni… They, syracuse, and navy and the academies, brought the Midline option into prominence…. The run and shoot is not the triple option……..and not present at that time at syracuse.
    And if that is your argument for mcnabb, then you are arguing the same case for Vince Young AND Cam Newton….Both came out of option offenses.

  39. If they are going to play the 1 read all throws under 10 yds with the exception of the occasional bomb dumbed down Andy Reid offense for McNabb, they might as well go with Webb or T Jack. They would have as much or more success.

  40. Have always been a McNabb fan but he’s not a good fit in Minnesota. The Vikes need a long-term QB solution. Frazier/Musgrave won’t go for someone with that much mileage when they’re installing a new offense.

    And why would a QB nearing retirement want to go where there’s talk of a team move and an o-line that struggled to protect Favre?

  41. What the hell, he wouldn’t be the first supposedly done Eagles QB to find success in Minny. Kicking McNabb while he’s down is very popular right now but I’d like to see him get one more realistic shot at a Bowl before he goes out and the Vikes have the talent to make it happen.

  42. kennyrogerschicken says:
    Apr 16, 2011 9:52 PM
    brewdogg says: Apr 16, 2011 8:39 PM

    knucklehead93 says:
    Apr 16, 2011 8:03 PM
    JimmySmith needs to get himself a girlfriend.

    He has one, but he can’t find the air pump….

    I didn’t know your mom needed an air pump, brewdogg.

    Ooooh, classic momma joke. I feel like I’m watching “White Men Can’t Jump” again. I gave you a thumbs up for it (and I never give thumbs up or down, so count yourself special), but I just have to ask…. Why are you defending that tool? He’s an embarrassment to Packers fans.

    Although you did remind me of where that air pump went….. Your mom needed to borrow it to keep the girls above her waist, didn’t she?

  43. I’m a huge ‘Skins fan, but waaaay too many of their problems were blamed on McNabb. He was a very good QB for them, with limited protection and few quality receivers.

  44. i laugh at all you cats calling out donovan. his terrible performance in DC only made me like him more. He has been taught for years to hate washington, why in the world would he suddenly succeed there.
    I really do hope he goes to Minn. a run game and a D.. then a vet QB,,? be real, what more could you ask for.

    hmmm,,, stadium roofing?

    & why is that sucha big deal.. take the roof off, its any other stadium… you are the idiots who chose to live in Minn.

  45. See Dab, and I think just the opposite.

    Folks that think it’s smart to just throw a rookie to the wolves are nuts. The NFL is littered with highly touted draft picks that are now journey men Qbs. Let a rookie develop a bit before you throw him in there.

    The vike O-line is a shambles of what it was. McNabb might not be a bad choice. The guy has a little mobility left and a big body to take a beating. He’s got a few years left in the tank and whatever rookie they take in the next couple years should be able to beat him out when the time comes.

    So the situation would be different than say, Favre. Where Favre is a living legend and has a ton of political pull in both the locker and league and media. McNabb has never really been a media darling.

    A guy like Vince Young can be streaky. He’ll have a few games and then will lay some eggs. Plus, he’s going to try to control a locker room, which can make a transition to a rookie really hard and might split fan support.

    My opinion, McNabb would get a thumbs up from me. He’s a big enough star to sell tickets, has enough gas in the tank, has been mostly a class act so a young guy could learn from him, and in a couple years might either retire, opening up the spot for the rookie, or will have declined enough that there wouldn’t be a Qb controversy.

    And seriously Jimmy, no matter what McNabb did the vikes aren’t going to make the playoffs for the next few years – so his record (post season) wouldn’t matter.

  46. knucklehead93 says: Apr 16, 2011 8:03 PM

    JimmySmith needs to get himself a girlfriend.


    Hey, lay off Jimmy…….he’s only 12.

  47. Why are people so darn insistent that DMac is a good QB?! He has been average for years…and when replaced with an above average (albeit equally accurate) QB Vick, that dude explodes and D Mac goes quietly into the night.

    This man is DONE. give him a backpack and a lunch and send him good bye.

    As a Packer fan however, he is always welcome with the Vikings… as is Moss, and Favre, and TJack(wtf) and bernard berrian… perfect team there in LA.

  48. Not a whole lot more than a “walters” column. This sounds like a reporter asking a player, who would you like to play for and getting a response. Now while indicates some preference by McNabb, still nothing serious other than a potential interest on McNabb’s part.

  49. @goombar2 …

    No problem on the typo … I’ve been called worse 😉

    I agree that McNabb is mobile and has more left for someone. The main reason I said he’s a poor fit for the Vikes is because of all they went through with Favre. I love the on-field Favre and don’t think he was their biggest problem last season. But after all that unwanted attention, it might be better for this team to avoid the drama of becoming last stop for aging QBs.

    Actually, I wasn’t really thinking about a rookie, but more about Kolb if you could get the Eagles down to a reasonable price. Wouldn’t want to bet the farm on someone with so few starts. I’d rather have someone with a little seasoning who can immediately become the face of the franchise.

    The other alternative is to bring in a McNabb to go now and draft a promising rookie to develop. But most of the successful QBs in the game now were leading their teams in their first or soon into their second season, so that “developing” idea may be overrated. Either you’ve got it, or you don’t.

  50. The Vikings should not be too quick to dismiss McNabb as a possibility. They need somebody that has experience and can work with whatever talent might be available. They don’t need a superhero. This team has Peterson don’t forget. This team had a chance to utilize Peterson more effectively (two years ago,) but they became unexpectedly star-crossed when Favre pulled a sun-moon-and-stars-are-all-aligned season out of his ass….and they followed Favre over the cliff like lemmings. They don’t need a Superfavre. They need a game controller that can come up with a big play once in awhile, not every play. Who better than McNabb? If he can learn anything from Favre it is that he doesn’t have to put a team on his shoulders and do it all be himself. Favre placed that burden on himself, nobody asked him…that’s the way he wants it. That is the bitter lesson that it took the Packers the last eight years of Favre’s career to figure out, and two years for the Vikings to figure out. McNabb could serve this team well. They shouldn’t shy away from McNabb just because they imagine McNabb might be nothing more than another too old QB. The lesson learned is not Favre’s age…it is his inability to listen and follow a plan.

  51. knucklehead93 says: Apr 16, 2011 8:03 PM

    JimmySmith needs to get himself a girlfriend.


    Hey, lay off Jimmy…….he’s only 12.

    That doesn’t explain why he always references pictures of Favre’s junk.

  52. If McNabb is willing to take a short term contract(two years or so) this could be a great fit. I remember hearing that one of the major influences in Mike Vick being successful in Philly was watching how McNabb conducted himself and studied film. Donovan showed Vick how to be a professional and could do the same to a new rookie.

  53. As a true fan of the Vikings(not some Packer or other thinking they know the Vikings) it is quite simple. McNabb will NOT be a Viking. Right it in stone. Frazier has been through the veteran experiment and is ready for fresh blood at QB wether it be Webb or one they draft.

    goombar2 …you are a know nothing. Saying the Vikings will not see the playoffs for years is proof. The NFL changes very rapidly.

  54. touchdownroddywhite: if Holmgren is going to take a chance on a veteran QB in his mid-30’s whose been to a Super Bowl and many playoffs, I think “his guy” would be Hasselbeck, not McNabb. Just saying.

  55. that could be said for about 40 other active NFL QB’s.

    when was there 8 teams added to the nfl-jimmy must be light headed from airing up his girl-must not have found the air pump-

  56. McNabb wants to play behind a REAL O/L, i’ve said it before, until the SKINS bring back the HOGS, it won’t matter what QB (BRADY,PEYTON, McNabb) you put back there.. he’ll struggle.

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