Ben Roethlisberger gets painful daily reminder in bathroom

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Ben Roethlisberger’s bathroom activities are once again in the news.  This time, he won’t get in any trouble for it.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Roethlisberger put the nameplate from his most recent Super Bowl appearance in his bathroom, a fitting spot to commemorate the crappy end to his season.

“To see that every day is just motivation for me to work out, to bust my butt to not let it happen again because I want to be a champion. And, right now, I’m not a champion,” Roethlisberger said.

Roethlisberger’s goal now is to win more Super Bowls than any other quarterback.

“I want to get one more than anybody else,” he said. “This would have been a great step, but now I feel I took a step back. This will haunt me until I can win another one. And it’ll still probably haunt me a little bit. But until I win another one, it’ll haunt me a lot.”

Big Ben seemed to slip into some bad habits after his second title, so perhaps the loss will help to keep him hungry and focused during this stage of his career.

“The first loser, and that kills me. Until I can get back to that point, I want to remember the pain, and it’s going to burn in me until we can get back and win one,” Roethlisberger said.

Roethlisberger keeps the nameplates from his two championships along with other memorabilia in a game room in his house.  The Super Bowl XLV nameplate will stay in the bathroom, a daily reminder about finishing No. 2.

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  1. Forget Omar Epps. From that photo, it looks like Black-Eyed Peas singer traded places with Tomlin before the game.

    Give him back, Fergie! 😡

  2. If this offseason goes like the last one for Ben he’ll get a painful daily reminder in the prison showers…

  3. That girl he *raped probably does too.

    *Allegedly. Although, come on.

    Alternate joke: Some penicillin will clear that right up.

  4. I thought the article was going to be about his fiancé on him all the time about his previous “bathroom” exploits. Disappointing!

  5. No. 2….i get it…in the bathroom…finishing No. 2….very funny…ha ha ha!

    does Rothy have a piano? he could put it on his piano, while he is working on his vocals.

  6. Wouldn’t a better “not screwing up” token to put up in there be some legal documents from the rape allegations in Tahoe or Georgia, or medical documents from his bike crash?

    He needs more of a daily reminder of what work he has to do off the field to prevent from becoming a trainwreck the rest of his life, than he does on in winning any more football games, let alone Superbowls.

  7. From the title I expected to see a story about him being given free drinks by an older more successful individual then raped.. kind of like he did that college girl. I guess you don’t really get what you give after all.

  8. This is great. I love bathroom humor! Especially when it comes at the expense of Big Ben and his rumpswab Steeler fans.

  9. This is what separates The Steelers from the rest of the NFL.
    Winning the Super Bowl is the only standard.
    Other teams talk about it,
    Pittsburgh plans on it.

  10. “This is what separates The Steelers from the rest of the NFL.”

    No, cutting or trading a boatload of players who had legal troubles or too much ego used to be the thing that separated them from the rest. Then one day they had a guy who screwed up worse than anyone else on the team, but he was apparently too valuable or expensive to trade. Now we can see that everyone has a limit. Nothing to see here, move along…

  11. Yeah, any time you’re in need of some filler stories or page hits, just run anything with “Roethlisberger” in the title and the morons with their grade-school level wit come out of the woodwork.

    / they crack themselves up… 🙄

  12. Rosenthal wins the internet today!

    The Steelers did have “Colon” trouble this past yer though.

  13. How stupid is Ruthless? He needs a plaque hanging in his bathroom to remind him to “bust his butt”. Presumbably with an arrow pointing down to the proper receptacle.

    Bust butt here >

    Bust nut here >

  14. So Ruthless’ betrothed is still living at home. To protect her virtue? When home is on Bent Elbow Road in Hickory Township it is probably the most dangerous place to be in terms of her virtue. All the male relatives know where to find her.

  15. “Roethlisberger’s goal now is to win more Super Bowls than any other quarterback.”

    Oh well. Some goals remain unfulfilled. Of course, he did not “win” the first superbowl. Steelers won inspite of him (with some help from the refs).

  16. beedubyatoo says:
    Apr 17, 2011 12:59 PM
    He’s going to have to wait until after Aaron Rodgers retires to continue his goal to win the most Super bowls ever.
    …yeah, well rogers may have to get to (much less win) multiple Super Bowls before that statement doesn’t seem premature…

  17. “Roethlisberger’s goal now is to win more Super Bowls than any other quarterback.”

    Now…? It wasn’t before?

  18. Roethlisberger is determined to improve himself is the headline, not the cheap shot used here. I still marvel at the rewriting of history on the 2010 season by the so-called experts. The Steelers were picked to finish third or fourth and miss the playoffs (except Peter King). Major injuries on the offensive and defensive lines and they still came within a last minute drive of winning another Super Bowl.

  19. @help me …

    Since the medical exam shows she didn’t even have intercourse that night (and vaginal rape is the only act she alleged), that woman in Milledgeville–who repeatedly propositioned Roethlisberger in front of dozens of witnesses and advertised herself to all comers as being down to f***–has no freakin’ idea what it’s like to live with the memory of a rape. She also has no idea what it’s like to be falsely accused of a crime, or to put up with a bunch of 12-year-old blog commenters who keep pounding on a crime the evidence and the authorities have been quite clear never occurred.

    Grow up, little one, grow up.

  20. @fatal fact …

    Woman bought her own drinks all evening at a variety of clubs on a fake ID. At CapCity, the waitress said he bought rounds for the room that she set on the table and the woman went over and helped herself. Nice to see you’ve read the files.

    @stampnhawk …

    By documents from Georgia & Lake Tahoe … you mean the medical report stating Georgia never had intercourse and the next-day text messages from Nevada saying she couldn’t wait to see him again?

    @Kave Krew …

    Hope he teaches those daughters not to run around wearing DTF pins and telling celebrities, their entourages, and every man in earshot they’re “down to f***.”

  21. Awwww … now just look at the thumbs down on my fact posts. You boys are always so cute when you pout about me spoiling the fun of your blissful ignorance 😆

  22. Instead of a plaque, he should just have a picture of Tom Brady in his bathroom, so he can try and be a better QB than Brady.

    But maybe not. I guess it’s better of him to set realistic goals.

  23. stairwayto7 says: Apr 17, 2011 1:35 PM

    Ben 2 rings…
    cancer survivor hater Rodgers 1!

    You must still be in shock from Deb molesting you in the bathroom.

  24. Oh and if he wasnt HUGE and GOOD at football and workin in findlay at a tool shop or a jiffy lube that IS his mental compacity he WOULD be recieving painful daily reminders in the shower!

  25. Don’t worry Ben…your team was supposed to finish 3rd in the division last year behind the bungles and ratbirds and look how that turned out. Keep doing what you do on the field and the superbowls will come. All the haters can only wish their team drafted you.

  26. Ben is an idiot. DTF is a tramp. No surprise they met in a college bar in backwoods GA. Why he would reference ANYTHING regarding a bathroom to the media is beyond me (see opening comment). I wish he would spend more time studying game film, and less time doing interviews. Since the SB, he has told us about he and his fiancees’ religious abstinance plan, how he and his OC want to throw the ball more but aren’t allowed, and now how he reminds himself of a poor SB performance by reading his own name in the can. Why can’t he just shut up already??

  27. “Ben Roethlisberger gets painful daily reminder in bathroom”

    “The Super Bowl XLV nameplate will stay in the bathroom, a daily reminder about finishing No. 2”

    these might possibly be the best quotes ever from pft

  28. @ihateannouncers … Amen on all of that!

    @cylondetector … uhh, thanks … I think … 😳

    @henrypuppyhead … try not to work so hard at living up to your username

    @Kave Krew … nooo, you don’t 😉

  29. @henrypuppyhead … try not to work so hard at living up to your username


    Sure, just quit asking me to donate a testicle.

  30. Deb,

    I love your posts. In fact, I think I even said “Deb for President” one time after reading one of your posts.

    But, you give way too much attention to the posters here. 1/4 of the posters here are basement dwellers, just waiting for their moms to call them upstairs for lunch. 1/4 are right-wing knuckle draggers, who think Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are the smartest people they’ve ever heard in their lives. 1/4 are pre-teen trolls. The rest – I guess myself included – are an assortment of people who sometimes try to post something of mild interest, or just get a kick out of laughing at the first 3 categories named.

  31. We tend exaggerate qualities and defects in public personalities, and I’m not a big fan of hero worship. Heroes mostly walk among us in every day life. Playing ball for dollars doesn’t count. However, there are just some guys in the game, that when they open their mouths, they remind me of why I really like Tom Brady……and Drew Brees. I’m sure there are others…..but those are two I think of right off the bat that have qualities that some guys may never have no matter how much posturing and character repair spin they put out there…..

    I hope he doesn’t ever have that record he wants for himself…..that would suck as an example. I hope he gets/keeps himself together and improves himself. But I don’t see him at the center of a feel good story….

  32. Deb says: Apr 17, 2011 4:44 PM

    Awwww … now just look at the thumbs down on my fact posts. You boys are always so cute when you pout about me spoiling the fun of your blissful ignorance


    To be honest Deb,

    I’ve been watching football for 30+ years and what you are is a “super homer”. See, personally, I have nothing against Big Ben because he’s just another self entitled athlete who acts in such a manner as to draw bad publicity to himself. Here’s the reality, lots of aholes out there who aren’t so incredibly stupid that they constantly end up drawing attention and lawsuits.

    To wit, your attempts at taking on all comers with “is this really football commentary” come off as a shut in trekkie with half the social skills.

  33. @henrypuppyhead …

    To be honest, puppyhead, what I am is a rape survivor who’s spent years dealing with dozens of other rape victims of all ages. I take all I can of the poor little Milledgeville victim bit until my stomach retches … then I start posting the case facts. But thanks for your assessment. Hope you’re not a psych major.

    I’m also a writer/editor with a journalism degree and a lot of experience covering medical and legal issues. I’ve researched this case as thoroughly as any reporter assigned to it because I needed to know about my team’s QB for my own peace of mind. I had the added benefit of being able to run things by the criminal defense attorneys in my family. Plus by sheer dumb coincidence, I have a close friend who actually worked the Milledgeville case.

    I have a wealth of documents on Georgia and Nevada and have never posted anything that wasn’t factual. And I can guarantee that if you call or visit Milledgeville and speak to any of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers or prosecutors who worked the case, they will tell you that the sorority sisters invented the accusation and no rape occurred. Go ahead … make the call.

    The Nevada civil cases (Ben has countersued) are still pending, but among the documents already filed with the court are text messages sent by Andrea McNulty after her supposed assault stating that she couldn’t wait to see Ben again. From experience, that’s not the typical reaction of a victim to her rapist.

    Since I’ve heard it all in the more than a year that I’ve been posting at PFT on this issue, I’ll save you the trouble:

    I don’t care whether you believe I’m a writer/editor, researcher, have criminal defense attorneys in the family, know someone who worked the case, am a rape survivor, have social skills, am a shut-in, am “big-boned,” am the world’s biggest homer, or want me to STFU. What you boys at PFT think of me has no bearing on my self-esteem, nor will it have any impact on whether or not I keep posting. But thanks for the input. Have a nice night 🙂

  34. @footballisfun …

    You’re right. And the worst part is that I know you’re right.

    On any other subject, I have a sense of humor. Ben’s a great QB, but the only thing about him that leaves me awestruck is his extraordinary idiocy. He needs a muzzle. But as I posted to puppyhead, I try to ignore the poor pitiful DTF stuff. But those Georgia women should be in jail, and my anger about that has nothing to do with the Steelers.

  35. Why did Ben get suspended for 6 games?

    That is the ‘fact’ that most people have taken and run with. The criminal side can always be manipulated, but the basic facts are the ones that stink – a 27 yr old superstar millionaire at college campuses mixing it up with underaged drunk females on more than one occasion.

    Don’t go there and there are no false stories being reported.

    But he did go there and now he’s fair game for people to have fun with it at his expense – that’s life in the big leagues.

    To answer my own question, I suspect the suspension is for the idiotic decision to keep going to college campuses and mixing it up with underaged drunk college females and not the criminal side.

  36. Deb…let it go. Ben is a rapist. Has been for years I would assume. You can make up any profession you want…that doesn’t mean that you actually do those things for a living. I’m a cop, cowboy, nascar driver, vetrinarian, truck driver, male model and scientist. See, i can do it too 😉

  37. So is this like Big Ben’s Serial Rapist M.O. ?
    Win a Superbowl = means he gets to have Bathroom fun.
    Lose one = means he has to get married.

    Ben 2 rings…
    cancer survivor hater Rodgers 1!
    I think you mean 2 time Rapist 2 rings
    guy walking through airport with earphones on 1 ring!

  38. Deb says:
    Apr 17, 2011 11:35 AM

    “And that headline is brilliant ”

    Agreed, but with predictable results.

    Poo and rape jokes bring the ratings. Well done PFT commenters!

  39. FoozieGrooler says: Apr 17, 2011 1:45 PM

    Yeah, any time you’re in need of some filler stories or page hits, just run anything with “Roethlisberger” in the title and the morons with their grade-school level wit come out of the woodwork.

    / they crack themselves up… 🙄

    Says one who unleashes his grade school insults every single time a Pats story is posted. You need to look in the mirror.

  40. @Kave Krew …

    Goodell stated clearly why he was suspending Ben in the letter he wrote announcing the suspension. He also noted that the suspension didn’t have anything to do with sexual assault and that the NFL investigators (ex cops and feds) didn’t find anything to conflict with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation findings. But you’ve read the letter, right?

    @Steeler’s Will …

    He’s a blogger. His job is to generate page clicks, not to report news. Mike’s a master at it. Sorry, but as a writer, had to give Gregg his props.

  41. @huricaneditka …

    As I’ve already said, I don’t care whether you believe me. However, in declaring myself a writer/editor, I’ve chosen a profession in which my posts have to speak for themselves. (I’m guessing a veterinarian would probably know how to spell it.)

    Yes, love, I’m aware that people reinvent themselves online. I could do that, too … but I’m fine with my life as it is. Sorry you’d rather trade yours for cowboy and NASCAR driver.

  42. Ben Roethlisberger gets painful daily reminder in bathroom

    Guess this is when he looks down at his ‘man-hood’… Oh wait, you have to be a ‘man’ to have one of those…

  43. Too bad Deb. Looks like the easily offended censors here are afraid of a well thought out post countering every post you’ve made in one fell swoop.

    It’s probably due to the fact that I don’t concern myself with a “thumbs up” like yourself.

    It’s a hard world out there kids. Don’t go through life like a bunch of cowards, especially when this board was started as a “smack” rumor board.

    It’s okay tiny bedwetter types, Deb doesn’t care.

  44. Yeah, puppyhead, it’s clear I’m driven by the need for popularity. ROFL

    I’m sure you’ve submitted many cogent posts exposing that I’m not Deb, the anonymous commenter, but another anonymous commenter whose psyche you’ve dissected with your super x-ray psyche dissecter. Ooooh. 😯

    The moderators have blocked my stuff as much as anyone’s … and suffered through me making a total ass of myself about it. Don’t take it personally.

  45. Ok then, why did he get suspended for 6 games? And no mumbo jumbo lookey here lookey there read this read that…..if he was innocent, then why? in your own words, explain it away.

  46. gregjennings85 says:
    Apr 18, 2011 12:40 PM
    Deb = the worst


    This is uncalled for. This is a good and civilized debate. Deb has an opinion and has articulated it and defended it in a civilized, spirited, and adult manner.

    I appreciate what she brings to the table whether i agree with her or not.

  47. @Kave Krew …

    Thank you. Posting here would be easier if he’d been guilty … but I couldn’t wish that on the woman.

    Why did Goodell suspend Ben? Several reasons …

    1. Goodell is political and the NFL’s image is his first concern. Only the sensational aspects of this story were reported, so the public was irate thinking a rich athlete had gotten off. Goodell needed to calm the waters. He said in his letter he was suspending Ben for irresponsible behavior with alcohol and a pattern of recklessness. He also said it wasn’t for assault and the NFL was not contradicting the findings of the investigation. I don’t think he ever intended to keep Ben out more than four games; that original “six” was for effect.

    2. Goodell getting public pressure from a few African American players saying that, if Ben were black, he definitely would be suspended. In truth, Pacman Jones had three years of arrests and convictions and was involved in two shootings within a six-month period before receiving his first suspension from Goodell. But perception doesn’t always match reality.

    3. Ben didn’t rape anyone, and it’s not unusual for prominent athletes to be sued for rape in civil court. But most players would have sense to lay low with a civil suit pending. For Ben to wind up in that situation demonstrated his recklessness. He needed a kick to the backside and the Rooneys had told Goodell and Ben that if the league didn’t handle it, they would. But I don’t think the team would have suspended him for more than two games.

    David Cornwell, Ben’s civil attorney, has a good relationship with Goodell and wrote him requesting that a psychiatric evaluation be a condition of the suspension. (That letter also became public.) He felt Ben needed professional guidance, and to his credit, Goodell included the evaluation/counseling as a condition of Ben’s “sentence.”

    Ben was the only player ever suspended without being arrested, failing a drug test, or violating a league policy. I have a major problem with Goodell suspending Roethlisberger but not Brandon Underwood and Vince Young, who were both arrested later. It’s hypocritical–especially with Young, who’s had repeat problems. And as the sister & sis-in-law of criminal defense attorneys, I hated it because, of course, it made some people think Ben was really guilty after all. But otherwise, I fully supported Ben’s suspension.

    Like a lot of star athletes, Ben was caught up in being Ben. I’ve read accounts from first-responders to his motorcycle accident. He severed an artery inside his mouth, and if an alert paramedic hadn’t caught it, he’d have bled out at the scene. He was behaving like an entitled jackass and his recklessness was so out of control that he’d actually started riding without a helmet again. If someone hadn’t done something, his ego might have been the death of him. Now maybe he’ll get enough time to mature into the worthwhile human being he seems to want to be. And maybe he’ll discipline himself into the QB and team leader he has the potential to be.

  48. Deb, you are definitely popular…and unpopular. Maybe a Pro /Con site would be a good spinoff. Based on this thread alone I think you might get a solid fan / hater base.

  49. @ihateannouncers and Kave Krew …

    Thanks … that would be fun … I think. Depends on how much hate I’d get 🙂

  50. Kave Krew:

    And now do you see what I meant when I posted that Deb is the worst?

    That 4/18/2011, 8:45pm post above should be all you need to determine that.

  51. Well, that’s helpful gregjennings85 …

    I didn’t make a post on 4/18/2011 at 8:45 p.m. or at 8:45 a.m. … nor on any other day at that time. And none of my posts from this thread have been deleted.

    Maybe you just hate me for the posts you imagine I’ve made.

  52. The real travesty about Roethlisberger is that people continue to refer to him as being “a great quarterback.”
    Roethlisberger hasn’t been “great” since the 2005 postseason, when he put together the greatest three-game stretch of quarterback play of my lifetime. His brilliance even included a game-saving tackle that other quarterbacks simply would not have even attempted let alone made. But that was five, long seasons ago.
    Since then, Roethlisberger has been average to well below average.
    In Super Bowl XL, he was awful. His performance has been well documented. In Super Bowl XLIII, he and his offense were held to just 13 points in the game’s first 59 minutes by the absolute worst defense in Super Bowl history. The 2008 Cardinals’ defense allowed an alarming 49 touchdowns in the regular season.
    Last season, without Roethlisberger, the Steelers went 3-1 and had a scoring offense that ranked No. 10 in the NFL. Upon Roethlisberger’s return, that same offense tumbled to No. 17 in scoring. Eight out of 16 games last season, the Steelers scored fewer than 20 points. Against the Bengals, Roethlisberger’s offense failed to score a TD in a 23-9 win.
    The Steelers’ offense finished the season ranked No. 12 in scoring due to a flurry of meaningless points against bottom feeders Browns and Panthers in the final two games of the regular season.
    In Super Bowl XLV, when you take into account his wealth of experience, Roethlisberger’s performance was even worse than it had been in Super Bowl XL.
    Ben Roethlisberger is an average quarterback who is mistakenly confused for being elite. That confusion is caused by Pittsburgh’s local sports media, especially by Ed Bouchette, Ron Cook and Bob Pompani, all of whom are all vying for “best man” honors for their hero’s impending wedding.

    Those three blind mice

  53. @bobzilla …

    I call Ben “great,” but it’s a relative term. He’s great by comparison to that bunch we endured from ’83 to ’04. The team’s had great success with him, and he has a lot of raw talent and unique ability. But he’s never done the work to live up to his potential. Always wondered what Ben could be if he had Brady’s drive and work ethic.

    Got my hopes up when he worked with a QB coach during his suspension and adjusted his mechanics. And hoped the Super Bowl loss would drive him to work even harder. But it was disheartening to hear his comments about how he and Bruce Arians want to throw more as they did when they helped kill the ’09 season. The distractions of a lockout and a wedding don’t help.

    Ben has enthusiasm. But watching some of the situations he’s gotten into and listening to some of his comments, it’s obvious the attribute Roethlisberger lacks most is maturity. As he matures off the field, perhaps he’ll gain the maturity on the field to apply himself to becoming a more disciplined–and more consistent–QB.

  54. Deb: Roethlisberger has NEVER had any motivation to get better, mainly because he has had the Pittsburgh media eating out of the palm of his hand since his arrival in 2004.
    When the Steelers’ defense wins games, which is more often than not, the local media immediately credit Roethlisberger. When the Steelers lose a game, which isn’t often, the local media immediately fault the defense. This cannot be healthy for team morale…
    Ron Cook, a Post-Gazette columnist, has written several columns in which he has proclaimed Roethlisberger as being better than was Terry Bradshaw. Cook has gone out of his way to brutally trash Bradshaw undeservedly in the process.
    Compare Bradshaw’s Super Bowl passing stats to Roethlisberger’s. It ain’t even close. In fact, Cook ought to be embarrassed to make such a lame assertion.
    As far as “maturity,” Roethlisberger is 28 years old and will soon enter his EIGHTH season. Sorry, but that ship has sailed.
    Big Ben will continue to “win” as long as the Steelers’ defense remains No. 1 and doesn’t slip to fifth, which was the case in 2006 and 2009.

  55. @bobzilla …

    Was just talking to my brother about some of my frustrations with Ben and wound up saying, “What is he … 28?!?” But I know men older than he is who still act like kids. And I’ve known some who managed to get a better grip on themselves in their 30s, so maybe there’s still hope. I also think Terry is an immature man, but he was more football mature than Roethlisberger.

    Wish the press would keep a reasonable perspective, but they seldom do that on any subject. Football is a team sport, one in which the pieces fit together like a puzzle. But they’ve got to single out their heroes and goats. Ben’s been a little of both for the team, but there’s no question in my mind that if he’d been willing to do the work, we’d have at least three Lombardis. I’m always grateful for what we do have, but it’s irritating to see someone waste that kind of raw talent because he believes too much of his own hype.

  56. As for…

    “I have a wealth of documents on Georgia and Nevada and have never posted anything that wasn’t factual. And I can guarantee that if you call or visit Milledgeville and speak to any of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers or prosecutors who worked the case, they will tell you that the sorority sisters invented the accusation and no rape occurred. Go ahead … make the call. ”

    BS! I am in the GBI and you are lying!

    Put up or shut up. Show the source or go away.

  57. @”real”gbi …

    The documents I have were released to the public and are available to anyone who wants to go online and get them, download them, and put in the time reading them … as everyone in the media, the GBI, and the prosecutor’s office well knows. Fred Bright’s full 71-minute statement explaining the investigative findings is online, too. And since you’re obviously too stupid or too lazy to look up the info, if you were in the GBI instead of just being a really bad, hokey liar, you could pick up a phone and call Bright or Tom Davis, the lead GBI investigator on the case, and get one of them to reiterate it for you.

    I’d say “nice try” … but that wasn’t even a passable at impersonating an officer … 😆

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