Hasselbeck remains hopeful he’ll return to Seattle

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck figures there were two kinds of free agents this February.  There were the “handful” of guys that were definitely going to get a deal doe before the lockout, and there was everyone else.

Hasselbeck thought he was in the first group, but it didn’t happen.

“I truly thought that I would be one of those guys potentially, because of my desire to stay and everything [the Seahawks] had told me,” Hasselbeck told Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe.   “But it didn’t happen and that’s OK. I’m not upset about anything. I understand it’s kind of a weird year and it’s a hard year to forecast.”

We’re not sure if Hasselbeck will return to Seattle; another team may want him more.  We suspect even the Seahawks don’t really know how things will go.

Hasselbeck says he’s “definitely hopeful” he’ll be back and believes Seattle’s interest isn’t just for show.

“I think it’s genuine, I think it’s sincere that they want me back, it’s just a matter of how badly,’’ Hasselbeck said.

13 responses to “Hasselbeck remains hopeful he’ll return to Seattle

  1. as much as i want him back i dont think its going to happen… i could see him going to the dolphins or the vikings… and the seahawks drafting mallett…

  2. This would be the best possibility for the Bengals. Matt Hasselbeck learned the West Coast Offense from the same tree as Cincy OC Jay Gruden. Matt would give the offense a QB that would run the new offense smoothly while at the same time tutoring a young QB from the draft like Ponder, Stanzi or Dalton, or even from free agency like Quinn, Leinart or Smith. Sign Matt to a respectable 2 year contract, give the team a chance to compete and make a smooth transition after a year or 2.

  3. I’m not hating but please tell me what has Hasselbeck done to make him garner so much ink? He’s been an average QB most of his career plus he’s often injured. Plus Mike Holgrem’s no longer the GM and if Pete Carroll wants to put his stamp on this team he may have different ideas as to whom should be the starting QB. I can see them offering Hasselbeck just enough to get him back for one more season. He would make a great mentor.

  4. Basically, it’s kinda like being Dumped. Matt, the Hawks are dumping you. We loved you here, and thank you for everything. It’s time to turn the corner now, and get ready for the years to come. Now Matt if you were GM, you wouldn’t bring yourself back to Seattle would you? No!!! I’m quite sure that Andy Reid could use a #2 after they unload Kolb, plus you will be back with Andy Reid who can probably add another 5 years to your career.

  5. @henryd3rd

    go watch the saints playoff game thats what he can do when he has protection and his wideouts arent droping every pass thrown their way… i will admit he has made a few bad mistakes when it comes to ints but he has plenty left in the tank under the right circumstances…

  6. “I think it’s genuine, I think it’s sincere that they want me back, it’s just a matter of how badly,”

    Uh, not bad enough to give you more than 2 years, Matt.

  7. @henryd3rd

    He has led the Seahawks to multiple NFC West titles. Been to the pro bowl, played a great superbowl game, set numerous team records, played hurt and plays well when given decent protection.

    He is valuable to the team and should be retained while the Seahawks work on the next QB.

  8. I hope things work out for Hass wherever he goes. He’s always been one of the few Qbs in the NFL whose personality I like. There’s a place for any player like him who has smarts and willingness to help a young guy at his position especially this year when they aren’t going to have access to coaches for the full offseason.

  9. I am so sick of anyone trying to dismiss what he’s done.

    Six playoff appearances in eight years as Seattle’s starter. Three Pro Bowls. A Super Bowl. And a very good playoff resume.

    Anyone who watched the Seahawks in the 2011 playoffs can clearly see he can still play.

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