Pouncey, Ingram heading to draft, too


And just as we pegged the total number of rookies who’ll attend the draft at 11, there are two more who will attend.

Florida center Mike Pouncey and Alabama running back Mark Ingram have accepted their invitations.

As to Pouncey, it’s no surprise.  He said before he was invited that he’ll attend if he’s asked.  Ingram got his invitation a long time ago, and he has decided to accept it.

Also, we’d forgotten about Cam Newton and Cameron Jordan, both of whom will be attending.

So the number is now at 15.  And it could go even higher.

13 responses to “Pouncey, Ingram heading to draft, too

  1. Vegas giving even odds as to whether or not Mr. Irrelevant is in the Green Room this year.

  2. the more in attendance the better

    the draft is most exciting when you get to see the player your team drafts standing up on stage holding the new jersey

  3. I think these guys are essentially saying Eff U to the NFLPA for even attempting to strong arm them……..good for them…..these guys have guts….

  4. All these veteran players that have a problem with this should pipe down. These kids have worked their whole life for this moment and aside the fact that they probably will the first group to operate under a rookie scale(something the vets seem to agree with the owners on) this lockout will eventually end and why should these kids lose out on that moment that has nothing to do with the current stupidity that the NFLPA* and the league are displaying.

  5. I hope these rookies refrain from any pro-player gestures or demonstrations while on stage with Commissioner Goodell. This is an opportunity for them to showcase their maturity and professionalism to a national audience. Anything to the contrary will likely backfire. NFL fans will be in no mood to be reminded of the very thing they’re trying to escape.

  6. I dont care who the hell is in the room i care about who my crappy ass team takes so please….stop tellin me who is goin,please

  7. Someone will probably take a flyer and take them in the first round and could have waited and taken either one in the second or maybe even the third round. They’ll kick themselves for not taking a better player in the first.

  8. Hey Hobart, what are the Vegas odds for another Pouncey/Pouncey mouth on mouth man kiss this year?

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