Scott Pioli would draft Tyson Jackson all over again

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Before Peter King put Tyson Jackson third in his Sports Illustrated Mock Draft two years ago, no one thought Jackson was even a top-15 pick.  And wouldn’t you know: Jackson went third to the Chiefs in a stunning choice.

Jackson was supposed to be a safe, if unflashy building block to Kansas City’s 3-4 defense.  Perhaps an answer to New England’s Ty Warren.  It hasn’t worked out that way so far, but Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli said he would make the same pick all over again.

“I’d take the same player again,” Pioli said this week via Bob “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

Hmmm.   We suppose Pioli has to say that, but it defies belief.  Jackson only started three games last year.  The same draft class included defenders like B.J. Raji, Brian Cushing, and Brian Orakpo in the top 15 picks.

We know sack numbers aren’t a big deal for 3-4 defensive ends, but Jackson has one in two seasons.  He was arguably the fourth best end on his team last year behind Wallace Gilberry, Glenn Dorsey, and Shaun Smith.

“I know the jury is still out [on Jackson]; we all need to see that,” Pioli said.  “Everyone in our organization is pretty confident still that Tyson is going to be a good player.”

We need to see it soon.  Jackson isn’t a Vernon Gholston-type bust, but there’s no spinning the fact a lot more is expected out of a top-3 pick.

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  1. You can’t expect anyone to admit a draft mistake until the guy is off the team.

  2. Jackson sucks he hasn’t done squat for the Chiefs other than cash a paycheck.

    He’s a human blocking sled.

  3. Of course its hard to eat crow when the dude is stil on the team.. lets see if he is stil on next year. That will be all you need to know

  4. Oh, OK… Pioli would correct a past mistake by making the same mistake!

    How reassuring for Chiefs fans!

  5. ““I’d take the same player again,” Pioli said this week via Bob “Absolutely. Absolutely.””

    I made a comment here re:Daly and Mallet and it had to do with not only learning from one’s own mistakes, but also learning from other’s mistakes. It’s the easiest way to improve performance while lessening the pain of being wrong. To hear him say this is stunning. What a moron. He clearly is letting ego get in the way of learning from a mistake. Pride is one thing, stupidity is quite another.

  6. I wondered then and wonder now why KC didn’t take Raji. His unique size and agility does not come around very often, and KC was and still is missing a bonafide NT in their 3-4. Hindsight is 20-20, and this Packer fan isn’t complaining, but it looks to me like Pioli fell in love with a player and let that dictate the pick…while value would have pointed him to Raji.

  7. What was he supposed to say? “Tyson Jackson is the biggest bust to ever bust out of Bustville?”

    Of course not. You attached his name to the quote.

    I’d be interested in hearing what he has to say if you called him an “unnamed source inside the Chiefs organization.”

    Then he’d probably say that Tyson Jackson has been such a bust that he takes our attention away from Glenn Dorsey’s bustiness. (pause)

  8. He wouldn’t take it back and trade down to get Clay Matthews to play opposite Tamba Hali? What!?!?

  9. Finally, Vernon Gholston contributes something to the NFL—a yardstick that makes another sucky draft pick look like a stroke of genius.

  10. Obviously he has to say that as other posters have pointed out. He’s still on the team. He’s a two year 3-4 DE…this position takes more time than most. He’s actually not all together terrible, I think theres still potential here.

    But seriously Pioli would draft someone else if he could, duh.

  11. Pioli can do or say whatever he wants. Took the Chiefs up from the basement, not to mention what he did in New England. He’s the man. Any team would have him. Maybe not the Packers.

  12. 1) Sometimes it takes more than just 1 or 2 seasons to make a splash. As a Ram fan,you have no idea all the criticisms I heard about him. “Never gonna rush the passer…” “god hes gonna be a bust.”

    Year 3 roles around, gets some help in the middle – then wa’la…Long lead the league in QB Hurries and put up 8.5 Sacks..Plus he’s dynamite against the run. Also moving to LDE helped as well.

    2)Expecting Pioli to say anything else is stupid..Not only does it make him look bad, it also hurts the confidence of the player.

    Nothing positive comes from it..not even the terrible story you’d probably write with it.

  13. Then he’d probably say that Tyson Jackson has been such a bust that he takes our attention away from Glenn Dorsey’s bustiness.
    ————————————————- Dorsey is not a bust.


    You must not watch football

  14. At least Pioli has the sack to man-up and admit when he’s made a mistake.

    Gotta respect that.

    Now I know why he’s a million dollar salaried executive.

    Only in America…

  15. Last summer at training camp, I watched an undrafted rookie lineman handle Jackson snap after snap. Moved him on running plays & stalemating him on passing plays.

    Here’s the rub, that undrafted rookie was a defensive lineman moved over to the offensive side of the ball because injuries had taken a temporary toll on O-tackles.

    I saw it happen in two consecutive practices. Jackson is a bust, he will never be an NFL quality starter, never.

  16. The question was whether he would draft this player again. He said yes. But he never said that he would drafted him third overall again. He’d take him again, just in the the 7th round.

  17. Yeah, and last year folks were calling BJ Raji a bust and at best he could be an average player.

    D-lineman take time to develop. Tyson Jackson is supposed to be a 5 tech anyhow, if I remember right, and that takes even more time. Calling him a bust right now going into his 3rd season is so stupid it’s not even funny.

    Gosh, it reminds me of the idiots in the vike forum that are so sure throwing a rookie out on the field equals great success right off the bat. Sure, sometimes it happens, but 90% of the time rookies need a learning curve.

    Pioli is still a top GM in my mind and KC has been getting better since he took the job.

  18. Pioli is from the same school of blowhards, liars, and cheaters as Belichick and Parcells.

    You know he’s lying when they cut losses with Jackson.

    BTW, Haley has a lot to do with the success of Chiefs than Pioli. In New England it was Belichick not Pioli who had anything to do with success there.

  19. Ask Pioli again when Jackson is no longer on the Chiefs. I assure you the answer would be very different.

  20. Deny, deny, deny. What can he say? I wish I’d taken Orakpo. There is always a “reason” why a draft pick didn’t work out as expected other than “we made a mistake”. Just look at Quincy Carter drafted by the cowboys. Bust? Probably. Mistake, absolutely.

  21. I am a Chiefs fan, and I was absolutely furious when he drafted Jackson. Jackson wasn’t even particularly good in college, and here KC was taking him in the top three. Ridiculous. At any rate, it’d be unrealistic to expect Pioli to say anything more critical than he did in hindsight, at least as long as Jackson is on the team.

    Orakpo or Raji would’ve been the far better pick.

  22. When KC took Tyson Jackson and the Raiders took DHB, everyone frowned upon the Raiders but gave Scott Pioli credit simply because of his experience in NE. Jackson was the biggest reach in the draft considering the Chiefs could’ve had BJ Raji or Brian Orakpo. The Raiders were smart to stay away from Crabtree but could’ve also had BJ Raji and wouldn’t have had to trade for Richard Seymour.

    Both the Raiders and the Chiefs have equal busts considering DHB is an excellent downfield blocking WR. But both are the 4th best at their positions.

  23. I think it’s pretty possible what Pioli means is that if he were to go back to that draft, his scouting and assessments of the players would be the same as it was the first time, and that would lead him to make the same decision. i.e. there was nothing else at the time that would suggest he shouldn’t have made the pick he did. Hindsight is 20/20.

    And if that’s NOT what he meant, then he obviously just doesn’t want to throw the kid under the bus while he’s STILL on the team, and still has a chance to improve/develop.

  24. goombar2 says: Apr 17, 2011 3:00 PM

    D-lineman take time to develop. Tyson Jackson is supposed to be a 5 tech anyhow, if I remember right, and that takes even more time.

    They do take time to develop, but the third pick in the draft should do better than 68 tackles and 1 sack over two seasons. Why else pick him so high?

  25. jeremyb91 says: Apr 17, 2011 6:33 PM

    Both the Raiders and the Chiefs have equal busts considering DHB is an excellent downfield blocking WR. But both are the 4th best at their positions.
    Oakland drafted Matt Shaughnessy in the third round in that draft. The Chiefs drafted Alex Magee. KC has a lot of cash tied up in players like Dorsey and Jackson, and don’t have much to show for it.

  26. Because the GM is thinking long term over short term. Same reason a team would draft a QB and let him ride the pine for a few years honing his craft.

    It’s nice to see everyone talking nice about BJ Raji, but he’s only got 48 tackles in the same time.

    I mean, you’re a Raider fan, right? How many people were calling McFadden a bust a couple years ago? And now what do people think?

    You can’t pick players with the mind set of what will they do this year. Good players need time to develop.

  27. RE:the poster who put up Jackson’s sack #s: Why in the world would anyone be judging a 5 tech on how many sacks he has anyway? That isn’t his job.

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