Titans give G.M. Mike Reinfeldt new multi-year contract


Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt is a relative unknown to the national public, considering he played in the league eight years and is entering his fifth season in charge of Tennessee’s front office.

Guys tend to have a low profile when they work with coaches like Mike Holmgren in Seattle and Jeff Fisher in Tennessee.  With first time head coach Mike Munchak taking over the Titans, Reinfeldt figures to have more influence than ever on the draft.  He also has newfound security.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the Titans recently signed Reinfeldt to a multiyear extension, believed to run through 2014.

We think Reinfeldt has done a solid job at G.M. since taking over a difficult situation from Floyd Reese.  He’s known as a consensus builder that works well with his team of scouts and coaches.

His first two first-round picks — Michael Griffin and Chris Johnson — were outstanding.  The jury is out on the next two — Kenny Britt and Derrick Morgan — although Britt’s talent was a great find late in the first round.

It looks like Reinfeldt will get a chance to keep making picks in Tennessee for a while.

9 responses to “Titans give G.M. Mike Reinfeldt new multi-year contract

  1. As a Titans fan, I think this is good news. Given the upheaval in the coaching staff, it will be good to have a level of stability in the front office.

  2. A little stability in the front office will occur when Bud Adams is out of the picture.

    Reinfeld needs to draft a premier receiver early to help whichever QB they end up with if they release VY. He’s never had a go to guy. Britt helped but isn’t the answer.

  3. If Chris Johnson was a home run, then Michael Griffin is more like a ground rule double. Britt might end up being nothing more than a long foul ball is he doesn’t get his act together.

    Reinfeldt seems solid enough as a raw talent evaluator, overall. And there isn’t much drama with him when it comes to handling all the other duties, which I think is a good thing. I think he deserves the new contract. I hope for his sake they don’t go QB with this year’s top pick, unless they trade down first. That’s a really tough one to hit on.

  4. NFL general managers seem to age just as dramatically as U.S. Presidents during the years they hold the job. Guess it’s an indication of how stressful being a GM is.

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