Jay Gruden having “hard time” hiding love for Dalton

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As the draft creeps even closer, the connections between specific players and teams are only going to grow.

One connection picking up steam of late according to SI.com’s Peter King is Cincinnati and TCU QB Andy Dalton.

“It’s getting very hard for [Bengals offensive coordinator] Jay Gruden to hide how much he loves Andy Dalton,” one quarterback coach told King.

The Bengals have met with Dalton in some form or fashion five times.  Dalton figures to be available when the Bengals choose early in the second round, but there has been speculation he could go higher.

Perhaps the Bengals are just trying to convince everyone they won’t go quarterback at No. 4 overall.  We have a feeling they see more value from a wideout or defensive player there, with a quarterback pick like Dalton in the second round.

11 responses to “Jay Gruden having “hard time” hiding love for Dalton

  1. I can only think of 2 quarterbacks in that last twenty years drafted in the second round, who did something and that’s Favre & Brees. History says if you want a thrower get him in the first round, not the second. Quincy Carter, Pat White, Tavaris Jackson, Drew Stanton, John Beck, Brian Brohm……which one stands out? Andy Dalton is not a first rounder, and if he goes in the second he has to break precedent of the 2nd rd QB failure rate…

  2. Oh lord…Next week cannot get here fast enough so I can get the heck off of this silly “NFL Draft” merry-go-round.

    I’m getting headache trying to keep up with who these sports “know it alls” like in this years draft, vs. who they want us to believe we need to stay away from, based on how much under-the-table money they are getting to hype them.

    And which team we should believe is “genuinely” in love with which QB, vs. which team is only “blowing smoke” with their QB love.

  3. RussianBreadMaker says:
    Apr 18, 2011 9:06 AM
    Dalton is a redhead, all read heads are tough SOBs.


  4. No, no, no. say it ain’t so. I hope he’s still there for the Colts to get him in the second. Cincinnati is not the place to be taken.

  5. Favre – Drafted in 1991
    Brees – Drafted in 2001
    Dalton – Drafted in 2011?

    Maybe one comes every 10 years. It’s a shame the world will end in 2012.

  6. I don’t understand why Duane and I were thumbed down.

    Give me a quarterback taken in the second round–since Drew Brees–that has been productive.

    You can’t.

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