Jeff Fisher plans to get back into coaching in 2012


Former Titans coach Jeff Fisher, who held the job from 1994 through 2010, plans to take the year off.  Completely.

In 2012, however, he plans to return.

“When I wake up in the morning, I’m happy,” Fisher told Peter King of Sports Illustrated. “It was not an easy decision [to stop coaching], but it was the right decision.  My hope is to get back into coaching next year.  For now, it’ll be fun to see parts of the year coaches never get to see because we’re always coaching.  I’m going to take some time off, play some golf and watch my son play at Auburn.”

It has been presumed for the past few years that Fisher will have a long line of suitors if and when he becomes available.  He became available too late in the 2011 hiring cycle to test that theory.  Come next year, it’ll be very interesting to see whether he’s at the top of the “A” list.

Skeptics will point to years of mediocrity with the Titans, along with a string of players who have found lots of trouble off the field (Pacman Jones, Kenny Britt, Albert Haynesworth) and plenty of trouble on it (Cortland Finnegan, Albert Haynesworth).  But Fisher has cultivated strong media relationships, and the Competition Committee is by all appearances holding his seat.  When the writers and the talkers begin putting Fisher’s name out there for 2012, his candidacy will become a self-fulfilling prophecy — and we’re confident that someone will hire him.

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  1. He will find a job.. No worries… I think he is a pretty good coach.. I blame some of his issues to Floyd Reese.. They fought a lot.. By the time Floyd was gone so was Fishers excitement to coach

  2. He should have plenty of options available to him.
    Chargers- A.J and Norv need to go
    Dolphins-Sparano is not head coach material
    Texans- Better make playoffs this season
    Jaguars- Need new blood
    Bears- Overrated coach.
    Cardinals-Should be fired for letting Leinart go

  3. I find it hard to lay the blame on Fisher for all the turds the personnel people drafted. Vince Young being the latest bust.
    Apparently “character” isn’t high on the list of qualities that the Titan draft people value.

  4. Just make sure it’s not the same team that signs VY this year. Good luck with that. Bud Adams screwed you both.

  5. Jeff is going to be a great coach. He has that old school persona but with new school principles. He didn’t take any of VY’s crap and embraced good work ethic(finnagin) . Good luck to your future. I think you would look good in cinccy.

  6. “It was not an easy decision to stop coaching.”

    Uhh … weren’t you fired? Did you have other coaching opportunities this season?

    The Life of Jeff Fisher: A History Rewritten

  7. I hate to guess where he will end up, since the season hasn’t even started and no one wants to write off a season in April…

    That said I think the most likely places are:

    1)The Dolphins, Tony was brought in as one of “Bills Guys” if he doesn’t convert this season I am guessing he is done. The already tried to replace him this year as it was.

    2) Giants: Am I the only one thinking Coughlin might be getting close to retirement? Isn’t he in his 70s? I am not sure this would be a firing or a parting of the ways situation, esspecially if they get 9-10wins but miss the playoffs or are one and done. Of course if they get “close” then he will likely stay.

    3)Chiefs: Their staff did awesome last year but I think their head coach is going to end up being the Vince Young of the coaching world before it is said and done. He ran off wise and if any more defect he is done.

    Honorable mentions to the Redskins or Bills.

  8. Given all the coaches that got further than him more recently than him and the trend towards giving long-time coordinators chances, he may have the same problems as another coach who couldn’t win in the playoffs, Marty Schottenheimer.

  9. I can see Jeff taking over the Bears. He both played and coached with them for a minute (before Cowher broke his leg), and Chicago tries to pride themselves on being a defensive team. Fisher could change a few things, work with the existing players there, and make that a scary defense once again.

  10. Dolphins’ Ross extended TS’ contract to get through CBA renewal swamp–not because of his success or coaching skills or fist-pumping -at-field goals ‘small ball’ mediocrity.

    If NFL survives the court challenges (I think there is a risk of Japan fall-out damage to the game if progressive courts side with NFLPA* against NFL owners) TS will be gone.

    I can only hope a USC guy will want an East Coast gig and “take his talents” to South Beach.

    Rest well,Mr. Fisher.

  11. I hope he will consider coming to Jacksonville , After all he has a colorful history with this city with his famous ” Home Field ” smack he ran after the 1999 season. He is really hated here at this moment because his teams have consistently befuddled the Jaguars, How sweet would it be for him to return to coaching and dish out some of that pain to the Titan fan base ? Plus he would ignite a real passion in the fan base here as well and help keep ticket sales up and also keep the LA trolls under their rocks in that Geico commercial

  12. It’s also possible he could end up with the New York Giants should Tom Coughlin retire or with the Philadelphia Eagles if they don’t make it to the playoffs this year.

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