London game will be moved to Tampa if lockout doesn’t end by August 1

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I’ve been asked hundreds of times, dating back to last year, when I think a new collective bargaining agreement will be reached.

I always say the same thing: I don’t know, no one really knows, and if anyone did know, it certainly wouldn’t be me.   Then I say that if they were setting an over/under date in Vegas,  mid-August sounds about right.

Perhaps August 1 makes more sense.

The NFL confirmed the news that the Bucs would “host” the Bears in London this season on October 23rd, but included this major caveat:

“Should the current labor situation be unresolved by August 1, the game will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.  Buccaneers season ticket holders will receive detailed ticket information from the club in the near future regarding team ticketing policy for this game,” the statement reads.

This isn’t a deadline for the league; they could survive without a London game.  But it does provide another key date where the league will lose something very tangible if they don’t have a deal.

The amount of money lost and complications from the lockout will start to multiply exponentially as August begins and games are threatened at home and abroad.

17 responses to “London game will be moved to Tampa if lockout doesn’t end by August 1

  1. I am not convinced that this is necessarily a money loser for the NFL by moving the game back to Tampa. I’d need to see the numbers, but it seems like all the extra overhead expense of moving a game to London, offsets the extra money in ticket sales from that stadium, and who knows how the ticket profits are cut up? Do the Bucks get a cut since it is their “home” game?

    Maybe there is some tv revenue there too, but I know I am not going to watch that game just because it is in London. Get some better teams or a more interesting match up and I will watch, but again it won’t be because it is in London. Maybe people in London will watch it and there will be some extra revenue for the league there.

  2. another pro union story disguised as news…liberals new reporting if I ever saw it. the only people who are going to ultimately lose is the players.

  3. Ship Goodell and De Smith to London instead effective immediately and let’s get this deal done.

  4. Every season a division winner or a playoff spot is decided by one game or a tiebreaker. Home teams win more often than the road teams. A team like the Bucs are borderline playoff team so losing out on a home game could have a huge impact. The Bears are getting a big break since they have one less road game.

  5. As long as the unions position is all but we are not giving it back..there will be no football. The owners are filthy rich for a reason, they knew what they were doing from the minute they backed out of the agreement….for them to fold, even at the threat of exemptions going away. and threats is all they are, because nobody wins if they do, would be utterly shocking.

  6. Actually, I think the Bucs want this game in London:

    I suspect they requested it be because they likely are very concerned Bears fans would swallow up most of the tickets for this game and take over Raymond James Stadium to where it essentially became an extra home game for the Bears. Had it not been scheduled for London, I suspect it would have been a December Monday night game where Bears fans would have been buying tickets left and right off Bucs season ticket holders for exorberant sums.

  7. Yes, Gregg Rosenthal, you are evil, all right 😈

    Now you’re enticing me to stop rooting for a quick end to the lockout by saying a delay until August will kill Goodell’s UK excursion for the year. Oooooh … that’s playing dirty.

    Could we maybe send Roger to the Royals as a wedding gift? He’d make a good palace guard. I’ve never seen him smile.

  8. They should just leave it in Tampa. Don’t schedule a game out of the country. They are only interested in soccer anyway in England, Europe and South America. and Japan is only interested in baseball.

  9. I dont like overseas games! I think its unfair for a team to lose a home game, and its not fair to the fans. This is an American sport, it should be played in America. If the Bears fans want to buy the tickets, who cares, maybe the Bucs wont get blacked out. But, at the very least, give the real fans a chance to see the game. The English dont care, they have soccer.

  10. As a buc fan overseas now I’m hoping the lockout last as long as august 2, I’m planing to visit Tampa just for the second part of October and want to attend that game at the Ray Jay.

  11. burkem325 says:
    Apr 18, 2011 7:57 PM
    Roger Goodell and De Smith, pistols at ten paces. Winner takes all.
    I must say sir this is the most sensible thing i have ever read. And no I am not being sarcastic.

  12. I am a Buc season ticket holder. In this email they sent me there is no mention of August 1st deadline.

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears have been selected to take part in the NFL’s fifth annual International Series game, scheduled to be played on Sunday, October 23, in London’s Wembley Stadium at 1:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. UK time). FOX will provide live television coverage in the United States.

    “We are honored to be selected to participate in the NFL International Series for a second time,” said Buccaneers co-chairman Bryan Glazer. “We are looking forward to promoting Tampa Bay’s emerging young team on the world stage. We have the longest running fan club of any NFL team in the UK and look forward to seeing so many familiar faces from the Bucs UK fan club at the game.”

    “Our past four games in London have demonstrated the tremendous passion for NFL football that exists in the UK,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We hope by staging another extraordinary game at Wembley that we can continue to grow our existing fan base and attract even more new fans.”

    With the Buccaneers-Bears game scheduled for London, any Buccaneers season ticket account that has paid-in-full will be refunded for the amount paid toward that game. Depending on the original payment method, such refunds will come in the form of a check for accounts paid by check or cash, and in the form of a refund to the credit card that made the payment for credit card charges. Any accounts currently using payment plans will have remaining payments adjusted to reflect the cost of 9 games instead of 10.

  13. airraid77, Are you joking? Because if you are not, you are the most brainwashed ditto head Rush fan I’ve ever heard speak. I don’t see how you can connect those dots in your head? Also, your grammar sucks.

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