Report: Ryan Mallett in play for Redskins at No. 10 overall

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Citing a source “extremely close to the Washington Redskins,” NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi reported on Path to the Draft Monday evening that Mike Shanahan’s club has legitimate first-round interest in Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Specifically, Lombardi asked the source about Shanahan’s targets with the tenth pick in the draft. The source told Lombardi, “Don’t rule out Ryan Mallett” becoming Shanny’s next franchise quarterback.

Perhaps more interestingly — and slightly more believably — Lombardi also mentioned that he’s sold on Mallett being a top-20 overall pick after speaking to folks around the league.

“I’m convinced he’ll go in the first round,” said Lombardi, predicting Mallett will land “Somewhere between 1 and 20.”

Mallett might go in the top 20 (Vikings? Dolphins? Jaguars?), but in our opinion, he’s not going to be a Redskin. Shanahan might be intrigued by Mallett’s big arm, but he wouldn’t fit the head coach’s decades-long track record with athletic passers.

Mallett is the least athletic quarterback in the draft.

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  1. Shanny’s never had a franchise QB, unless you include Elway, which was a franchise QB long before Shanny got there. Oh wait, i forgot about Bubby Brister. LOL

  2. a mallet would be shocking pick at 10….he aint running any bootlegs which are essential for shannahan….even though they have been getting further and further away from it.

  3. Smokescreen, he’s not mobile enough. Locker may be in play for Shanny, but he’s a reach at 10.

  4. I would bet that what they really mean is we really like Locker but feel since no one else is interested till about 25th overall we would like to trade with some one that is interested in Mallet, hopefully Jags and we take Locker at a better discount and before any other team that may be interested i.e New England or Seattle. Locker is the prototypical Shanahan guy.

  5. the same Lombardi who swor the Browns had number 1 picks on the table for Edwards and D. Anderson in Mangini’s first year? Mangini was bad but not as bad a source as Lombardi is. I can’t believe he’s still employed.

  6. Citing a source “extremely close to the Washington Redskins,”

  7. Oh no. After the way Shanahan has treated McNabb, I wouldn’t wish that nut on any promising rookie.

  8. Jay Cutler isn’t exactly Randall Cunningham. And, they are running an offense that is currently run in Houston by Matt Schuab.

    Sounds like they’d like to slide down or this could be true.

  9. can’t believe it is a Mallett article on PFT without the rumors or gossip about his character issues ( which are bogus),,at least got in one dig about being unathletic…..still a step in right direction to not mention that world famous talent evaluator Tony Soflti’s old and incorrect quote…

    Mallett will get last laugh he will be top 15 pick and should be… where’s the quote from Phil Simms about Mallett (if he’s not a top pick, I quit–or words to that effect)

  10. Smokescreen. Shanny wants Locker. He’s the PERFECT Shanahan QB. Athletic, team oriented, and his flaws are partially the result of being surrounded by overwhelmingly sub-par talent. Locker’s biggest legitimate knock is that his skillset largely makes him a “system-fit” guy…and Shanny has a system that fits.

    Shanny doesn’t want anyone else to consider moving UP for Locker, as unlikely as that seems.

    Locker #10 to Washington; Mallett #15 to Miami…although Miami may risk moving down, knowing the next likely team looking at Mallet is Seattle at #25. They have to decide how far down they can drop before Seattle pays the price to jump ahead of them (which they probably can’t/won’t do if Miami stays at #15).

    I suspect Miami won’t risk it…and will just take Mallett at #15.

  11. Who?

    The Redskins need so much help in other areas I wouldn’t want to play QB for them. McNab will be AMF, Cutler will be in an emergency room by the 3rd game, and this kid will get thrown in there and destroyed behind an offensive line that couldn’t block a 90 yr old man in a wheelchair!

  12. Redskins have been linked to Newton, Gabbert, Mallett, Locker, Ponder, Dalton, and Kaepernick. Over the past week we’ve had a report of Redskins “trying like crazy” to move up, a report of Redskins wanting to move down, and now a report of them staying at 10. Smokescreen complete.

  13. This kid is the best QB in the draft regardless of whether he is “mobile” or not. How far back do you have to go until you find a “mobile” QB winning a SB? (Don’t say Young; he was an outstanding pocket passer that could run also) Mallett has the best arm and best pocket awareness among the QBs in the draft.

  14. @Deb

    Okay, I’ll bite. Just exactly what did Shanahan do to McNabb. The Skins gave up a second for him and made him the starter. On top of that, Washington commited to a huge contract restructure. McNabb is due a $10 million bonus next year. McNabb responded by going, what, 5-8 with more INTs than TDs and with a pretty run of the mill QB rating. When Sexy Rexy looks like a viable option, you’ve got QB problems. So just how much of McNabb’s “suck” last season is Shanahan’s fault?

  15. washington will trade down in the first round to draft jake locker. shanahan has been crazy over locker since last year. the mallet rumors is just a smoke screen.

  16. Snyder won’t let Shanahan pull the trigger. Probably best thing that could happen to Mallet. Unfortunately, he may not last past Cincy. Mike Brown likes guys with “problems” and then will try to sign him to a low ball contract.

  17. First you hear the Vikings have an interest in Mallet but will trade down from 12 to get him while picking up a third round pick to cover the Col Klink trade for Moss. Then McNabb to Vikes. Now Redskins are taking Mallet at 10. Sounds like a shell game.

  18. “bbb82 says:
    Apr 18, 2011 7:22 PM
    If Lombardi says that Mallet will go number 10, I expect him to go undrafted.”

  19. the theme for this draft is “STRETCH”…as in just about every top 15 prospect with the exception of maybe von miller, darius, would be a late 1st round pick in any other draft group.

    We might look back in 5 years to see 6 out of 10 busts in the top ten…

    There are so many desperate teams for a qb that Eminem might get drafted in the top 10!

  20. @1bigtex …

    Shanahan is supposed to be one of the top coaches in the business–which usually indicates an ability to evaluate talent. He should have had a good idea what McNabb had left in the tank and how well he’d fit into his system. No one forced him into that trade.

    He brought in McNabb and built him up as the guy, but started jerking him on and off the field and publicly bad-mouthing his work ethic. McNabb’s teammates have said good things about his film study, etc. But whatever Shanahan thought of his performance, mature coaches deal with those issues privately. Shanahan seemed to get off on humiliating players in public.

    He’s playing QB Roulette between McNabb and Grossman … then suddenly he’s signing McNabb to a ridiculously overpriced contract we all know the ‘skins will never honor. No one will trade for a QB that age at that price. So they’re just going to release him. How was that contract a big benefit to McNabb? It was just more chain-jerking.

    When the ‘skins hired Shanahan, I really expected good things. But the guy really seemed schizo to me.

  21. Shanny likes athletic QBs? Elway wasn’t exactly athletic and he’s with whom Shanny had his most success.

  22. Only an iddiot like Dan Snyder would draft Mallett at 10 2 rounds before any other team including Oakland would even consider a move!

    Now you know your owner is bad when you can see Al Davis on draft day laughing at your selection!

  23. Deb, I didn’t see anything from DonnyMac that I didn’t expect or predict either for that matter. McNabb has been on a consistent down hill slide for a while now. Yes, he doesn’t throw many INTs, but the rug has never intercepted a pass. Additionally, Washington might have the worst group of WRs in the league (I said that before last season as well), certainly a great deal worse than what McNabb had in Philly. Never liked the way McNabb let TO punk him and the rest of the Eagle team and put Hugh Douglas on the spot to stand up to Owens.
    I’ll admit that alot of Shanahan’s work in Washington so far looks like “quene es mas macho”, but someone needed to grab a handle on that mess. Having to babysit that useless lump at DT doesn’t make Shanahan’s job any easier.
    Bottom line, the McNabb deal in Washington worked out about the same as the Archuleta deal, and the Randle el deal, and the Lloyd deal, and the Haynesworth deal…..

  24. Lombardi said Top 20? I been saying that on this site everyday for months and months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like someone is really going to pass on a 6’7″ QB with a big, strong, accurate arm, just because he liked to party a little in college. R U Kidding?

  25. not at #10 you dont, much better to move down and take this guy a recoup lost picks. but what do i just a “fan” (of the Eagles, not the skins of course though)

  26. its great how stupid some of you football geeks are. you think a QB is no good unless their team is good enough to win a superbowl . Cutler is a very good QB and Marino is in a class by himself

  27. and to the people saying “Cutler is athletic?” yes he is do you even watch football or do you just wait until some fathead on tv tells you someone is good

  28. Report:According to sources every team is looking at Mallett in some way shape or form.

  29. Lombardi is completely clueless. Why he has a gig is insane. I hope he sweeps up the set so that the NFL channel gets their money’s worth. Other than that, useless. Anybody that has left a reply is better suited than he is. AND HE GETS PAID!!!!

  30. Wow….so many geniuses in this thread.

    John Elway wasn’t athletic….Jay Cutler isn’t athletic….amazing…….it is not only a prerequisite to not have a working knowledge a football in order to post on this site…but apparently you should also not be aware of the gray area between Ryan Mallett and Michael Vick when determining which QB’s are athletes and which are not.

  31. Let’s look at Shanahan’s Broncos QBs. Elway: Inherited. Brian Griese: not exactly a statue but not the most athletic QB around either. Jake Plummer: put up decent performances on a terrible Cardinals team and was signed as a free agent on that basis. Whilst he was a relatively mobile QB he was hardly a dual threat athlete.
    Jay Cutler: Shanahan thought he was in need of a QB for the future the Broncos took Cutler in a draft where all the other “elite” QB prospects were out of their reach.

    So, does Shanahan have a thing for athletic QBs or have some of his last QBs just happened to have been athletic.

    Shanny Jnr used Matt Schaub effectively, who isn’t exactly the second coming of John Elway, and the offense looked better under Grossman (statue) than it had under McNabb.

    The other commonality between Elway and Cutler (the two QBs Mike Shanahan really seemed comfortable with) is that they both have strong arms. Mallet has a cannon. He might well be the one Shanahan wants.

    As a Skins fan I’d be happy to have Mallet, as a second rounder, or if we could trade back in the first. He would be a big reach at 10.

  32. Re: “Shanahan might be intrigued by Mallett’s big arm, but he wouldn’t fit the head coach’s decades-long track record with athletic passers.”

    By the time Shanahan coached them, Elway, Plummer and McNabb were no longer very “athletic.” Cutler ran a 4.76 40 at the 2006 Combine, and Brian Griese was never seen as highly mobile.

    The point is that there’s no strong evidence that Shanahan has favored “athletic passers” as a head coach. Like everyone else, he’s taken his best guess on QBs, and had his greatest success with the QB he had no choice on, Elway.

  33. By the time Shanahan coached them, Elway, Plummer and McNabb were no longer very “athletic.” Cutler ran a 4.76 40 at the 2006 Combine, and Brian Griese was never seen as highly mobile.

    I see we don’t understand the difference between speed and athleticism.

    Jay Cutler, regardless of his forty time, is a very athletic quarterback with better game speed then timed speed. If you’ve ever watched him play, you would have noticed that his foot agility and his ability to move out of the pocket are two of his prime assets, and they are two of the reasons he was able to lead his team to an NFL Championship game in spite of having one of the worst lines in the league.

    So…to summarize….no he doesn’t have Michael Vick’s speed (only Michael Vick has that) but yes he is a very athletic QB.

    Plummer wasn’t athletic? Again….wow. That was just about all he brought to the table when he played in Denver. He was capable of extending plays with his legs and throwing effectively outside of the pocket, that was pretty much it.

    To the guy who said that Shanahan couldn’t have moved into position for another QB, they picked Cutler one pick after Leinhart, so he didn’t have enough ammunition to get one slot ahead? Nonsense. Shanahan prizes mobility more then most, because he loves to call stretch zone runs, then compliment that with playaction boots. That’s why he traded for McNabb, and that’s why Ryan Mallett would be an odd choice.

  34. @1bigtex …

    So you’re saying McNabb was another of Snyder’s wonderpics, and Shanahan was playing Mad Max to show the gang there was a new sheriff in town?

    I’ll buy Snyder’s interference. Working for him must be like trying to run a team owned by Richie Rich. But some situations require more finesse than others. McNabb is no Haynesworth. Just feel Shanahan could have handled it better.

    And I disagree with you on the TO thing. Thought Donovan handled that with a lot of class. That’s why I’ve always liked him. Throughout his career people have dragged him into their own dramas, but he’s always taken the high road when it would have been easier to tell everyone to eff off.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see how Shanahan handles the team this year. If he morphs back into something reasonably human, I’ll be more inclined to accept your theory 🙂

  35. Shanahan is going to draft the QB you hear no rumors about.

    He took Cutler without bringing him to Denver for a visit because he did not want teams to know he was interested.

  36. Deb, for me the bottom line is that McNabb had plenty of chances in Washington to get it done. They gave up a bunch to get him. They promised him a bunch of money in a contract extension. They got rid of the incumbant starter to eliminate any competition. And Rex Grossman still had a similar won-loss record, a better TD to INT ratio, and a better QB rating. McNabb got outplayed by Grossman. That’s not Shanahan’s fault. That’s McNabb’s fault.

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