Ryan Mallett’s willingness to address drug use seen as positive

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No one has been the subject of more pre-draft rumors and innuendo than Ryan Mallett.  He faced a number of questions about possible drug use at the Combine from the media, but said that information would stay between him and the team.

According to Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly, Mallett came clean to teams behind closed doors.

“One G.M. said Mallett was the first quarterback ever to admit his drug usage to him in interviews, and his willingness to be honest about his past and acknowledge issues is viewed as a positive,” Nawrocki writes.   “Concerns about his history of use could impact his draft position, though.”

The report doesn’t indicate what drug use Mallett copped to, but it appears he never failed a test.

“Although Mallett did not produce an official positive test at Arkansas, he has been arrested for public intoxication and carries a reputation as a ‘big party guy,’ per sources who have interviewed him,” Nawrocki writes.  “How much teams believe he has matured will weigh into his draft status.”

No matter what Mallett did at school, we believe it’s better that he addressed the issue head on when meeting with teams, even if he didn’t address the rumors with the media.

22 responses to “Ryan Mallett’s willingness to address drug use seen as positive

  1. Props to Mallett. Refreshing to see honesty in a college athlete. Especially since both of the last two Heisman Trophy winners were so obviously jacked up with PEDs.

  2. “Either way, it’s better that Mallett addressed the issue head on when meeting with teams, even if he didn’t with the media.”

    Well it’s not really any of the medias business. The media isn’t going to be his employer, the teams(one of them) will be. I’m sure there are many members of the media wouldn’t want to shout from the rooftops some things they’ve done in their lives. Maybe they only have to tell their employers, or prospective employers. Which is exactly what he did.

  3. Any chance this is just a lie told by a G.M. to get a kid’s stock to drop and select him later in the draft?

    According to the article – only ONE G.M. has stated that Mallett came clean. I don’t see anywhere that multiple team reps stated the same thing to confirm this.

  4. college kids do drugs, not a new story. i personally went to a top tier college, did many drugs myself and found that very few people i knew didn’t participate in drugs on one level or another. unless he is someone that is obviously abusive and addicted i would tend to file it under college experimentation. what happens in college stays in college, just like vegas.

  5. One could read between the lines of some of the stuff Mallet has said in interviews and come to the conclusion that he may have used drugs. For one he said a week or so ago that he never had issues “AT ARKANSAS…ASK MY COACHES”.
    So he didn’t lie as far as I know, which is good. I had no problems with his saying at the Combine that he would address it with each team but not on the podium either, though I feel that stance also suggested he may have had issues in his past. I don’t have an issue with any player who says that about rumors since being honest with the TEAMS is the important thing.

  6. Mallett is going to end up being the best QB in this draft. He might be slow, but he played in a pro-style offense at Arkansas and has the size and arm to be a great pro QB. Anyone who saw the Jon Gruden piece with Mallett should see that he understands how to be a QB in the NFL. I am seriously dumbfounded that more people don’t look at him and automatically think of Ben Roethlisberger.

  7. Good luck trying to get him to admit to listening to Vanilla Ice though. Won’t happen.

  8. I love drugs & to get high, can you please hire me & pay me millions ?? Only in the NFL does this make any sense, where almost no sense prevails.

  9. Its amusing when the media gets miffed when there questions are not answered…

    He knows who he has to answer to, and I think hes done well handling the “drug usage” questions as he has.

  10. @bomani_jones is making a really good point on twitter right now. And that is this Mallett drug usage story is extremely vague. Could mean almost anything.

    How ’bout more details before everyone just dismisses someone who might be the best QB in this class? And is certainly the most NFL ready.

  11. this is such a joke…Who cares if the guys has smoked a joint or two or three? Most people, intelligent or not, experiment with drugs and alcohol in college. Good for Mallett “coming clean”. What was he supposed to do, lie about it 😉

  12. @hobartbaker …

    Neither of the two Heisman winners has been alleged to have taken PEDs … nor do they look like they’ve taken PEDs. You are a blithering twit who posts gobbledygook on every thread just because. Your lame jokes are irrelevant, but it would be nice if nuts like you could be sued for slandering athletes when you don’t have one shred of substantive info to back up your allegations and are just mouthing off out of hatred for a player’s race, team, conference, or region of the country.

  13. If a draft prospect thinks that he can be less than honest with teams (after all the background checks they do) and get away with it, then just ask Greg Little how that strategy has affected his draft status.

    Mallett is handling this issue the right way and the smart GMs know it.

  14. Mallett doesn’t need to address the rumors in the press since the press is more than happy to spread and expand those rumors to keep the 24 hour a day “news” cycle spinning.

  15. This seems to be the same exact thing that happened with brett favre. Brett wasn’t traded from the falcons because of talent, it was the fact his teammates were carrying him out of bars completely smashed. It’s a big deal if he was snorting coke, but if it’s weed, com’on man!

  16. no way- so you mean when he said that he was only talking to the teams about it he meant it? well i’ll be…

    too bad he couldn’t tell the media what i’m sure he truly dreamed of – eff (but in full format) off.

  17. The other top picks just haven’t been found out yet. don’t sweat it. Mallet is NOT alone. The more you deny or try to explain the more attention they will pay. Sit tight and keep your mouth shut.

  18. Mallett said at the Combine press conference that he’d discussed the issue with the teams but would not talk about it publicly, but the reporters wouldn’t accept his answer. Wonder if the reporters would like to talk about their college drug use on camera. That should be entertaining.

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