Strahan sits in for Regis on April 19

Getty Images

Former Giants defensive end and current FOX analyst Michael Strahan has made no secret of his desire to replace Regis Philbin after Regis retires later this year.  Strahan confirmed his interest during an appearance last month on PFT Live.

This week, Strahan gets another chance to show that he has the chops for daytime TV.  He’ll sub for Regis and sit with Kelly Ripa on Tuesday’s show, which airs live in most markets at 9:00 a.m. ET.

Strahan has said that he’ll keep his FOX job on Sundays during football season, if he lands the job as the replacement for Regis.  Though Strahan has not officially been named as a candidate for the gig, he surely wouldn’t have been invited to sit in at a time when he has made his interest clear if they weren’t thinking about possibly hiring him.