The PFT Live round one mock draft, in eight parts

Yes, we’ve delegated to Silva the official PFT mock draft duties.  But with the draft approaching and, as of Monday, a total of eight shows left before we head to New York for the festivities, we’ve decided to devote a chunk of each show to an eight-part mock draft.

For each edition of PFT Live through April 27, we’ll project four picks.

Today, we got the process started with the first four picks.  Tomorrow, the next four.  And so on.  Until we’re done.

Or until I lose interest.

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12 responses to “The PFT Live round one mock draft, in eight parts

  1. Wrong picks Mike.
    Anyone who saw the Cam Newton interview (on ESPN) from Jon Gruden is amazed that Newton is even trying to be a QB. Maybe he can be a TE.
    Newton had no idea what gruden was talking about when he talked pre-hike code. I mean –> no clue at all. Plus, the longer the lock-out, the less time he can be taught.
    Ron Rivera is a quality Defensive coach, but he has seen good QBs like Philip Rivers. No way will he take Newton.
    If the Panthers keep the pick, it has to be DT Dareus.

  2. You really think the Panthers will use the first overall pick on a guy who was widely suspected to have stolen from his own teammates lockers? A guy who stole a fellow student’s laptop (presumably carrying course work and personal information) even though he was attending on a full ride scholarship, while the other student was paying his own way. Those aren’t things you “put in the past” with a wink and a smile. Unless you’re a full fledged primary psycopath.

  3. OK now I have heard everyone talking about Cam not understanding Grudens pre snap cadence but everyone has trouble with Gruden’s pre-snap calls and verbage thats why it usually takes an older more mature QB to run his system. I am not saying its not a bad thing that he has never had to learn it but its not the worst thing in the world either. Many college systems use signs and numbers that the entire offense will read, very helpful in any fast paced offense.

  4. no way the panthers go with this fool 1st overall….the kid has bust written all over his face…i wouldnt be shocked if he fell all the way to the 2nd or 3rd..bad attitude, bad work ethic, a thief, a liar….yeah thats who i want to represent my team at the most important position.

  5. @hobartbaker

    Your talking about a franchise that once drafted Jason Peter, who stole everything he could get his hands on at Nebraska to feed his heroin and coke habit.

  6. Cam will fail in the pro’s because each play has to be about Cam.
    I knew when he got near the goal line in big games he wasn’t passing or handing off but running baby running so that Cam was clearly the star. It was all about him being on the big stage and getting the big pro bucks.

    Cam can’t win in the pros because he has to share the spot light and team members will not like that if he doesn’t spread it around.

  7. all the people in these comments are failing to understand that teams in the draft don’t always do what they should do.

    The Panthers SHOULDN’T take Cam Newton. Will they though? Most likely, yes they will.

    There’s an outside shot at a Marcell Dareus/Patrick Peterson last minute surprise along the lines of Houston surprisingly taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, but as it stands right now I’d say it’s about a 75 percent chance that it’s Newton (if not more) and a 25 percent chance of anyone else

  8. and if you think Jon Gruden’s video is going to sway Carolina at all, you’re delusional. They’ve been linked to Newton for a long time, and they’ve certainly talked verbiage and had him go on the board to showcase his football knowledge in the numerous chances in they’ve had to talk to him.

  9. @ NYjetsfan

    how do you know the kid has a bad attitude were you a member of the Auburn team or the BLinn team?


    you are an idiot.. if you took time to watch Auburn play you would have noticed 1) that they had trouble running the ball in short yuardage situations until newton started with the qb keeps and 2) why not let a 6’5 qb just dive into the endzone…… Tebow did the same thing at FLA 2-3 yard runs to score


    the man did not steal the laptop, he purchased a laptop from another person and it turned out to be stolen…. the majority of you that is bashing the man most likely never seen him play until the final two games.

    I personally know 3 players that play for Auburn and they all have nothing but good things to say about the man…

    You people are a prime example of how the bias reporting done by these so call journalist influence you decisions.

    as far as being able to call plays and all that other crap yall talking about ISN’T THAT’S WHAT COACHING IS FOR……TEACHING…TEACH THE KID HOW TO CALL PRO PLAYS, READ DEFENSES, BREAK DOWN FILM….YOU PEOPLE DONT HAVE A CLUE!!!!!!!

  10. @byrmcph

    Coaches teach the game at the pop warner, high school and even college level. Coaches shouldn’t have to teach basic concepts at the professional level. Supposedly these guys already know what they’re doing and just need some fine tuning to elevate their game to the next level. The guys who wash out of the pros, as Cam Newton inevitably will, are those who have relied mostly on superior athletic skills to excel at those lower levels. But in the NFL, everyone is an exceptional athlete. Success at this level requires a skillset that he seems to lack.

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