Three new owners will attend mediation on Tuesday

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Last week, the NFL’s interests were represented at mediation by four owners:  Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, Pats owner Robert Kraft, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, and Steelers owner Art Rooney.

Tomorrow, a quartet will report for further duty, with Richardson being the only constant.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy will join Richardson.

There’s nothing wrong with switching things up, as long as the owners present have full authority to make decisions on behalf of all 32.  The only way to be certain in this regard would be to have all 32 owners present.

18 responses to “Three new owners will attend mediation on Tuesday

  1. Hahahahahahahah! I’ll toke to that!

    What a waste of time. The owners are not gonna fold. I wish the players would stick to their guns. They won’t.

    And for all you babies who say you are gonna boycott the NFL; “SEE YA!” (at the game)
    Quit whining. We are yet to miss a single game. The players will come around soon. They are researching lubricant products.

  2. Jerry always with the SuperBowl rings, those babies are 19,18 and 16 years old and counting. He thinks people are still impressed and loves to show them off. The only time he should wear them now is if the Cowboys are in The NFC Championship game to show the players what they are playing for.

  3. It goes without saying that if the owners present approach a deal they will bring it to the ownership at large with a recommendation that they pass it and they will vote on it. Having 32 voices + lawyers from one side in the room will only serve to confuse the situation. Not every owner is probably best equipped for this part of the negotiation, I am sure they are all smart businessmen and will make the best decision they can, but the idea that all of them on one side of the room would allow for clearer communication is silly.

    Not to mention that until they are “very” close the owners are probably taking care of their business empires then sitting in a room for weeks on end.

  4. There needs to be a gag placed on JJ. He can observe but keep his mouth shut. Tie his hands behind his back so he can’t bang on the table.

    Where are the reasonable owners to go along with Kraft and Ronney? McCaskey? Irsay? Weaver? even McNair would be better than Jones and Richardson.

  5. What difference does it make whether or not the owners have “decision makers” present when the players will not have their decision maker (Smith) present.

  6. Richardson seems awfully desperate to get a deal done. To me that’s just another indication that Carolina will draft Cam Newton. If you were picking #1 overall in the draft and you had your eye on a defensive tackle, would you be that active in the negotiation process? He wants to start selling jerseys and tickets.

  7. Someone lock Jerry Jones in a bathroom, make sure Bowlens’ driver gets lost, and this thing will be over in a week.

    Mark Murphy, alone, by himself in the room would end this. He is a man with social graces.

  8. This is all nonsense n I hope us fans show our displeasure by booing the draft n not watching NFL network. Hopefully this finally makes them realize what they are doing to us fans is unacceptable. Next I will not renew my season tickets, hopefully it doesn’t get to that point.

  9. Why would the owners bother to come? Their other businesses are so much more profitable (apparently, although confirmed) than running an NFL team that it is obviously a waste of time to get that business going again.

  10. I think it’s becoming increasingly likely that Judge Nelson will rule on the players’ motion for injunctive relief by week’s end. And then it will be off to the races to reach the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

  11. Can’t wait for the players to drop their asinine demands and get back to the field. This is getting old.

  12. i just want to say that most of you are out of line…the players are to blame…if a postman didnt show up for work the post office would fire him…so what do we do for our stupid ass overpaid players…we cater to them…don’t pay them and watch them suffer….other than that, i love fitz’s comment that he would pay his players loans…other than that, bring on the replacement players…what independent organizations shows their books…seriously? the playesr are to blame…

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