Matt Leinart gets motivation from “haters and doubters”


As quarterback Matt Leinart prepares to kick-start his career after five years of mediocre-to-poor performances, he says that he finds motivation in those who don’t believe in him.

You have to love the haters and doubters,” Leinart says on his Twitter page, which predictably is adorned with a glory-days photo of his time at USC.  “No matter what you do, take that to fuel your fire and inner drive.”

Hopefully, this is a new approach for Leinart.  Because if he has been using it during his time in the NFL with the Cardinals and the Texans, it’s not working.

36 responses to “Matt Leinart gets motivation from “haters and doubters”

  1. When it comes to Leinart I am both a doubter and a hater.

    Use that to become a starting quarterback this year… but you won’t, because you are a loser.

  2. This is the first time the phrase “Matt Leinart gets motivation” has ever been printed without being a punchline

  3. If Leinhart gets motivation from haters & doubters, he’s the most motivated human on planet Earth.

    I’m not buying it though. Party on Matt!!!

  4. The guy once had big talent, but then lost his focus and was all about himself, the limelight!
    His head was full of everything but the football it needed.
    5yrs and 2 teams later, I doubt he will ever recover from the lost or never found NFL development!
    As a Phin fan, I don’t want him, and Miami is currently mired in a Qb quandary.

  5. If sense of entitlement = motivation + work ethic, Leinart would be Tom Brady by now.

  6. If the guy put the same effort on the football field that he does chasing skirts and partying he would be a 1st ballot HOF.

  7. He has “haters and doubters” because of his poor attitude and performance. If he still doesn’t get that, then he probably hasn’t matured enough for us to expect much improvement from him on field.

  8. Leinart’s a d-bag! I’m suprised he is still in the NFL. Not suprised by the fact he’s still living in the past. I bet he’s still mackin freshman chicks at SC and hangin around Kiffin’s office tellin stories about how sweet he and Bush were.

  9. Dude, if it takes you getting motivation from losers like us “hating” on you in sports blogs/websites, then what does that make you? Somebody give me a good word for less than loser.

  10. Take another sip from that tap Matt. No one doubts your ability to drink large amounts of suds. Football is just an avocation for you. Partying is what you do best!

  11. fast forward 5 years from now… he will be saying the same thing and he will have 8 more touchdowns and 31 more interceptions than he does now…

    this guy is a joke.. he is lucky he got the one big contract before he came into the league and showed what a bum he is… lucky to have played for USC with all the talent around him

  12. This just goes to show how being surrounded by amazing talent can hide flaws in players. Heisman trophy winners, in the past 20 or years, have failed miserably in the NFL, especially QBs. Why? They are massively overhyped by their school’s PR departments and the lazy media. Their defenses, the true reasons for winning, are top notch, and the offensive systems are designed so the QBs don’t have to read much, just follow the script throwing to NFL bound receivers, running backs and having all day to throw behind dominant offensive lines.

    Ergo, the Heisman winning QB is full of himself, believing himself to be the “best” player and arrogantly thinks others should just obey his commands.

  13. Too bad Matt doesn’t get motivated by the merely apathetic. Unlimited fuel supply there.

  14. Whatever he is using for motivation, it sure didn’t get him past Orlovsky on the Texans’ depth chart last year. When a former first rounder gets beaten out by Derek Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton, and Dan Orlovsky all in the same season, he’s got no right to question the doubt and hate. It’s well deserved.


    you have a few national championships that are still getting you laid. . Leave it alone kid.
    The Cardinals were dumb enough to dump 20 million into your bank account.. Why bitch.

    a back up quarterback has the best job in america. youre golden. quit being dumb and just accept what you are.. one lucky sumna bitch.

    I woulda retired after the first contract and went back to USC for my masters in smashin SoCal hotties. This guys stupid.

  16. I thought he got into all that offseason workout and it was already going to be “different”. Matt, haters can’t do anything about your noodle arm. Period. Out of the league in 1-2 years.

  17. Remember when they caught him sneaking out of Paris Hilton’s place at like 6 in the morning…focus, Matt, focus. You never caught Joe Montana or Steve DeBerg sneaking out of Paris Hilton’s joint.

    Lienart is pathetic. Not even a good celebrity. In fact, you’ll be seeing Matt on “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here” next season. Spiedi and Matt…wow, the fall is precipitious.

  18. Leinart was given a red carpet to prime time NFL stardom and screwed it up. Simple enough.

    He could still pull off a Tommy Maddox type second act, but pretending he got the raw end of ANY deal is a loser’s argument.

    As of now, he’s sure as hell no Tommy Maddox.

  19. how many of you posting negative comments here about Matt thought that Big Mike Williams would have a good 2010 NFL season?
    Think about it if you dare.

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