NFLPA* pushes a “lift the lockout” petition


In the weeks before the expiration of the now-expired Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NFLPA had made a push to get fans to sign a petition aimed at blocking the lockout.  More than five weeks into the lockout and as a court-ordered mediation process commences its second week, the NFLPA* is making a new push to “lift the lockout.”

A reader has forwarded to us an e-mail that apparently is being sent to everyone who signed the original “block the lockout” petition.

“The players of the National Football League want to thank you for your support during the lockout,” the e-mail begins.  “The NFL lockout not only impacts players, but it also affects you and thousands of people that rely on the game.  We also want to thank you for doing your part as a fan and signing our ‘Block the Lockout’ Petition.

“Last week, the NFL made a big splash, releasing the 2011 Preseason Schedule for a season that is not guaranteed.  The Hall of Fame game, the marquee event to start the NFL preseason, is around the corner.  However, when the NFL and its owners imposed a lockout on March 12, 2011, they put the future of America’s game in serious jeopardy.

“While the NFL continues to fight in court to keep the lockout in place, we want to make you aware of a few updates including a shift to petition the NFL to ‘Lift the Lockout.’  Our message is clear and simple:  we are locked out and want to play.”

The e-mail then urges the recipient to sign the “lift the lockout” petition and to take other steps to publicize the effort via Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a somewhat risky move, in our view, given that the NFLPA* needs to convince the court system that it’s not a union.  Engaging in overt efforts to end the lockout that was imposed after the union decertified sure seems like something a union would do.

Either way, it’s another sign that the mediation is going nowhere, fast.  Why even bother to continue?  Both sides apparently prefer to fight in court while also engaging in a meaningless tug-o-war for the affections of an increasingly apathetic fan base.

We have been asked numerous times to organize a boycott of the draft, as a way for the fans to try to get the attention of two sides who by all appearances are driven by greed and leverage.  We’re hearing it so much right now that, frankly, we don’t believe the actual organization of a draft boycott is necessary.  Plenty of casual fans won’t be watching the draft on television without being urged not to do so, and a lot of hardcore fans seem to be willing to not tune in on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, either, in order to make a statement to those who can’t seem to figure out how to properly divvy up the fruits of phenomenal success that may not be quite so phenomenal in the future.

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  1. I bet they get 80% less signatures this time around now that people know who is to blame for this garbage.

  2. I can only speak for myself, but any “boycott” of the draft would be more of a boycott of the station paying the NFL to broadcast it or the NFL Network.

    I won’t be boycotting finding out who each team drafted, especially in the first few rounds.

    I think the organization people are looking for involve an alternative way to find out who is being drafted and still get breakdowns of available players and/or analysis of the picks already made. All while not watching ESPN or NFL Network.

  3. Who gives a rat’s a$$. If I wasn’t trying to kill some time and I guess out of habit I wouldn’t even be reading about this sham process. Both sides are to blame. They act like children.

  4. Wrong Florio. Fans will watch the draft but attendance to games will drop. For the draft, you just sit at home

  5. Bull! Most fans will watch the draft. Don’t pretend to know the true pulse of the fans. You don’t.

    We know in the end these goofs will get their act together. So we will watch.

  6. The players are so dumb. Haha….they make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to play a game. “We put our body on the line”….okay you don’t have to because there are millions of other people wanting to put their body “on the line” for even the hundreds of thousands. Quit crying, I wouldn’t mind making 400,000 per year for 3 years. However, most of them are not smart enough to know that is good money. Remember you are the employee and not the partner.

  7. If these knucklheads cannot go to mediation in good faith, as a fan I support neither group. The fact that their egos are in the way of doing right by the fans at the table makes it impossible to support either side. Instead the sides are hoping to win in court. Get your butts back to the table and neotiate and bargain in good faith. Otherwise, I hope the players starve and I hope owners liek Dany Snyder and Jerry Jones default on loan payments. Enough crap already.

  8. NFLPA,

    The good news – there’s already a boycott movement happening and the fabs are losing interest fast

    The bad news – you are part of the equation.

  9. The NFL is announcing the 2011-2012 schedule tonite. One can only infer from this action (and several others) that all parties intend to settle this eventually. (and sooner rather than later)

    So why should I get all worked up as so many here have done?

  10. If you DVR something one of your tuners still tunes in… Therefore they get the ratings. Same way as if you turn off your TV but not your cable box. Nice try tho.

  11. Yeah, spamming fans will get them more on your side. Good job Duh. Where is Troy Vincent when you need him?

    Someone mentioned dvr as a ratings buster.
    DVR or tivo will only add to the ratings of the draft. They keep stats on those things.
    Ratings are only based on those families who have a Nielson box or one of their journal logs.

  12. @ beckzhere

    You do realize that TV ratings are adjusted for DVR recordings right? They usually release those numbers 2-3 days later.

  13. Boycotting the draft hurts who ??

    The fans whose only football fix for the next few months comes next weekend. As a Patriots fan, I am looking forward to see what tricks are up BB’s sleeve.

    My guess is that this will be settled by August. It seems that already players are starting to experience financial difficulties.

    Whether Joe Schmoe watches the draft or not has no relevance to how this will be settled.

  14. I love these clear and simple messages…”we are locked out and want to play…”

    Really? This is not the time of year to “play”. This is the time of year for HARD WORK. The players are completely happy to miss off-season work outs. Who are they kidding?

    This years draft promises to be loaded with drama…who would want to miss that? The draft is a game within the game.

  15. The PR crap is something, I first thought that the draft could get ugly but if the union or non union or whatever keep this up the fan will support the draft.

  16. Curiously enough, I don’t see any PFT characterizations of the player statements above as “propaganda”? But for the former NFLPA’s “disclaimer of interest,” the collective bargaining process would have moved forward with a possibility of a new CBA being negotiated. Instead, the NFLPA chose to exercise its maximum leverage strategy by pursuing a remedy in federal court.

    On the topic of the NFL Draft, I will NOT be among those fans boycotting watching the event. That strikes me as a rather juvenile reaction. Welcome to the business world. My love for football eclipses my frustration concerning this labor dispute.

  17. All this razz-ma-tazz for nothing.
    1)The petition won’t work.
    2)Fans will watch the draft as always.
    3)Nothing is going to happen until about July. After all the meaningless court ranglings, it still will boil down to working out an agreement. Neither side feels any need to do that now.
    4)The Union won’t settle until the last minute. It’s a respect thing, especially with a new leader.
    5)The season will commence, perhaps later than predicted.

    My guess is around July 1 the sides will sit down with an intent to settle. The owners will get some, the players will give a little.

    If nothing is solved, however, by August 1, I suspect the season will be lost.

    At this point it’s fairly obvious the owners and players don’t give a damn about the customers.

    I wonder who they think REALLY pays the bills?

  18. Who has a vested interest in the outcome of this CBA mess? I’d say somewhere around 50-100 people. THAT’S IT! The 32 owners, and a handful of high profile players. So that’s 100 people fighting of $9B.

    Other than that, everyone else is just getting the shaft! The fans obviously lose. A majority of the players not collecting paychecks lose. All the people that sell NFL apparel lose. All the people that work at the stadiums lose. And the longer it goes on the more you will be able to add to this list…

    Boycott? I’d LIKE to! Too bad I like this game and this league too dang much to do that though. I can’t help myself but to want to know if Cam Newton goes #1, or who the Pats take with all their picks, or who trades up, and who trades down, and the list goes on and on…

    Boycott… well at least the word is now in my vocabulary. Whether I have the wherewithal to put it into action is a different story. Though the longer these things drag on the more likely I may be to act. Until then, I suppose I am just another CBA victim…

  19. How about just reading the draft results the next morning?

    Are fans really so geeked up on football that they NEED to know what rookies their team took the very minute they got them (in late April), as opposed to 12 hours later.


  20. Our message is clear and simple: we are locked out and want to play.” . . . and, oh yeah, we want to keep suing you in court once the lockout is removed because now we don’t have any incentive to negotiate with you in good faith.

  21. how juvenile can some of you be?

    Whether you watch or don’t watch the draft will have zero effect. Ratings only go down if you are hooked up with Nielsen in some form.

    Watch the draft? Damned right I will!!!!

  22. I love football. But I’m sick of these greedy players and owners. I don’t care if you play or not. I can find something else to do. So you put your body on the line and risk injury ever week. Well you get paid millions to do it. You don’t have to do it. Get a job making $50,000 a year and be safe. The players nor the owners deserve our support. How self centered to even ask for it. Where is your support or concern for us the fans that make you your millions and billions? With the shape our country is in right now, I can’t even imagine that anyone cares about you divas.

  23. Can PFT report the draft results as they happen? Then we don’t have to watch the NFL Network show and can get the results almost as fast here. Then I can actually work and watch the draft at the same time!

  24. @beckzhere says:
    Apr 19, 2011 8:03 AM
    I’m gonna DVR the draft. That way I’m not giving them the ratings, but I still get to see it in it’s entirety. Sneaky Sneaky

    You must be a girl or a former player. Nice thinking idiot. Doesn’t work that way.

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