Pioli discusses Todd Haley’s reputation

Chiefs coach Todd Haley had a bit of a reputation of a tough head coach to work with, even before Charlie Weis departed the team after only one season.

An offensive-minded coach, Haley will be starting his third season in Kansas City with his third offensive coordinator.  It appears Haley will do the play-calling this time after Bill Muir was promoted to the OC job.

Apppearing on PFT Live Tuesday, Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli talked about the perceptions of head coaches’ reputations, and how they are usually inaccurate.  He mentioned how a culture change within an organization is rarely easy.

We think even Haley would admit that he’s learned a lot on the job and would have handled some things differently over the last two years.  With that said, the Chiefs organization is undoubtedly in better shape now than in 2009.  At least some credit has to go to Pioli’s choice for head coach.

To watch Pioli’s entire segment, including his thoughts on Tyson Jackson and Kansas City’s tougher schedule, head to the PFT Live homepage.  Or download the show on iTunes

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14 responses to “Pioli discusses Todd Haley’s reputation

  1. Can anybody write an article without saying THAT SAID…

    that said, Rosenthal is getting better.

  2. @ttommytom says: Apr 19, 2011 8:39 AM

    “Can anybody write an article without saying THAT SAID…”

    I can. Having said that… you’re a nitpicking tool.

  3. Haley is going to implode…there was an altercation on the sideline when he called out an o-lineman just before a score v. Jacksonville (when Garrard was out of the lineup)…they had a fourth place schedule had good momentum from an early victory over a special teams challenged Charger team, and the Raiders SWEPT them. You will see the real Chiefs show up (unless they have a magnificent draft)….problem is Al Davis is just senile enough to ruin it all with the Raiders primed to take that division. So that gives KC a shot.

  4. Weiss leabing had nothing to do with Haley. Weis’ daughter is a special needs child, and was left on a bus home from school twice this past year in Parkville, MO(a KC Suburb). Weis’ wife was so upset, it didn’t matter what happened SHE was not staying in Kansas City. Instead of just saying that Haley is the reason Weis left, why don’t you find out the true story?

    Also, Weis and Haley never admited who called plays last year. I think it was a combination of the two. Weis is not all he’s cracked up to be. Last year’s success was less about Weis, and more about an easy schedule, the emergence of Jamaal Charles and getting rid of Larry Johnson.

  5. The Chefs got fat off of a very weak schedule. Look for them to drop to third place in the division this year(unless Denver improves and then they will be in last..!)


    Yeah, that makes total sense since the rest of the AFC West didn’t play the same schedule or anything……

    You must be a Raiders fan…..

  6. the chiefs will find it much harder to get W’s this year….that said……
    the broncs and the bolts will be duking it out for the afcw title this year.
    the raiders & chefs will be back to 4-5 wins

  7. KC is overrated and the benefactor of an easy schedule, facing some teams at the right time, and Jamal Charles.

    Haley is a loose cannon and will lose it and this job within 2 years.

  8. Reading this makes me wonder how PFT would have covered Parcells, Noll, Lombardi, Landry, etc when they were coaching…

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