Quintin Mikell is boycotting the draft

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Plenty of fans have expressed to us a desire to boycott all TV coverage of the 2011 NFL draft.  At least one NFL player has decided to just that.

“I usually am [a big NFL Draft guy], but I won’t be watching it this year,” Eagles safety Quintin Mikell told Tim McManus of PhillySportsDaily.com.  “I’m going to find something better to do with my time.”

Mikell doesn’t understand the attraction of a draft in a year with no guarantee of a season.

“How are we going to have a draft and there’s not going to be any football?  How are you going to have a first-rounder cross the stage and shake [Commissioner Roger Goodell’s] hand? . . . .  Welcome to the NFL.  You have no job.'”

Mikell is right, and more and more fans share those same feelings.

The only silver lining in the dark cloud of crappy draft ratings is the possibility that it’ll wake up the two parties and nudge them toward getting something done.

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  1. He stiffed his waitress at Bonefish Grille in Allentown when they were in camp last year. Watched it all go dow. Ran up a $250 check, ordered crazy random stuff, and was a total tool. So that should just about sum up what John Q. Public ought to think of what Quintin Mikell has to say.

  2. Perhaps had your side not walked away from the table there WOULD be football.

    Quit whining and pressure your side to negotiate.

  3. It’s like voting for Obama and coming out of the voting booth and learning you have no job anymore.

  4. If there is not CBA before the Daft(which there probably wont be) not only will I not watch the draft. But I wont watch a single game or read a single article about fottball until next year. I haven’t missed a week of footbal in 10 years too. Personally I am sick and tired of Billionaire fighting with millionaire about who does make enough money.

  5. Does anyone really care if a current NFL player boycotts the draft?…That’s the equivalent of the guy in the cubicle next to me skipping it.

  6. “Mikell is right, and more and more fans share those same feelings.”

    Mikell is not right and most fans aren’t going to boycott the draft either. And if he thinks those that do are going to boycott it because of a handshake then he is as dumb as they come. IF fans boycott it, and they wont, trust me, it is because of both sides.

    The draft is being held because most people know cooler heads will prevail and a new CBA will be signed. Sooner or later everything will be on and guys like Mikell will look like a bigger idiot than they already do.

  7. It just won’t be the same without Quintin sitting on his couch watching. I hope they don’t decide to cancel it.

  8. Sorry, but as much as I want to believe there will be bad ratings, it simply will not happen.

    If anything, ratings may skyrocket because it’s the only NFL related event for who knows how long…and there may be many who tune in just to see how loud the fans on site boo.

    Don’t confuse that booing for poor ratings, we all like to watch a car wreck.

  9. Everybody can do what they want but the draft will go on and if you do not watch it I’m sure you will read about it and find out who your team drafted.

  10. Doubt it. Team owners don’t care what the fans think. That is clear. Our hometown Eagle$ demonstrate fan contempt often and well, but always have their hand out nevertheless. The money is the only thing that matters. Players want their fair share and owners think their fair share is the lowest acceptable amount. They’ll squeeze the players to a point of financial desperation. That’s the difference between being rich and being wealthy. Wealthy can afford to sit the whole season out. It will pain them to lose the money, but it will far from break them. On the other hand, the players need the dough and will eventually capitulate for their paychecks. What choice do they have? The owners will get everything they want. It is only a matter of time. The longer it goes on, the weaker the players bargaining position.

  11. Mikell’s attitude brought up another question: When did NFL Football Players (or any professional athletes) get the idea that after football they can retire in glory and riches and never have to work again?
    After football, get a job.
    Of course, that is blasphemy to all of them now. the fans have made our own monsters.

  12. Who writes this crap?? Nobody I know that cares about football is going to “boycott” the draft when it very well may be the last NFL related thing we get for a while. I personally have grown extremely tired of this whole thing but not because of “millionaires vs billionaires” but because of articles like this. I used to love this site and it’s my homepage but the more crap like this I read the more appealing espn gets… I understand reporting that he isn’t going to watch the draft because lets face it there isn’t much more to report but to say ALOT of fans won’t watch because of the lockout is just an unverified opinion of someone who as a journalist should make atleast a vailed attempt to remain impartial.

  13. I wish they would just get their butt’s in gear and finish this cba up. Goodell already ruined my drinking draft game by moving it to Thursday night, now there will be less trades to drink to. *sigh*

  14. After hearing “welcome to the NFL. You have no job” please proceed to the waiting arms of current NFL players. There you will be officially thrown under the bus as said players will trade away a rookie wage scale for a higher % of the pie.

  15. “Mikell is right, and more and more fans share those same feelings.”

    No – those fans who claim to share those feelings do so on blogs dedicated to the NFL draft. Doesn’t that tell you something? The NFL draft will get better ratings than the World Series or NBA finals.

  16. Personally, I can’t wait to watch the draft. The CBA crap has no bearing on my interest in the NFL or my favorite team. In fact, having real football activities to watch (QB camp with Gruden, NFL network, the Draft) is still as enjoyable as ever. What’s less enjoyable, though, is PFT’s bloggers’ increased whining with every CBA-oriented post. We get it. We want football too. But you don’t need to cry about it with every post. It’s childish.

  17. Plenty of fans have expressed to us a desire to boycott all TV coverage of the 2011 NFL draft.

    Who? I haven’t seen a real, expressed sentiment by a significant amount of fans not to watch it. My buddies and I are doing the same thing we always do for the draft – eat a boatload of unhealthy crap, stay glued to the tv and curse the Dolphins front office.

  18. can we get the draft back on saturday and sunday after this fiasco? as it stands now i have to cut my advanced autocad class to watch the first round and then waiting ’til fridy for rd 2 and 3 is like when you tried to sleep with your gf for the first time…feeling blue in many levels

  19. He is just pissed because the Eagles didn’t resign him before the lockout! Q you are not helping your case buddy……….shut up!

    The players could end the lockout as easily as the owners.

  20. Good, I’m glad Quintin Mikell isn’t planning on watching the draft. Maybe instead Quintin can re-watch Eagle games where he was completing out of position and blew his coverage for a big day….should keep him busy all weekend 🙂

  21. Mikell is right? About what? The shaking of Goodell’s hand while blaming this entire mess on him? There is only one person who gets the blame – DeMaurice Smith! End of story! Smith is the guy who QUIT negotiating by not extending the mediations with Mr. Cohen. Instead of offering a counter-proposal, he decided to rush into litigation – because that’s what he wanted to do all along. He NEVER negotiated in good faith. It was just transparent “window dressing” as was his repeated “write a check” campaign.

    De Smith never once took the “high road”, he only walked around with a “puss” on his face and dared anyone to try and stop him from biting off his nose to spite his face. Instead of comporting himself with dignity with a healthy respect for the “other side”, he decided to “show the world” just how “tall” he is by using hubris and animosity as bargaining tools. It’s difficult to imagine how the players have followed this guy down this destructive path. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

  22. That’s right Quintin, college players are going to be part of the newly graduated unemployed former students after getting drafted into the NFL. Whatever will they do in life?

    But new players should fear not, they’ll have their union dues forced from them, without choice, soon enough. They’ll be forced to pay for something that does them no good fast enough. Fear not, current players. Maybe it’s you who should attend the draft and thank them for letting you steal their cash without being allowed to fight that.

  23. “WE” on the outside love our football more than all the foreigners put together love their soccer. I would like to say I will resist the temptation of watching the NFL draft but I know I can’t, it’s still a supreme highlight. When you have the NBA deathmarch (playoffs), the NHL deathmarch (playoffs) and of course how can you tell any one game is important in Major League Baseball when there’s 162 games? Oh yes I will definitely be watching and so will Mikell.

  24. Feel bad for the players getting drafted cause they’re caught in the middle of this [something]storm. This should be a special day in their lives, but instead they have to worry about going into a locker room with veterans that may be upset that they attended the draft and getting drafted by a team that will immediately lock them out. Definitely a bummer.

  25. bluepike:

    Spot on. THis is looking more and more like the lockout of the NHL back in 04-05. Smith is taking a page roght out of Bob Goodenow’s book. The NHL still hasn’t fully recovered since that one. They even booted Goodenow from the NHLPA after that fiasco. Could Smith be next?

    I’ll be watching the draft. And I have not spoken to one NFL fan that isn’t.

  26. Though both sides could use a swift kick at this point, overall I support the players. But the draft has nothing to do with replacements, so I’ll watch as always. It will be a nice return to football normalcy for a couple of days.

    Because the lockout has cast a pall on events, I’m sure ratings will be down. But I doubt that will phase the owners. Ratings don’t affect their revenues from ESPN. And if they cared about ratings for the NFL Network, they’d play nice with the cable companies.

  27. seriously, i never understood the who “watching draft day” hoopla.
    sitting around, waiting to see who your team picks. I’ll tell you who, A 20yr old college kid who hasn’t done jack in the NFL.

    It’s all a bunch of Over-hyped, promotional/marketing to get you suckers to watch your TV and be subjected to the BS Advertising.
    Are you a bunch of trolls? i tell you what, just sign over your paychecks right now to Coors, and budwieser, Nike and Body Armour cause that what your doing.
    Work your menial jobs to make money to pay for your cable so that they can turn around and pay for programming from the network who then turns around to pay for network rights to an event who then turns to the players and offers them your money. Sorry, but i worked to hard for mine to offer a 20yr old kid more money than ALL of us on this blog make in a lifetime.

  28. Why anyone would waste hours watching the draft is beyond me. “Oh boy, let’s sit here and see which player my team drafts that likely won’t be worth a damn for another season or two!”
    If you’re that desperate for a reason to drink, seriously: Get help. And if you watch it totally sober…just kill yourself now.

  29. mission accomplished if he was just trying to get his name out there. my team (World Champions) played (and beat) the feebles twice this past year, and i had never heard this chump’s name.

  30. I’ll watch the first round and nothing more, which will be a first for me. Too sickened by all of this crap to bother wasting any additional time on it.

  31. 8drinkminimum says: Apr 19, 2011 3:13 PM

    After hearing “welcome to the NFL. You have no job” please proceed to the waiting arms of current NFL players. There you will be officially thrown under the bus as said players will trade away a rookie wage scale for a higher % of the pie.


    Oh your right, the Vets in the league should be fighting for people who haven’t played a down to make twice as much as them …….. Fail…….

    To be honest I don’t care what any players do during the draft and this is a non story.

    But again I have to say I am really sick of the players being blamed. Did the players offer themselves giant crazy contracts ??? This is all the owners fault. they have been planning this for years, why do you think they hired Goodell. This whole lock out deal has been planned and excuted to a T. The owners have waged a PR campaign that has turned a lot of the fans on the players and its sad.

    Why in this country are the people always on the side of the Billionaires who do everything they can to keep them selves rich and the people making them that way.

    As far as a rookie wage scale, it has to happen. Its retarded that rookies end up being the highest paid in the league. But again this is the nfl’s fault not the players. If the NFL had the forsight to not sign a stupid CBA they wouldn’t be in this position. Don’t get me wrong at this point the players have to give something up as well. But the owners are the ones locking out the players. The owners are the ones who over paid players (i’m looking at you Al davis and jerry jones) Not that i agree with all they do but lets be honest here the Eagles have payed way less than those two teams and gotten way more than either of those teams combined. Perhaps if all owners were as good as Rooney, Kraft, and Laurie then we wouldn’t be in this position. Also the NFL’s greed of going into cities that couldn’t support NFL teams (jacksonville, Tampa, Carolina) not that the fans arn’t good in these cities, they just don’t have enough fans. This is lock out is because of major greed on one side and minor greed on the other, but hey this is America. Land of Ayn Rand type thinkers who think its moral to destroy others in pursuit of a dollar.

    Its pretty sad that these people are willing to risk what happened to MLB and the NHL. Remember the NFL wouldn’t even be the top dog if not for the fact MLB went on strike in the early 90’s and the NHL could be bigger than the NBA at the pace they were going till their strike.

    They are all willing to risk millions to make a few hundred thousand more a year. This is another silly reason to abandon this money first mentality we have.

  32. heres a thought. football is a sport i choose to watch. remember sport!!!!these players are a joke!they get paid millions while other people work for a living ..its a game. their families are not going hungry,loosing their homes,doing without health care,its about greed!!are the players protesting about how freeking high we pay for tickets,or a 10.00 hot dog,or a 12.00 beer,8.00 soft pretzel.40.00 for parking…nooooooooo
    i hope they strike so long that both sides go broke!!!
    they make me sick!!!

  33. You will not be miss once the replacement player come in. You should go to the Nflpa* to complain why they left the negotiating table.

  34. I’m watching it and wouldn’t miss it. By the way, there WILL be a season this year and a lot of veterans are going to wish they weren’t so greedy causing this lockout when they are replaced by these draftees.

  35. The good news is that Unions are declining and continue to do so. After Wisconsin things will change. Can’t wait to see little De Maurcie or whatever his name is selling hot dogs

  36. He stiffed his waitress at Bonefish Grille in Allentown when they were in camp last year. Watched it all go dow. Ran up a $250 check, ordered crazy random stuff, and was a total tool. So that should just about sum up what John Q. Public ought to think of what Quintin Mikell has to say.

    How did this nonsense make it through admin? Ordered “random stuff” and “acted like a tool?” What does that even mean?

    Anyway, you can agree with Quintin, or not agree with him, but there’s no need to make up nonsense stories about your BS “personal run-in” with a semi-famous person.

    I’ve interviewed Quintin Mikell, along with many other Eagles both at training camp and in the locker room after games, and I’ve yet to find a player more consistently affable or accommodating than Quintin Mikell.

  37. “Ran up a $250 check… stiffed his waitress ”

    It’s her fault. She should have known he played for the Eagles. What did she expect?

  38. For a man better suited to be a nickel safety, I too would boycott a draft where my eventual replacement will most likely be taken…

    Just saying- we hear way too much from Q Mike, but see little on the field from him to back it up.

  39. @oldbyrd …

    De Smith is an extremely successful attorney. This isn’t his only gig. You won’t be seeing him selling hot dogs. Maybe he’ll buy one from you.

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