Raiders-Broncos open on Monday Night Football


Continuing an AFC West theme that has pervaded most of the Monday night doubleheaders since ESPN acquired the rights to the MNF franchise in 2006, the Raiders will play at Denver on September 12 in prime time, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.

Though Klis doesn’t specify the kickoff time, it’s safe to assume that it will be the nightcap to the traditional twin bill.

In 2006, the Raiders hosted the Chargers.  In 2008, the Raiders hosted the Broncos.  In 2009, the Raiders hosted the Chargers again.  Last year, the Chargers visited the Chiefs.  All four games were played as the second half of a Monday night doubleheader.

29 responses to “Raiders-Broncos open on Monday Night Football

  1. rumors are swirling Pats @ Fins will be at 7 on MNF.

    Another double header to open the season.

  2. I guarentee that the Broncos will win this game! There is no way in hell that John Fox’s rebuilt denfense will allow the Raiders to score 59 points on them like they did the first time last season.

    Go Broncos! 😀

  3. Very surprised it was the Broncos. I would have gone with Rams-49ers as the MNF opener since that would have been the debut for Jim Harbaugh as head coach of the 49ers.

  4. Well….another Monday 10 pm EST start to the Raiders season…..guess ill be calling in sick Tuesday the 13th again…

  5. Not to sound like too much of a conspiracy theorist, but I’m a Raiders fan so that does tend to come with the territory… The league schedules a lot of these MNF season opening games with the Raiders, and they usually pick a game that will be a challenge — maybe even a likely loss. What happened this year? Did Goodell go soft?

  6. rayala3 says:
    Apr 19, 2011 6:52 PM
    I actually got excited and then remembered all the BS going on. DAMMIT!!

    Don’t worry about all that mate, GREED is the most powerful motivator – NOBODY makes money if they aren’t playin’ – THEY WILL PLAY!!!

  7. The Raiders have struggled on prime time in recent years. But they are improving and have owned the Broncos, especially in Denver, the past few seasons. Raider Nation should be pumped about this.

  8. That’s a poor game to start MNF this year. Two losers going to start the season with a win. Just giving Tebow some TV time (watching him on the sidelines).

  9. With the lockout, somewhere there is a grocery clerk, or a delivery driver that will score the winning TD.

    I’m still not convinced we won’t miss at least the first couple weeks of the regular season.

  10. norcalraider510 says: Apr 19, 2011 7:21 PM

    59 – 14

    Oh come on, the Raider’s will score more than 14.

    I’m thinking more 59-17!

    Tebow runs over the hapless Black Hole!

  11. Remember when everyone yawned at the Chargers/Chiefs matchup last year and it wound up being a barnburner?

    Everyone needs to stfu and stop passing judgement so early.

  12. Which means tim tebust will still be in the middle of his windup on Tuesay the 13’th.
    What a waste of a first round pick.

  13. xxspartanx109xx says: Apr 19, 2011 6:47 PM

    I guarentee that the Broncos will win this game! There is no way in hell that John Fox’s rebuilt denfense will allow the Raiders to score 59 points on them like they did the first time last season.

    Oakland didn’t need 59. They only needed 15, and tripped over more than that. As for Fox, that hire wasn’t long-term. Denver has a suspect roster and a new guy making decisions. Somebody had to step up and take that job.

  14. Monday Night football used to be an event. Now it is the lame sister of the football weekend. I only watch when it is the Ravens.

    The coverage is weak, and the announcers are subpar. Sunday Night football is so much better…and the irony is that the two groups used to be switched around.

    I say put a bullet in MNF’s head.

  15. Nice!! Raiders will be 1-0 in the division to start off ANOTHER year of DOMINANCE in the AFC West!! Plus everyone will get to see how vicious the Silver & Black defense is!… As for Tebow, sorry about your luck! It will take more than a decent set of wheels to beat Oakland, pal…

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