Thanksgiving: Packers-Lions, Dolphins-Cowboys, Harbaugh brothers


The NFL will continue its Thanksgiving tradition of games at Detroit and Dallas this year, and the newly released NFL schedule also features a third Thanksgiving game, which will be a very special one for the Harbaugh family: Jim and John coaching against each other.

The first two Thanksgiving games will be the Packers at Detroit in the early afternoon and the Dolphins at Dallas in the late afternoon. It will be the 20th time the Packers have played a Thanksgiving game at Detroit, and the fifth time the Dolphins have played a Thanksgiving game at Dallas.

And the Ravens, coached by John Harbaugh, will host the 49ers, coached by Jim Harbaugh, in the prime time Thanksgiving game on NFL Network. It will be the first game in NFL history in which two brothers are the opposing head coaches.

It looks like a good Thanksgiving for the Harbaugh family. And for all of us who use football as an excuse to avoid talking to our own families.

16 responses to “Thanksgiving: Packers-Lions, Dolphins-Cowboys, Harbaugh brothers

  1. Turkey Bowl for the early game and Harbowl for the late game, great day of football in Maryland November 24th!

  2. Why is the 49er vs. Ravens a great game?
    Neither Harbaughs are playing. Most of us don’t really care for that story line. Its all about what’s on the field and in the end one team is good and the other hasn’t been.

  3. Ho hum!it doesn’t matter when the triptofan kicks in. Then get to see some real football with the Longhorns vs the aggies.

  4. thehatefulnerd says:
    Apr 19, 2011 8:31 PM
    Why can’t Detroit ever visit the Tundra on Thanksgiving?
    Detroit and Dallas both have a lock on hosting a game on Thanksgiving day.

    The more important question is why do neither the Vikings or Bears play the Lions on Thanksgiving? Why is it always the Packers?

  5. Detroit and Dallas both have a lock on hosting a game on Thanksgiving day.

    The more important question is why do neither the Vikings or Bears play the Lions on Thanksgiving? Why is it always the Packers?

    because there the bears and the vikings

  6. Raider316, No. No One gives to rats asses about your team. Harbaugh vs Harbaugh will be very interesting but we will gut punch that ass. Go Ravens!

  7. The packers, ravens, will win, the cowboys dolphins game will be close. I know alot of 49er and lions fans will be upset. I know that yes anything can happen on any given sunday or in this case thanksgiving. With that said, I am going on the state of the teams involved. Let’s not forget that the Lions usually play tough at home against the packers. On the other hand, the packers are the superbowl champs, and need coverage. Just like the saints last year against the cowboys. I really think the dolphins cowboys game could be decided by a last second score. Packers will be close as well, the Ravens game could be the blowout, or heck all 3 could be close!

  8. @52sackmachine

    Pack are the 2010 season champs, they’re not defending anything, they won it and that’s that. They either win it again, or they dont. This whole defending champ deal in sports is BS. secondly, having won it last year, they beat us by 2 points on their home turf with our 2nd string QB and we beat em in the D. You can say Rodgers left the game, but how many points did he post in the almost 1 half of game he played? Ya DO know also, that they went to their 2nd string QB after that, right, and that we had our THIRD string??? Just checking…

  9. As a Packers fan I have to say the team I fear the most among the NFC North rivals is Detroit. Yes, fans, Detroit. For those of you not seeing the Lions last year, they came within an eyelash of beating Green Bay at Lambeau, while they beat the Packers at Detroit. Anyone who thinks the Lions are a walkover is living in the past. The Vikings are a shell of themselves. The Bears are tough, but the Packers proved they were beatable.
    The Lions achieved this with their starting QB injured most of last season. It would not surprise me at all to see the Lions in the playoffs this year.

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