Jim Harbaugh’s honeymoon would be shorter with Alex Smith

Every new head coach gets a honeymoon period.

For 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, the honeymoon period could last a while considering his track at Stanford and the difficult situation he’s been handed as a first-time head coach in the middle of a lockout.

Harbaugh could make one decision, however, that would test the patience of all 49ers’ fans right away: He could bring back Alex Smith.

Unless Harbaugh could turn Smith into a winning quarterback sooner than later, the fans could revolt in droves.  Matt Maiocco of CSNCalifornia.com joined PFT Live to talk about the 49ers’ quarterback dilemma and whether he thinks Smith will really return.

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13 responses to “Jim Harbaugh’s honeymoon would be shorter with Alex Smith

  1. As a 49ers fan, I’d agree that it’s probably time to turn the page on the Alex Smith era, but I do think it would be interesting to see what he could do with an actual head coach who knows how to manage quarterbacks.

  2. Smith back as our QB….perfect!

    At least he hasn’t been imprisoned for animal cruelty… accused of rape… killed someone while driving drunk or high… filed an antitrust lawsuit against his employer… had a $30 million contract wasted on him…

    Like it or not, Smith is a MAN of high moral character….and I’ll take that any day over the other options in the NFL.

  3. I was excited to have Jim Harbaugh as the coach of the 49ers until I realized he was in love with Alex Smith. This is getting ridiculous. How many years will it take for this organization to realize this guy is a bum? Hopefully some other team will be dumb enough to give this loser a chance but right now it looks like another crappy season with Alex Smith at qb for the 49ers. I’m starting to think the lockout dragging into the season might not be such a bad thing.

  4. If 60,000 fans chanting “We Want Carr” isn’t enough of a hint for Alex I don’t know what is. 49ers fans will never give him a chance at this point. It’s been 6 years of excuses and most of us are fed up.

    Bringing back Smith will open up Harbaugh to ridicule every time Alexcuses throws a swing pass 10 feet over Gore’s head.

  5. I am a 49er fan, and im trying to figure out how throwing Smith out right off the bat is a good idea? As a new head coach in a crap year, he’s doing everything right. If he goes into the job and doesnt have a qb besides David “effing” Carr, and decides to takes a huge dump on Alex Smith, then what? You can maybe bring in a veteran, not likely w/ the needs of so many teams, plus the lockout. Or draft one, but we all know the odds of that working out. Therefore, at this moment, our surest bet is bringing back Alex Smith…..peace im outta here!

  6. I understand Smith has had more than enough time to blossom and hasn’t so far, but it depends who else you can get. I want a long term solution, not a stopgap like Mcnabb. Let’s see what they get in the draft first, then decide on Smith.

  7. Plain and simple, Alex Smith is the best option for us at this point. Who do you bring in? Kolb? He hasn’t showed me jack. McNabb? Conditioning issues, LOL, I kid, McNabb is a class player but he aint got that passion he used to have. Cut on Madden 11, check out the options, there just aren’t any guys out there that seem to fit, to me anyways, with the 49ers. Alex is a good guy and remember those lasers he threw to Vernon Davis in that infamous “we want Carr” game? I am a little frustrated as a 49ers fan also, but I still think he has potential. He has this year to prove it to me before I give up on the guy.

  8. First of all, definitely not an Alex Smith fan.

    But, on one hand looking at the field of lackluster free agent QBs this season, there isn’t a lot out there that promises to be any better then Alex Smith. They either have a similar or worse QB ratings then Alex Smith or they haven’t played enough games to be a proven thing (and many of them are playing on much more solid teams then the 49ers, which make their lackluster stats even more troubling). And of course the draft doesn’t look much more promising with a lot of QBs who will probably take a little work before they’re NFL ready.

    On the other hand, Alex Smith has worn out his welcome with 49er fans who have very high standards for QBs to begin with (this is the fanbase that ran Jeff Garcia out of SF despite some very impressive years statistically and even at one point called for the benching of Joe Montana). If Alex Smith is ever to have a chance at a career, it’s not going to be in SF.

    In either case, this seems like something of a stopgap measure in hopes that something better will emerge next year. The 49ers certainly have other areas that need to be solidified as well (such as the Offensive Line and the Secondary), so it may well be a good idea to focus on that and hope for something better while using Alex Smith, whom the fans expect to fail, to hold the team over for another year and lower expectations for this season.

    But I think 49er fans are probably pretty sick of the idea of postponing success.

  9. If there was your normal NFL off-season where a new vet QB to be the bridge to the future QB would have time to get acclimated with Gore, Crabtree, Davis, Walker, Morgan, ect I would be baffled.

    But this isn’t a normal off-season and not a lot of time to learn the playbook so might as well get the guy who is most familiar at this moment with the weapons at hand.

    We can hope to turn the page all we want but as of right now Alex Smith is the best opportunity for the 49ers if this lockout becomes a long one. Harbaugh, like any other coach who has some semblance of pride, isn’t exactly one to just want to bomb the season to get a high pick like some people would like so we get put in position for Luck or Barkley. He is going to see a weak division and want to win.

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