John Elway: Broncos haven’t heard from anyone wanting to trade up


If any team is interested in trading up for the second overall pick in the NFL draft, Broncos Executive V.P. John Elway would like to know about it.

So far, Elway says, he hasn’t heard a peep.

“We’ve had no contact yet on any of the possible trades,” Elway said today. “We’ve had no contact with anybody yet.”

Broncos G.M. Brian Xanders said he thinks that if anyone makes the Broncos a trade offer, it likely won’t happen until draft day.

“Most of those calls with likely occur the day of the draft,” Xanders said. “It starts at 6 p.m., Mountain Time, so those hours preceding we could get calls — or we might not get any calls.”

Teams owning picks near the top of the NFL draft have had a hard time trading down in recent years, as other teams don’t want to move into a position where they’ll have to guarantee tens of millions of dollars to an unproven rookie. This year there might be a rookie wage scale that brings those guarantees down, which would make the top picks in the draft more valuable because they would carry less financial risk. But teams won’t know for sure whether there’s a rookie wage scale until the lockout ends, and that won’t be until after the draft.

Elway pronounced himself “hopeful” that the NFL will adopt a rookie wage scale, but he said he doesn’t know anything more about it than anyone else.

“I don’t know that we can predict that just yet,” Elway said. “Obviously there is some uncertainty if there is going to be a rookie wage scale and what the price of second pick is going to be for the player. . . . Then again we may be getting a heck of a player at a heck of a price—whatever the wage scale would come back at, if there is one.”

Ultimately, Elway said, he won’t be satisfied with just getting a heck of a player at a heck of a price with the second overall pick. He’s looking to add both quantity and quality.

“I would like to get four really, really, really good players,” Elway said. “I think we’d all like to do that.”

19 responses to “John Elway: Broncos haven’t heard from anyone wanting to trade up

  1. Way to drive down the value of your pick, genius. What eas Elwau’s Wonderlich score?

  2. I don’t think anyone believes anything as far as this year’s draft is concerned. So they’re just waiting to see what happens.

  3. Elway was quoted as saying that he would be willing to trade the second overall pick in the draft for a large bag of oats.

  4. They should just postpone the draft until after the lockout ends. I’ve lost interest. I used to come here multiple times all day long to learn the latest news (and rumors) in the football world, but now I come maybe once every two weeks or so. I will not bother watching the draft.

  5. @1972wasalongtimeago

    I don’t know what Elway scored on the Wonderlic test but I know he has a degree from Stanford University.

    Now which community college did you attend?

  6. Here is the grand scheme the genius owner that owns my favorite team came up with. Roger Godell: We have a trade for the 2nd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. The Washington Redskins aguire the 2nd pick in the draft from the Denver Broncos for all of Washington’s 2011 draft picks.( Loud cries and screams from the male contingent of Skins fans.) With 2nd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft…..( Loud chants of F–k You Snyder!) The Washington Redskins select Ryan Mallett, QB Arkansas University.

  7. Someone needs to remind Elway that things have changed since he rode himself off into the sunset. Elway’s last regular season as a player was 1998. Ryan Leaf went second that year. Ndamukong Suh went second last year, and probably banked four times the cash guaranteed to Leaf. Elway should just consider drafting at that spot. It’s hard to see anyone trading much of value for it, especially this year.

  8. Ah, poor baby! No one wants their pick. Just make everyone happy and trade Tebow to a compound in some poor developing country where he can hone his skill.

  9. Why would he even say that? Now the Bills, Bengals, Cardinals and 49ers can all sit patiently knowing nobody is going to trade up to #2 to take one of the QBs. Therefore all of those 4 teams aren’t going to call Denver either.

  10. Every time you post that picture I think for a brief second that John Elway has grown gills.

  11. I think if any team is pulling the trigger to get to #2, it’s Washington or maybe Arizona. But I think that’s contingent upon who is drafted #1 overall…. which will likely be Newton. Elways must figure either Washington or Arizona covet Gabbert, and thus they’re the only two teams that would be willing to move ahead of Buffalo and Cincy to grab him.

    Clearly, these are the two prime suitors Elway is hoping with which to trade… unless some other dark horse comes out of nowhere and makes a big trade offer.

  12. It doesn’t matter if Elway came out and said “People have contacted us about our pick” or not. They have a sense of who might be interested and what those teams can offer. It is part of the reason the Broncos put all those QBs through their paces again this week. It’s why they’re floating praise for Von Miller and Patrick Peterson. They know and we know that if they stay at 2, Dareus is their pick… But without a rookie wage scale in place, there can be no appropriate insight into draft pick value. Of course everyone is waiting to see what the conditions are before any offers are made… I know it’s weird having someone in Elway’s position treating fans and other teams like they have common sense, but let’s give the guy a break, OK?

  13. Oh, and for the record, I think teams likely to move on this are the Bengals, the Cards, Titans, 49ers, and the Patriots. The Broncos are looking to improve sooner rather than later, so I don’t think the Redskins can motivate Denver.

  14. How many of you ACTUALLY believe there would be any calls right now anyway?

    Who’s the moron, Elway for stating the obvious or the morons who believe anyone would be looking to trade a week before the draft?

  15. Hey glenmcahill, lets assume Elway’s athletic ability had nothing to do with his getting into Stanford. People can graduate from Stanford and still do stupid things. Right, Tiger?

    And by the way, Emory University, thank you very much.

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