Mediation breaks for nearly a month

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The good news is that mediation in the fight between the NFL and the players hasn’t ended.  The bad news is that it won’t continue until the middle of May.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that mediation has adjourned until the tentative date of May 16.

In the interim, Judge Susan Nelson presumably will issue a ruling on the pending motion to lift the lockout, an analysis that possibly has become complicated by comments from Mike Vrabel indicating that the union is still acting as a union.  Thus, mediation would occur while the two sides are awaiting an appeal of Judge Nelson’s ruling, which means that one side necessarily will have less leverage when mediation continues.

The fact that mediation has ended for nearly a month confirms that neither side is serious about trying to work out their differences.  If they were, they’d find a way to keep talking.

Further complicating matters is the report that up to 70 players will try to intervene in the Brady antitrust lawsuit.  With more players and more lawyers involved, it’ll be even harder to make progress.

UPDATE:  Breer now reports that NFL general counsel Jeff Pash said that “part of pushing mediation back was Judge Boylan’s schedule, for all those panicking.”  But there are seven other Magistrate Judges in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota.  And if issues in Judge Boylan’s schedule were poised to emerge only a week after mediation began, why did Judge Nelson give him the assignment in the first place?

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  1. The mediation mess has impacted De Smith’s future political ambitions as well. A local write in campaign to add the soon to be unemployed Smith’s name to the list of candidates for City Dogcatcher failed to secure enough signatures.

  2. I will believe talk of a splinter group when at least one player is named – other than Antonio Cromartie

  3. this makes me want to throw my computer out the window. i would love to say “i am never watching football again, they just lost a fan”, but that would be bs. i will be pissed but i will also be counting the hours till i get a chnace to watch my team take the field. these 70 other players need to gain some momentum and get more players on board

  4. Neither side gives a damn. But that’s ok, the joke is on them. If the season isn’t played, DirecTV refunds me my NFL Sunday Ticket money. So screw the players, screw the owners, and screw Goodell for making all of it come to this.

    I have DVD’s of the Patriots 2001, 2003, and 2004 Super Bowl seasons. If I need a football fix I can pop those in. I can watch the UFL. I can follow college football more closely. Screw every one of these greedy bastards.

  5. If the players don’t want to play, REPLACE them. If your not making the money you want as an owner, GET OUT. But give football back to the fans, or there are other sports we can follow. TAKE THE HINT!!! Its getting old. Grow up and quit being so stupid.

  6. And the other part of pushing mediation back was that there was no settlement in sight. If there had been any realistic hope at this point the judge’s schedule would have been amended.

    So we’re back to the theory that someone comes out of Judge Nelson’s ruling with a victory. That’s probably the players, who get their injunction, with the owners filing an immediate appeal along with a motion to stay the lower court’s ruling. About then we get back to mediation.

    On the other hand, once the lower court rules on the prelininary injunction, the magistrate can start issuing discovery orders and the owners will have to come up with the financial data. Don’t think they’ll like that very much.

  7. So…if Judge Nelson rules to lift the lockout, does that mean teams can then operate in normal offseason activities (player trades, sign free agents, OTAs, etc)? I know there’d be an appeal of her decision to lift the lockout, but if she DOES rule that way, how would teams operate? Would that be outlined in her judgement?

    It seems that her decision of lifting the lockout, even if it’s a temporary solution, seems to be the best move at this point since neither side full of mongloids can figure this mess out.

  8. Thats fantastic news… You know.. Because this process isnt being dragged out NEAR enough.

  9. How long does it take for the NFL to get a ruling about the NFLPA Sham or not Sham? It didn’t take long for the NFLPA to get a ruling on TV money…

  10. Guys… “mediation” right now is useless. The players think that Judge Nelson is going to lift the lockout. The owners think she won’t. Whichever side is right is going to gain an enormous amount of leverage.

    Until that ruling comes, “mediation” (if that’s what you’d call two sides staring at each other and wasting time) simply isn’t going to occur anyway. This isn’t exactly terrible news, since now there should be a little more urgency to finally get that ruling from Judge Nelson.

  11. First rule of lawyering: the more lawyers involved, the longer it takes. Why should they move things along if they are getting paid by the hour? Let’s file another lawsuit and pay more of them. Fans are starting to get pissed!

    don’t watch ESPN or NFL Network coverage of the draft. Don’t go to it either.
    Follow the draft on the web or phone apps.
    Not asking you to quit being a fan, just show some disipline and it might help get a deal done faster.

  13. Does it really take this long to rule? she said a couple weeks didn’t she. This is all crazy, I wish fans would hold strong and not run back when things to get worked out. They think we all dumb.

  14. Ok so truth is the Fans will not boycott watching football. But what we can do is not buy anything with the NFL seal on it. No jerseys, no hats, no dvs, no nothing. We as fans can only do one thing and thats vote with our wallets. So from here till the end of this season I personally will not pay for anything with an NFL seal and that includes tickets (I usally go to 4 games a year) . I would hope that other fans will do the same thing. This is a joke. These people on both sides are a joke. A month ? A month ?? WTF. The offseason work outs will already be over by the time this thing even gets started. I now really hate the owners. And i am starting to turn on the players. Both of the leaders Godell and Smith are having a penis measuring contest that is ruining a full nfl season for fans. If both sides were smart they get rid of these tools. I hate to say this, because I hate when congress gets involved in sport. But its time congress does get involved as if the NFL doesn’t play that is going to hurt jobs in every NFL city and traing camp location. Its time congress steps in and tells the teams and players that they have 5 days to get a deal done or they loose anti-trust exemption. They don’t need to hold hearings or waste money or time. Just a threat from the speaker and the senate leader and they will get the deal done. Step up congress and do something for the people that doesn’t involve lining your pockets. The NFL is a national trust, it is the great distraction from our crappy lives. It provides tens of thosands of low wage jobs to people who will soon be on unemployment. not to mention the thousands of bars and waiters that will not make money this year because of a lack of football. I think almost a 100000 jobs will be affected if the NFL doesn’t get this doesnt get this done in time. And thats non NFL people. The NFL as whole should be ashamed of themselves. I am so angry at these people. Sorry for my rant, but this bull ish. I hope they don’t play this year and people stop watching so these rich bastards go broke and die !

  15. Boo Goodell at the draft. Throw garbage. Spit. Hurl. Curse. Shout him down when he tries to speak. This is the guy who said PSL’s are a good investment.

  16. How can you call it “Mediation”, when no one wants to mediate? Its obvious they don’t want the season to proceed, so….Fire them and replace them with people who are serious about mediation.

  17. It’s not like they were going to reach an agreement anyway. These people can’t agree on what to order for lunch.

    Does either side think they inspire confidence in the fans?

  18. Can we as fans take over the mediation sessions? Jeez this thing is getting worse and worse as the days go by. First off Susan Nelson should have had mediation sessions back in Washington and second of all why would she not discuss this judges schedule ahead of time before she appointed him?

  19. Want to make something really happen, everyone who has DirecTV Sunday ticket (me included) need to cancel right now. Send DirecTV into a panic and the league will have to respond…and the pot of money will shrink scaring the players union.

  20. “fatelvis77 says:
    Apr 20, 2011 5:05 PM
    Boo Goodell at the draft. Throw garbage. Spit. Hurl. Curse. Shout him down when he tries to speak. This is the guy who said PSL’s are a good investment.”

    1000% agree. Is the NFL stupid enough to let the normal crowd into the draft though?

  21. Can a judge start fining both sides, something like a million a week from the total the NFL will collect in the future, to reimburse taxpayers in the cities that footed part of the bill of new stadiums?

    That would get their asses moving, to watch their precious pie shrink. Let them fight over peanuts, the jerks.

  22. I guess they are all waiting for the two minute warning. Obviously the league is continuing like business is usual (except for trades and FA). They released the schedule and are having the draft like there is no problem with the unorganized, disjointed players. Just keep on, keeping on.

  23. Dont worry fans, calm down. This group of “mid-tier” players will open their own negotiations and get a deal done. If not another group of lower tier players are meeting with my cousins, uncle,brothers, law firm. There is hope!………………..LOL.

    I said it from the start, if the PLAYERS win in court football in 2011. OWNERS win in court no football in 2011. Period.

  24. Very sad to see this develop. I have had a long love affair with the NFL, but it looks like both sides are determined to drive fans away.

    To anyreidisfat – I agree, none of us should buy anything with an NFL logo on it. However, I do disagree with one point… if they lose one regular season game, I am done with the NFL for at least as long as I gave up baseball after the strike, and I am only just now returning to being a baseball fan. I am sick of the greed and the inability to grown men to be reasonable with one another.

  25. “Want to make something really happen, everyone who has DirecTV Sunday ticket (me included) need to cancel right now. Send DirecTV into a panic and the league will have to respond…and the pot of money will shrink scaring the players union”

    Kinda hard to do when the bill doesn’t show up until July.

  26. Seriously? Seriously? Maybe the White House should intervene in this thing. They couldn’t do any worse than the judiciary at this point. Sure, why not? Let’s turn it into a regular three-ring circus. Since it doesn’t look like we’re going to have a football season, we’ll need some entertainment. Grrrrrr ….

    Judge … ma’am … appoint someone who can show up!

  27. It ain’t gonna happen as long as de smith is involved. it is to his advantage (?) for it to drag on. The low level players need to get their act together and DEMAND from their player rep to get serious.

  28. “But there are seven other Magistrate Judges in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. And if issues in Judge Boylan’s schedule were poised to emerge only a week after mediation began, why did Judge Nelson give him the assignment in the first place?”

    Now that’s damn right. So, not only are the parties not taking this seriously, the bench apparently isn’t either. Sad.

  29. Efffff them all! The owners, players, judges, mediators, lawyers, agents and the media. I’m changing my handle from bronco1st to ME1st. Over and OUT!

  30. Someone mentioned D Smith??? How would a 3′-2″ communist with a big mouth get another job. Wait a minute Im sorry…The zoo could always use him!!!! Ill call the zoo Union and see if we can get him in.

  31. Did anyone ever hear of hobartbaker before the lockout? He is just another stadium janitor paid by the league/some team to sit on the internet spewing propaganda while the stadium toilets go unused. Just goes to shiw ya how life skills can be used in another job.

  32. What the fans need is the involvement of mid-tier owners who cannot afford to pay operating expenses without football revenue. The league hardliners involved in the negotiations are either the rich owners who wanna get richer ( Kraft, Jones, Mara, Johnson) , or the miserly,unstable owners who shouldn’t own a team anyway ( Wilson, Brown, York) . Those owners in the middle should drive the negotiations for a fair settlement.

  33. “Want to make something really happen, everyone who has DirecTV Sunday ticket (me included) need to cancel right now.”

    I think they start to take money sooner if you are on the Early Bird program. But thanks for the reminder. I cancelled Sunday Ticket for 2011.

  34. Wonder how many fans just dropped their give a sh*t. Didn’t the judge mention a ruling within 2 weeks back on April 6? Is she waiting for the NLRB to finally make a ruling on the complaint filed by the leage mid Feb? Maybe the media should stop digging up unknowledgeable “sources” and running stories on this cluster…

  35. This basically helps the owners A LOT. The lockout is not lifted. The longer we go and the closer we get to the season and the longer no free agents get their money, the more likely the players will finally rise up and overthrow D. Smith.

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