Ozzie Newsome not ready to write off Sergio Kindle


Ozzie Newsome hasn’t had many misses in his time running the draft for the Ravens, but one year later, Newsome’s decision to take Sergio Kindle with Baltimore’s first pick in the 2010 NFL draft certainly doesn’t look like a hit.

Newsome, however, says it remains to be seen what kind of NFL player Kindle becomes.

That story is not written yet,” Newsome said Tuesday, per the Baltimore Sun. “And we’ll wait and see how that outcome is going to be. But that story is not completely written yet.”

Kindle missed the entire 2010 season after suffering a skull fracture falling down a flight of stairs, and he still hasn’t been cleared to play. Kindle was also arrested for drunk driving in December, which is particularly troubling because Kindle also was arrested for drunk driving in college — a red flag that Newsome chose to overlook.

But Newsome has now joined Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and coach John Harbaugh in saying publicly that the team still thinks it may get some value out of Kindle. Whenever the lockout ends, he’s a player everyone in Baltimore will want to watch.

8 responses to “Ozzie Newsome not ready to write off Sergio Kindle

  1. What else would anyone expect Ozzie Newsome to say?

    With every sports writer scrounging for something big to write about right now, he’s much better off waiting until training camp to cut his losses and drop this bum.

    Why compound one foolish move with another?

  2. Ozzie will write him off as soon as he finds his pen……

    ” Where is that damn pen….i left it here and now it’s gone……phone for me? Reporter asking about Sergio Kindle? Tell them that the story hasn’t been written yet”mumbling mumbling “becuz i can’t find my pen…..where is my damn pen”

  3. Just a guess, but I doubt Ozzie “overlooked” the college DUI. He probably asked a lot of questions and was satisfied that it was an incident and not a crisis. No one could have predicted the household accident and skull fracture. And after a long year dealing with that, it’s not surprising the kid has had a substance issue.

    It’s a wild stretch to think Ozzie could have anticipated any of these events. And it would be foolish for him to write off the kid without finding out what he’s got left.

    Ozzie Newsome is not foolish. The guy is brilliant and most teams would kill to have a player personnel guru with his track record.

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