Reports: Ryan Mallett skipped Panthers visit after late night out

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Both Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer and Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and NFP are reporting that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett blew off his April 9 team-facility visit with the Carolina Panthers.

Biggs has the details.

Citing multiple sources, Biggs reports that Mallett met the Panthers on the evening of April 8 for dinner with club officials. The Razorbacks’ all-time passing leader was “seen out on the town late” following the meal, and reportedly called in sick the next day.

Biggs’ report acknowledges the mass amounts of pre-draft misinformation spread this time of year. But Biggs insists “there is no mistaking that Mallett called the Panthers (on April 9) and told them he was ill after a late night in Charlotte.”

Mallett, as you already know, has been the subject of character scrutiny due to a 2009 arrest for public intoxication, as well as countless pre-draft rumors that take his alleged consumption problems much further.

During February team interviews at the Combine, Mallett reportedly told NFL executives and coaching staffs that he did drugs at Arkansas.

While these issues say little about Mallett’s football future, they certainly threaten to torpedo his draft stock.

UPDATE:  The Panthers and Mallett’s agents have responded to the report.

70 responses to “Reports: Ryan Mallett skipped Panthers visit after late night out

  1. Is it an Arkansas QB thing? Does anyone remember Matt Jones? What a waste for the Jags……this dude is sure sounding like Matty J all over again.

  2. If I had an opportunity to not have to go to a job interview with the Carolina Panters and get wasted in the process, I’d take it too.

  3. Mallett had a couple of options if he truly woke up with a bad hangover. One was what he ended up doing, which was relatively courteous. Another was to just blow it off completely.

    However, the best option would’ve been to call his agent to discuss options and potential damage control. If he could’ve purged his stomach a little, eaten something greasy to make it feel better, taken some headache/stomach-ache medication, and walked into the interview pekid but present, that would’ve been better. If that wasn’t possible, his agent should’ve cooked up better damage control than having Mallett call up the team and say he was ill.

  4. One night on the town could have cost him $10MM plus if he drops from the #1 to the #2 or #3 pick.

  5. He went out drinking. He probably was ill. Bad decision-making for a man soon to be tasked with leading a billion dollar corporation? You bet.

    But there are worse things than missing a meeting, like not knowing how to call plays, diagnose coverages or worse calling your own number against your coach’s will.

    I still say Mallet is the clear number 1 QB in this draft.

    Bring Newton, Gabbert, Locker, Dalton, Ponder, and all the rest on. Mallet is the best QB of them all, and it’s not even close.

    Ideally for him or any other QB, he gets to perfect his knowledge of the offense by sitting a year.

  6. Nothing to sugar coat here, he’s an idiot. Thank goodness hes not black or we could cue the racist comments.

  7. I love this QB class. LOVE IT.
    Cam Newton calls his plays off a Chinese Takeout Menu.

    Blaine Gabbert lives up to his name as the most boring QB alive.

    Last year’s #1 overall Jake Locker is apparently the worst QB in the Universe now.

    And then you have this Michigan reject, Bobby Petrino progeny that has a meth problem.

    After that it’s a bunch of small school spread QBs.

    Oh yeah, and Peter King has a boner for Andy Dalton and thinks every team in the first round should draft him.

    It truly is “the year of the QB.”

    Here’s to all the team’s I hate drafting a QB!

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the Panties still drafted him.

  8. He was never going to be a #1, #2 or even #3 pick so that’s not really the point here.

    The kid was an idiot.

  9. jbl429 says:
    Apr 20, 2011 1:00 PM
    One night on the town could have cost him $10MM plus if he drops from the #1 to the #2 or #3 pick.


    1, 2 or 3 pick?????? You might be in worst shape than Mallett.

  10. Everyone is assuming it is a hangover. It could just as easily be food poisoning. Does anyone really believe his agent would let him blow off the meeting?

    Not to mention that this could all be BS and another smokescreen. No one should believe any media reports at this juncture prior to the draft.

    It’s all rumor and smoke.

    Ask yourself, WHY would Carolina even be meeting with Mallet? Really? As a possible #1 pick? Really?

  11. Hey , who doesn’t like partying late and blowing off million dollar job interviews! Smart guy.. Good luck.

  12. knowerofallthings says:
    Apr 20, 2011 12:56 PM
    Smart guy – I notice he didn’t skip the Patriots or Colts meetings

    That would be smart, if one assumes that no one in the Patriot or Colts organization knows how to read a newspaper or owns a computer.

  13. Thank God! This pretty much eliminates any chance of the Panthers trading up into the 2nd round to draft this loser. He’s got “BUST” written all over his ugly face.

    Go Panthers!

  14. Yikes! If this is true (not the sick part, but rather sick BECAUSE he was out late partying), this guy is virtually undraftable–definitely not day 1 or 2 at least. I have no issue with Mallett “partying”, etc. That’s what young single men do. But when you have a job interview the next day that requires you to be in tip top shape… well…. that’s clearly a problem. A crying shame, too. Based on watching that Gruden series, he seems by far to be the best prepared for the NFL game (in terms of understanding offensive and defensive concepts). But dude… it’s hard not to feel sorry for the kid… but feeling sorry for someone doesn’t help him or anyone else. Someone in his life (father, brother, pastor, shrink) needs to get this kid some help–before he pisses his life away.

  15. Good for Mallett. Getting drafted by the Panthers would kill his career before it started. I would hate to see that happen to such a talented qb. Sadly it will happen to Cam Newton.

  16. I’m 44, and I have attended plenty of early morning meetings with a hangover.

    I’ve also played plenty of 9 am rugby games after drinking until 2.

    So not only do I question this guy’s smarts, now I also question his toughness.

    Suck it up, country boy.

  17. So….let me get this straight..

    Somebody….nobody knows who…saw Mallett out on the town?

    What if he was sick, what if he ate something bad at the dinner they had?



    The “Michigan Reject” did TONS more in Arkansas than Michigan did without him. Meth problem? You know, making crap up just makes you look foolish…right?

  18. What’s sad is that half the comments here apparently actually believe this story. This is the epitome of it’s so stupid it’s probably not true; especially in the height of the campaigns of misinformation.

  19. unless he did cocaine or something like that any alcohol related hangover can be cured witha few advils and food

  20. He’s still arguably the best QB in this class. These things are unsettling but he still has immense football IQ and good work ethic. So instead of comapring him to Ryan leaf, I say a phillip rivers / jay cutler comparison is solid.

    Mallet has the best arm strength in the draft class, played in a pro style system, the only QB (Besides mceloroy) that knows how to read coverages, he knows his hot routes, he knows how to adjust protection/ make calls at the line of scrimmage, can fit balls into windows that none of the QBs in this draft class can do, and he projects well to start in the nfl right away. I don’t think he’s going to run himself out of the league

  21. What other profession can someone publicly blow off a job interview because you were drinking the night before and still make millions of dollars?

  22. Has anyone projected him as the #1 overall pick? Seems like a waste to visit the Panthers anyway. He’s not falling all the way to round 2. It was a stupid move for sure, but spending time with a team that is not going to draft him is silly too.

  23. I wouldn’t read too much into this. Pretty sure he’s had good meetings with several teams that have solid management. The Panthers are a horrible organization. They literally made Luck stay at school for another year to avoid being drafted by them. Let the kid enjoy himself. I mean he could have just brought his daddy into this and protested a trade like….Eli?

  24. Have my doubts this is accurate report,,,,unnamed sources once again spread negative rumors about Mallett,,

    always good for PFT to get to link to all the bad stuff it has previously said about Mallett,,

    Maybe he was out late ( lots to do in Charlotte?), maybe he was sick,,,maybe none of it was true????

  25. knowerofallthings: “Smart guy – I notice he didn’t skip the Patriots or Colts meetings”

    Yeah total genius! Go to the meetings where you won’t be playing for 6 years!

  26. Must have been more impressed by the Charlotte nightlife than the Panthers…. It IS a fun town to party in…

    “I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.” Cal Naughton, Jr.

    Here’s to Mallett falling to the Raiders in the 3rd…

  27. How can he be “the next Ryan Leaf” when he will not be drafted anywhere near 2nd overall? Or are we just calling any shaky prospect the “the next Ryan Leaf”?

  28. People keep throwing out the comparisons to Ryan Leaf, but the player he acts most like is Ben Roethlisberger.

    You can still be a successful player while being immature. It’s whether he grows up BEFORE something really bad happens while doing all those reckless “young” things.

    It’s a line we all straddle as we grow up. And it’s harder to do when you have millions of dollars and millions of fans watching your every move.

    Mallett has talent. I’m as curious as anyone what his future holds.

  29. @paulitik …

    Where do you get that Mallett is a Michigan reject? Uh … no. Mallett left Michigan when they hired RichRod (and just look how that turned out) because he was going to install a spread offense. And wonder of wonders, Mallett is an honest-to-goodness QB who actually wanted to throw the freakin’ ball. Was beginning to think those were going the way of the T-Rex.

    Those of us who followed him at Arkansas never heard a word about Mallett being a drugged-out loser until Combine week. At this point, I’d take any story about him with a grain of salt. Don’t think he’s even on Carolina’s board, is he?

  30. gregjennings85, are you his agent or carrying his child? Whatever it is, stick to your day job because this kid will look at Matt Jones and think “wow, what a long career he had compared to mine”.

  31. He probably figured there was no sense meeting with Carolina since everybody knows they will be drafting Cam Newton with their first pick.

  32. After checking out the Charlotte club scene, Ryan decided his future lay elsewhere.

  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carolina is trying to set the stage for Mallett to fall to them at the top of the 2nd Round.

  34. Ryan Mallett what a joke on my board he is no one talent wise he could be a Brady if he could get on a team and do the work he have every thing else it his playboy head he could be great what a waste be he get it turn around, I hope so.

  35. gregjennings85, you’re one of the very few who make sense here. On the other hand, puregreed and those who think like him are part of the reason why we have the problems our society has today.

  36. jodave5 says:
    Apr 20, 2011 2:02 PM

    “gregjennings85, are you his agent or carrying his child? Whatever it is, stick to your day job because this kid will look at Matt Jones and think “wow, what a long career he had compared to mine”.”


    Uh, no. This is an NFL site, and we are talking draft prospects. Welcome to the discussion.

    I hope you’ll have the stones to admit it when he ends up being a good QB. I doubt you’ll be back. Still, in between bites of your TV dinner, you’ll remember I was right.

  37. paulthetick- ‘And then you have this Michigan reject, Bobby Petrino progeny that has a meth problem.’

    i hope someone someday spreads some really nasty rumors about you and it causes you to lose employment, a spouse, all credibility (that is if you have any) and hopefully every other thing you own/have in life.

  38. rumorhater:

    If you are looking for support on this site from the virtual frat house that is the blogsphere, I wouldn’t suggest saying that you’re a fan of mine, as that will only blacklist you from the good ‘ol boy network of shoot-from-the-hip college football fanatics that call this place their home-away-from-mom’s-basement.

  39. Deb:

    I didn’t know that it is possible, but we actually agree on something – Mallet is not a bad kid, and is actually a very good QB prospect.

  40. @gregjennings85 …

    That’s not the first time we’ve agreed. You just haven’t been paying attention 😉

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