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On one hand, the 2010 Bills played a lot more competitively than their 4-12 record indicated. They looked improved on offense under Chan Gailey and could have won many more games, often against playoff teams.

On the other hand, they still finished 28th in points scored and points allowed, bottoming out with only ten points combined in blowout losses the final two weeks. The Bills are up next in our team needs series, and they have plenty of them.

DL: Buffalo needs numbers badly here to help their run defense.   Kyle Williams is an underrated star, and his versatility is a big bonus.   The team could use an early pick on a defensive end or tackle and move Williams around to fit where he’s needed.  A few linemen would help.

LB: Buffalo switched to a 3-4 defense last year, creating a number of new “needs” and an inferior defensive group to the one Dick Jauron coached.  Outside linebackers Shawne Merriman and Chris Kelsay are making good money, but any production from Merriman should be considered a bonus.  Second-year player Arthur Moats would fit best on passing downs.  This group is not good enough to pass on Von Miller just because they have players at the position. He’d be a great fit.

Getting help on the inside later in the draft would also make sense with Paul Posluszny likely to be a free agent and no young talent at the position.

QB: Gailey can coach up quarterbacks. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a solid option in Gailey’s offense, but he’s not a guy you build your future around. Gailey knows how to get creative with mobile guys, so Cam Newton makes some sense.  Taking a signal caller in second round seems like the better bet this year.

T: Gailey said the Bills have to find a tackle in free agency or the draft.  Right tackle was a turnstile last year for the team.  If they can get the right tackle position settled, an improving line led by guards Eric Wood and Andy Levitre could surprise people.

Overview: The Bills have five picks in the first four rounds and they could use even more.  They should be focusing on defensive playmakers unless they really believe in a quarterback.  Reaching for one that doesn’t fit at No. 3 overall would set this franchise back once again.

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  1. Hey Bills fans, do you remember this quote:

    “Yeah, by the end of the fourth quarter they’re laughing at us,” Whitner said. ”It always happens. We can’t keep allowing that to happen. Guys go out there and they work too hard.


    The defense lacks toughness. The Bills don’t need another workout warrior, they need a warrior on the field. The Bills need to strongly consider picking Nick Fairley. He is far and away the best player available in the draft, and no he is not Haynesworth. Their personalities are completely different.
    I want to see if boy wonder, Tom Brady, is laughing after getting hit by this animal a couple times.

  2. Buffalo’s been too bad for too long and it’s a shame.

    Football is a better game when Buffalo has credibility and respect. Their fans are good, smart fans and this has had to be an excruciating stretch for them.

    While Ralph Wilson could do well to generate some additional income by naming the stadium for someone other than Ralph Wilson, I’ll not hold that against the fans.

    (I’d say the same thing about the Browns if their fans didn’t spend the last few years defending Mangini)

  3. I agree with this. You didn’t beat the “needs QB” horse to death. QB for this team is a need and not a glaring hole. I’d rank LB, both ILB and OLB, above DL. This group is underrated, with Carrington, Edwards, Williams, and S. Johnson. The reason why the Bills were so poor in run support last year was because their LB corp is undersized and mismatched. Kelsay should be moved back to end, and Arthur Moats is a situational pass rusher at this point. OT is a need that should be adressed in FA, not the draft. The corp is young and needs some solid leadership that isn’t Cornell Green… Von Miller would be nice, he’s an everydown type of player. I also wouldn’t mind seeing P. Peterson drafted either, building up your strength’s is never a bad thing on Defense. This team is much closer to being competitive than it has been in years past. AFCE look out!

  4. I agree in a vacuum, but in the AFC East, I’d put the offensive needs up top and the D below.

    With the Pats playing a conservative, TE-oriented offense, the Jets (read:Sanchez’s) inconsistency with the ball, and the Dolphins run-based O, I think the open door in the AEast is open to a team with an elite offense. Gabbert, a WR to take heat of Stevie Johnson, a tackle or two, and a TE worth a crap would do them wonders.

    I’m normally a fan of drafting the BPA, but Buffalo has been waiting to draft a QB like they have a chance to this year. If they don’t, they won’t live to regret it.

  5. Buffalo Bills most important need is stopping the run and if that means putting a 300 pound DT in the middle thats what need to be done if that means get help at the linebacker position or playmaking safety go get that player. QB is solid with Fitzpatrick basically being a temporary fix or a tutor for a QB I’ll say this if Newton is there with the 3rd pick he goes here and will sit a year under Fitz, WR are solid Steve Johnson 1000 yd 10 td hope it wasn’t a year fluke Lee Evans has to stop being invisible for strecthes and then keep developing the your WRs, RBs Fred Jackson maybe have a good 2 years left before age catch up with him so Spiller will need to to study game film and stop dancing in the backfield and hit the hole while its then its not the SEC anymore hole closes within seconds. TE position has been no existence for years Shawn Nelson showed promised in College hasn’t translated into the NFL take a flyer in the 3rd round for a pass catching TE. CB hopefuly when the lockout end Drayton Florence can re-up he’s a solid CB can cover any team 2 WR Mckelvin needs to play up to his draft stock shown flashes

  6. Everything! First things first. Gailey’s got to go and take Wannstad with him.

    As bad as I dislike AGGIES, I hope Von Miller goes somewhere else. He deserves better.

  7. I agree with the needs analysis. They need defense, both linemen and linebackers, desperately. Forget the QB for the time being. There will be other drafts to come when perhaps the choices are less risky. (I am not a huge Gabbert or Newton fan).

  8. @ JoeSixPack

    The stadium is owned by Erie County. The last company to puchase naming rights was Rich Products (used to be Rich Stadium). It was a very old deal and when it came time to renew the price-tag for naming an NFL stadium was much higher than when Rich products first purchased the naming rights. Rich Products didn’t renew, so the county decided to rename it in honor of the guy who keeps the team in Buffalo.

    In response to this article……spot on. #3 is too high to draft a QB this year. Fitzpatrick will likely help mentor our next guy…..I’d love to know exactly whats going on with Levi Brown. We draft him late last year, then we cut him, then we pick him back up after Trent Edwards was let go. wtf? Safe to assume that he is not in the long term plans? It’s an honest question.

  9. rabidbillsfan

    I tend to believe what Buddy Nix says, they feel comfortable with the personnel they have at OLB. I see Moats rotating in on passing downs with Kelsey playing mostly on running downs, Merriman on the opposite side with Maybin occasionally coming in to give him a breather. (Come on Maybin, earn that contract!)
    The problem is at ILB. In the second round, I’d like to see the Bills draft Casey Matthews. I know he has a 3rd or 4th round grade, but some team is going to reach for him – I hope it is the Bills. C. Matthews has an undeniable football pedigree, good football instincts, and had a nice collegiate career with the Ducks.
    I agree both with your assessment that the right tackle position should be addressed through FA, and that this team is only a few players away from being competitive.

  10. Call me crazy (and I saw more of the Bills than just when they took my Ravens to overtime) but if they take AJ Green with their first pick, a pass rusher at the top of round 2 where there’s maybe some big value there with all the QB’s getting taken, and address O-line in free agency, could Ryan Fitzpatrick be the man for four years?

    They had a bad O-line last season which made it difficult. AJ Green would provide the ability to even keep an extra blocker or two in there as Fitzpatrick moves the ball up and down the field. As miraculous as it sounds – given how bad they’ve drafted in recent years, they could be a playoff team even this year with AJ Green and – say – Cameron Heyward and a rejuvenated Shawne Merriman.

  11. @ elevando

    Recomending Fairley? And please, PLEASE, don’t tell me you want the Bills to “reach” for anybody, that just sets your team back. What Buddy says and what Buddy knows are 2 completly diffrent things. Kelsay will never earn his money at OLB. This team needs to fill it’s holes through the draft, and fix it’s needs in FA. I like Barret Ruud from TB. He will be expensive but he’s a thumper. POZ could actually be a better WOLB than ILB due to his speed and he’s a pretty solid tackler. The receiving corps is fine, Evans will have a 800+yard season next season as long as he stays healthy with the emergence of SJ. He’s one of the best, true vertical threats in the leauge.


    What are you talking about?

    @ thefiesty1

    I’m sorry that you are canadian…

  12. pleeeeaaase draft V.Miller !!! we need a sure thing on def for a change. No way do I feel comfortable with Merriman and Maybin at LB Shawn has nothing left and Aaron never had it !!!!

  13. rabidbillsfan

    Fairley is a bona fide game changer. He dominates any player put in front of him. If there is a player that can get into a offense’s head, its him. The Bills badly need someone like that.
    I disagree with your assessment of the Bills D line. They are a sad group that never, never got penetration last year, except Williams, occasionally. Guy has two blockers on him every play.

    My thinking with a Casey Matthews the second round is that he is as close to a sure thing there is in the NFL, and apparently he actually has a 2nd or 3rd round grade. It wouldn’t really be a reach. Matthews & Poz would solidify the middle of the D. Is betting against a Matthews really a smart bet at this point, really?

    The Bills have excellent depth at WR. Not even a concern.

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