William Moore’s arrest arose from unpaid speeding ticket


We’ve done some digging regarding Tuesday’s arrest of Falcons starting safety William Moore on charges of speeding, driving with a suspended license, and failure to appear.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Moore had a previous speeding ticket that had not properly been resolved.  That resulted in the failure to appear in court and the suspension of his license.  The situation was discovered when he was pulled over Tuesday for speeding, after leaving a workout facility.

According to the source, Moore resolved a speeding ticket several months ago, not realizing at the time that there was a second unresolved ticket.  He never paid the other ticket, setting in motion the chain of events that put him behind bars for more than seven hours on Tuesday.

Look for the situation to be cleared up quickly, with no conviction or guilty plea.

12 responses to “William Moore’s arrest arose from unpaid speeding ticket

  1. Still, in addition to it’s Drug Treatment program, NFL should also have a Stupid Treatment program.


  2. PFT, thank you for taking the extra initiative to clear this up. The Falcons organization puts serious emphasis on charcter since that P.O.S got locked up a few years ago. Since then we have strived to recruit and retain quality players.

  3. So he gets enough tickets he can’t remember them all.
    He must think he’s a football player and can do whatever he wants to.

  4. Yeah this is way worse than beating your wife (Will Smith) or stealing prescription drugs out of the team facilities(Sean “Malcolm in the Middle” Payton).

    Unpaid traffic tickets are the new domestic abuse.


  5. One time I was pulled over for speeding on New Year’s Eve. I had just moved back to America, and i didn’t have a license. Or insurance. And the car wasn’t mine. When the cop turned on his sirens it startled me so i drove up on the sidewalk for a little bit. Also, i couldn’t find a place to pull over (other than the sidewalk) so i was leading the cop around for several minutes until i found a parking lot.

    He let me off with a warning.

    Then again, I’m white.

  6. This is just stupid. However, fair warning to anyone that travels on 85/75/285 or 400 near Atlanta the cops have been out in full force over the last few weeks. I’ve never seen as many cops on the road as I have in March and April.

  7. bostontim says: Apr 20, 2011 12:01 PM

    Still, in addition to it’s Drug Treatment program, NFL should also have a Stupid Treatment program.


    You can’t fix stupid.

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