Buccaneers vow they’ll deal with drunk drivers in the organization

Twice this offseason, members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization have been arrested for drunk driving: Last month Bucs coordinator of pro scouting Shelton Quarles was arrested, and this week assistant to the head coach Jayson Kaiser was arrested.

Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik says he’s had enough.

They all pay consequences,” Dominik said of Bucs employees who drive drunk. “I will say that everyone has a consequence and everyone has been dealt with.”

Dominik acknowledged that drunk driving is a serious crime and that there should be serious ramifications.

“There is no debate -– it’s disappointing,” Dominik said. “I’m being honest here -– I am thankful that no one has been hurt because that is the scariest thing about that arrest or driving under the influence. It’s what the ramifications could be outside of just that one person, and I’m going to make that very real to everybody within our organization.”

So the Buccaneers organization is saying the right things about drunk driving. Now the individuals within the organization have to do the right thing and not drive drunk.

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  1. Buccaneers coaching staff get together each day to sing “Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of mineral water.”.

  2. Most drunk drivers do not believe they are drunk in the first place. The key is to make sure they don’t drive if they drink at all. No “I only had two beers” BS and no alcohol impaired math trying to figure out if they might “be OK to drive”. Call a cab, call a friend, whatever is necessary. Personal convenience is no excuse for jeopardizing the lives of others. I applaud Dominik’s stance and hope that the rest of the teams follow suit…and actually do something to the guys that drink and drive anyway.

  3. I personally am getting tired of the OMG, he drove while drunk.

    A woman can have 1 glass of wine and be over the BAC limit. A man can drink 2 beers and be over the BAC limit.
    Now both of these people can be perfectly fine walking, hopping, standing on one leg, touching their nose, etc. But as long as the BAC says over.08 then you are getting arrested which is a crock!
    This all is the work of MADD which wants to outlaw alchohol, and the government which loves to take your hard earned monet from you.
    Now, i am all for arresting those slobbering drunk, and cant even stand up much less drive. But arresting those that display no outside evidence of drinking other than what the machine says is crap.
    Do the research, in some states people are going to jail for longer periods of time than those who have been found guilty of Manslaughter, Murder, and shooting someone

  4. I say let people do a drivers test after a few drinks. Let them take a breathalizer so you know the #, if they pass it put it on the license so that will determine if they are over thier limit.

  5. The players and staff? How about the fans that walk and/or stumble out of the RayJay and every other stadium on any given NFL Sunday?Alcohol is a goldmine making evil that’s tolerated and deals in double sided coins of hypocrisy at the expense of people’s lives.
    It’s not wether or not anyone does it. It’s wether or not you get caught.

  6. Dominik can talk the talk, let’s see if the Bucs can walk the walk[sober that is]. It may be an extra long off season so do your drinking at home and stay off the roads I drive on.

  7. Yeah, the Bucs have really shied away from drunks, druggies and rapists. Jerramy Stevens had the whole trifecta and then some but was welcomed with open arms.

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